This is the ninth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

The group stared at the five silhouettes standing in front of them. They were too awestruck to say anything. The figures turned their flashlights off, and revealed themselves. There was a woman standing in the very front, she was short with long brown hair with blue streaks in it. She wore a dirty black sweater, a brown/red vest, and jeans. Behind her were a man, who had short, red hair and wore a gray jacket and black pants, and another girl, who had long blonde hair and a yellow hoodie. Behind them were two men, one being held by the other. The girl in front was pointing a gun at the group.

"I said, who the hell are you!?" the woman screamed. "Don't you think I won't pull the trigger."

"We're a group from up in that hill," Theo said, pointing at a large hill barely visable in the background. "We were holding up in a school a few miles from here, but it got overrun. We lost people." Theo looked at the man that was being held, and put his hand around his gun. "What's wrong with him?"

"He was bit," the woman said "We came here to find some supplies, but we got ambushed by a group of dumbasses, and Ben got bit. We thought there might be some medicine her could have." Jian stared at Ben, who wasn't moving. He then clenched his stomach. Ben then started to groan. Theo pulled out his gun and aimed it at Ben, who was about to bite the man holding him. The woman in the front told Theo not to, but he shot, killing Ben.

"I'm sorry," Theo said. "But he would have bit someone." The man dropped Ben's lifeless body on the ground. The woman tightened her grip on her gun.

"He was our friend," she said. "He had a sister at our group, but now he's dead. What are we supposed to tell her, huh?"

"I can tell her what happened." Theo said, and the woman put her gun down.

"Do you have any food left?" she said. A while later, her and her group was inside the shack eating corn they cooked over the fire. "I'm Morgan." she said. The group introduced each other. The man and woman behind Morgan where Drake and B, respectively, and the man holding Ben was Danny.

"So, where's your group at anyway?" Ron asked Morgan.

"I don't know if I should really tell you..." she replied. Theo persisted, saying they were desperate and needed somewhere to stay. "Well, I guess Victor is always happy to have more people. We are a group of about 30, now, holding up in a part of some small town a few miles up the road. I can take you there in the morning if you'd like."

The next morning, the group packed their things and prepared to move on. Although, they realized something, all 13 people won't be able to fit in the small black car Morgan and co. came in. Theo remembered they ditched the cars at the school.

"We can drive up their and grab a vehicle or two," Drake suggested. "If you don't mind, Theo."

"I'm coming with," Morgan announced.

"Me too," Ron said.

"Then it's settled," Theo said. "We'll head up to the school and take the vehicles back."

"I'm coming with you guys," Tyreese insisted. "Please, let me help."

"We need you here, protecting the rest of the group," said Theo. Tyreese, saddened, walked off toward the shack." Theo, Ron, Morgan, and Drake united at Morgan's car.

"You guys ready?" Morgan asked. The rest nodded, and they got into the car and drove off onto the road toward the school. About fifteen minutes later, they arrived. The whole outside was covered in zombies. About fifty or so feet away were the truck and mustang.

They all got out and readied their weapons. They had decided, Theo would go for the truck, Ron would go for the mustang, and Morgan and Drake would try to distract the zombies. Ron and Theo took cover behind one of the school walls while Morgan and Drake started shooting at the zombies from the other direction. The zombies headed for Morgan and Drake, leaving a relatively clear path to the cars for Theo and Ron.

The two started running, killing the few stray zombies that didn't go for Morgan and Drake. Ron arrived at the mustang, and hopped in. He pulled the keys out of his back pocket, and put them in, he then drove it around to Morgan and Drake to help distract the zombies.

Theo was able to make it to the truck, and quickly ran inside. He slammed the door, and realized he didn't have the keys, so he was forced to hot wire. He spent a good 20 minutes hot wiring, while zombies surrounded the truck. He finally got it started, and drove off, slowly running over several zombies in the process. Morgan and Drake hopped in the black car, and followed, with Ron closely behind.

They arrived at the shack a while later, and everyone piled into the vehicles. Cole, Megan, and Cleo went into the truck with Theo, while James, Tyreese, and Zach went with Ron, and B and Danny went with Morgan and Drake. Jian stayed outside.

"Hey, Jian," Ron started "Ain't you coming with?"

"No..." Jian confessed. "I was...bit in the school." Everyone looked at him in disbelief.

"And you didn't tell us?" Zach asked. "You jeopardized our safety? You risked turning in the night and killing people?"

"I'm sorry...I just, though, maybe, just maybe, when we found a place we could find some medicine, and that it might stop me. I guess I'm just another moron who thought there was a cure. Please, just leave me here, let me turn and be free." The group, albeit saddened, especially Megan, who tried to get Jian to stay, but failed, left Jian at the shack to turn into a zombie, and drove off, heading to their new home.

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