Writzy Woods
Greater Location Witchy-verse
Current Capital Circular Temple
First Appearance Banjo-Kazooie x3
Current Ruler Queen Bee
Current Inhabitant(s)
Bees, Birds
Location Type Forest
Included Environment(s)
Wood, small pond
Maze Tree

Puzzle Pond

Writzy Woods is the first level in the game Banjo-Kazooie x3. Since this is the first adventure stage of the game, it's where the player learns to do many things, including collecting Music Notes and turning into transformations. It is located in Witchy Fortress and requires one Jiggy (found near the entrance itself) to enter.

Writzy Woods, as the name suggests, is a large area with many trees and enemies. It has one, giagantic tree in the middle similiar to the one from Click Clock Wood. Inside is an enormous system of wooden mazes, which have many hidden collectables. The boss, a large bird called Writzy, is found at the very top of the tree.

Points of Interest

Maze Tree

The giant tree in the middle of Writzy Woods. It features a large maze inside, which makes up most of the level. Along the outside is a large amount of floating platforms that can be used to go further up the tree. At the base is an entrance which leads to the beginning of the puzzle, and at various parts of the upward maze there are smaller holes that lead to the side of the tree. Most Jiggys and Holograms are in or around the tree.

Mumbo's Skull

Although not the first Skull in the game, it is the first where you can go inside. Mumbo's ability in this world is Bee Call, which allows him to attract bees.

Top of the Tree

After braving the maze, Banjo and Kazooie arrive at the top of the tree. Although it seems barren at first, 75 Notes will make Writzy appear. After closing the enterance, he will circle the top and fire eggs at the duo. After that, he will move slower, giving the pair a chance to fire eggs at him.

This will repeat until he starts shooting fire eggs, which must be put out before they burn down the tree. After refleting the eggs with attacks enough times, Writzy will burn and crash into the tree. Luckily, he is not too hurt, and gives them Fire Eggs and a Jiggy

Tree Beehive

Somewhere in the maze is a large beehive. Tons of bees circle it, and going anywhere near it will make the bees chase you away. As such, Mumbo must draw them close and attack them so the pair can enter. Inside lies the Queen Bee, who is mad because she cannot find her daughter. Because of her anger, she attacks the pair. After defeating her, they find a Jiggy, and the queen flies away with her bees.

Puzzle Pond

Just outside the tree, near the enterance to the world, is a large bond. Floating on the surface are small stepping stones, which must be Beak Busted in order (of which can be found inside the maze). After doing that, the pond will dry up and a switch to open the Circular Temple will appear underneath.

Circular Temple

A circular temple near the Puzzle Pond. After being opened, the enemies inside will fill out. If the duo can find their way inside, they will find nothing but a large chamber with glass walls and floors. If they return later with the Drill Buster, they can break the floor and find a key pad where codes can be entered, much like the Sand Castle in the original.

Kart Game

A large minecart game in the tree. A bee will challenge you to a race, and if you beat him he will award you a Jiggy. If he is beaten again, a Weighted Cube will be awarded.

Moves Learnt

  • Talon Trot
  • Beak Buster
  • Egg Firing
  • Flying
  • Fire Eggs (boss)
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