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Wrinkly Kong
Wrinkly Kong
AGE Deceased
BIRTHPLACE Donkey Kong Island

Wrinkly Kong is the wife of Cranky Kong and the grandmother of Donkey Kong. She appeared as a Non Playable character in Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3, Donkey Kong Land 2 and 3 and Donkey Kong 64. She then appeared as a playable character for the first time in Donkey Kong King of Swing and again in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, Donkey Kong Knockout and DK Jungle Climber.

In her NPC appearances she offered advice to the players in various places fom the Kong College in DKC2, to a cave in DKC3 and then coming out of various caves in DK64.

She died of an unknown cause between Donkey Kong Land 3 and Donkey Kong 64 but she remained behing as a ghost. She has a sister who goes by the name of Bessie Kong.

Game Appearances

Donkey Kong Knockout

When Wrinkly was alive.

Wrinkly Kong appears a secret character in the multipler Wii boxing game Donkey Kong Knockout. Wrinkly is the slowest and weakest game in the series however as she is a ghost she is nearly impossible to hit. She is unlocked by completing the game on Hard Difficulty with Funky Kong.

NRL Player

Wrinkly Kong is a player on the Donkey Kong Wilds team on the multiplayer wii sports game Mario Rugby League. She is the most skillfull character in the game however she is slow and weak. Her special skill is to ghost through people to prevent tackling.

D.I.Y. Race

She's In Donkey Kong Kart D.I.Y. As A Hidden Character

Cricket Player

Wrinkly Kong appears on the Kouragous Kongs team in Donkey Kong Test Cricket.

Puke Skywalker Fake Super Smash Bros. Brawl Talk

Puke Skywalker: Eep! Who's that old, wrinkly kong?

Mr.Conductor : You already said the name.

Puke Skywalker: Wrinkly Kong?

Mr.Conductor : Yep. It can be VERY weak, but almost unstoppable to defeat.

Puke Skywalker: Sad. Must've died of old age.

Mr.conductor : I think yes. Wer've solved the death of Wrinkly Kong!

Puke Skywalker: What death?

Mr.Conductor: You are thinking of Obi Won Knowbi, are you?

Puke Skywalker:

Other Appearances

The Stories of New Tendo City

Wrinkly Kong makes her television debut in the Stories of New Tendo City. In the series, she is depicted as alive and well, and as the mother of Donkey Kong, and Swanky Kong. She is married to Cranky Kong, and is one of the owners of the DK Pass Ski Resort along with the rest of her family. She often is found doing things not expected of her age, such as extreme skiing and snowboarding, as well as even being shown to play the electric guitar with a band comprised of her, Toadsworth, Cranky, Honey QueenAgatha, and Professor Oak!

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