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X-Ray, most of the time.
Monica "X-Ray" Salvirr
X-Ray, the only person Leah cares about.
"X-Bubs" (by Rachel)
CURRENT STATUS Alive (Post-Shattered)

Likely wants to die. (Pre-Shattered)

CLASS Silent
Object of Leah's Affections
Object of Beth's Affections
Leah Needlenam in the Graveyard of the Gods

X-Ray (real name Monica Salvirr) is a girl that resides in Leah's hospital. She is the only other person Leah Needlenam cares about other than herself. Her name was given to her by The Twisted Cross when Leah escaped with her, meaning that she revealed Leah's true intentions to the group. Interestingly enough, she has become the object of affections for another woman named Beth Operatino.

As of Prom Night, she is dating Leah Needlenam.



X-Ray is practically nice to a fault as she cares for just about every living thing (an example is given in Prom Night with the cow) however she is more or less held back by Leah's own loose as hell morals. It is rare to see her be mean to anyone or be upset with anyone even if it contradicts something with her "caring for all living things" mentality. She doesn't speak too often, only speaking out when she wants to do something or asked a question (that or telling Leah to knock it down a little).


Not much is known about X-Ray, as she rarely talks (almost never to Leah, although she breaks her silence when talking to Unten in Fantendo the Animated Series: The Next Generation and in "First Words" to Leah). She is often seen either reading or playing a video game on a Gameboy.


Pre-Shattered and Shattered

The Twisted Cross

Knowledge of her life before the Twisted Cross is fairly unknown, but X-Ray was the last person the Twisted Cross experimented on prior to Leah's firey departure. As the story goes, Leah could not bring herself to operate on her, as she had fallen in love with her. As such, Leah turned the tables on the Twisted Cross and escaped with X-Ray as she burned the whole hospital down.

Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered


Fantendo - Genesis

Fantendo Now: Season 1

Fantendo Sports Resort


Leah Needlenam


X-Ray is the only one that can reel back Leah from doing crazy things or get her to do things that she typically wouldn't do. She seems completely oblivious to the fact Leah has a crush on her, while everyone else just assumes she knows because it's so obvious. In Prom Night, it's revealed she was more or less confused by Leah dating Xerox for a while, not out of not being able to see it.

As of Prom Night, they are dating.


Leah Needlenam rescued her from The Twisted Cross, but the two are never on speaking terms. In Leah's case, this is a invitation for her to do whatever she wants, which is often injecting X-Ray with some kind of life-threating disease as revealed in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered/One Last FINAL: Over One. She does this out of the fear that X-Ray will leave her. In Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture, Leah seems to believe that this kind of relationship is okay. In her limited speaking appearances though, she feels bad for Leah, hopelessly lost in love with a woman who will never return it.

Beth Operatino

Although on a lesser note, whenever Beth is not under the power of brainwashing, she seems to be interested in X-Ray too. X-Ray is genuinely afraid of Beth, and dislikes when she and Leah are together as the two are so alike.

The Twisted Cross

While having been kidnapped and would have become a experiment for the group had it not been for Leah Needlenam, X-Ray seems not to care about them until Beth Operatino shows up, in which she begins to become somewhat frightened by their existence.

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Fantendo Sports Resort (2015)

X-Ray has always been a curious figure, as she was the one to make Leah leave the Twisted Cross and later make Jospeh Morello leave the Cannibalites. She has been seen more or less as a saintly figure by a couple people, and this matches up pretty well considering the she loves all living things. Leah is obviously mad in love with her but doesn't come true with her feelings out of fear of messing up their friendship (and probably because she had already messed up her relationship with X-Ray in a universe before) but thanks to Reese, they are now together. Let's see how long it lasts.


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