This is the eighth chapter of Wake of the Undead. It is the first chapter in Part Two: Society.

In an old, run down town, a black car pulled up in front of a large building. A man stepped out of the passenger seat. He was tall, with short, black hair. He was wearing a black suit with a blue and black tie, black sunglasses, and white sneakers. Two other men stepped out of the driver's seat and back seat respectively. The one driving was a tall Hispanic man, but not as tall as the first man. He wore a white tank-top, ripped, blue jeans, and a gray headband pushing his short, brown hair up slightly. Last was a shorter, chubbier man. He was wearing a white lab coat, khakis, and glasses. He appeared to be a scientist or something. The men all stared at the building in awe.

"It's perfect," the first man said. "Reuben, come with me to secure the building. Stephen, you go back and get the others. We're moving in." The last man, Stephen, pulled put a bag of guns and gave them to the first man, and hopped into the drivers seat and drove off, while the second man, Reuben, followed the first man to the building. Reuben grabbed a shotgun from the bag, while the first man grabbed a snub-nosed revolver.

"Victor...are you sure about this?" Reuben wondered. "I mean, this town, it looks like it got hit hard. You have no idea how many undead there are around here." The man, Victor, looked back at Reuben, and then kicked the door open.

Meanwhile, Stephen drove the car along a road. He got distracted by something in the car and hit a zombie on the road. His car started to spin out, and smashed into a tree. Stephen hit his head on the steering wheel, and started to feel dizzy. He grabbed a pistol from the glove compartment in the car, and opened the door. The zombie he hit started coming at him and he shot it, but he soon saw a whole group. He started shooting, but realized he would never kill them all. He scrambled back into his car, and tried to start it. It wouldn't start, and he started freaking out. After several tries, it finally started, and he narrowly escaped the zombies.

Back at the building, Victor and Reuben start searching the place for zombies. They split up, and search separate rooms. Reuben enters what appears to be an office, and finds three zombies, and kills them. He then finds a door leading to stairs. He calls Victor, and they head upstairs. They come across a stray zombie, and Victor shoots it. They then see a group of zombies approaching them from behind the previous one. They run back downstairs and wait by the door to ambush them.

Stephen arrived at a large field and drove off the road. He drove for several minutes until he came across a shack. He parked in front of it, and walked inside. Inside were about 20 other survivors, all huddled around a fireplace.

"Morgan," Stephen said with a smile. "We have a new home." Everyone exchanged looks and rushed up. Morgan and a few people got into a yellow van, while a few others got into a white truck, and others went into a large trailer. The remaining people went into the black car with Stephen. They all drove off, with Stephen in the lead.

Victor and Reuben stood between the room with the stairs and the door they entered, eagerly awaiting the zombies. When they started to come out, they shot them. It only took seconds for them to gun all the zombies down. They then ran back upstairs. They spent about another hour and a half exploring the building. There were only a few strays left throughout it, and they were happy. They decided to enter the town, and opened the front doors. There were dozens of zombies all over the town, and spotted the two immediately.

Victor put his gun away and grabbed a rifle from the bag of guns. He readied it, and he and Reuben started to fire. After a few minutes, every one of the zombie was laying dead on the ground. They found numerous cars parked along the road, and decided to build barriers. They spent another hour hot wiring cars and moving them around to block off a small section of the town. They blocked off four houses and the building they cleared, just as the rest of the group arrived.

After a few hours, the group settled in. Most of the people were grouped into the houses, while a few, namely Victor, Reuben, and Stephen, stayed in the large building. Victor walked into one of the houses. Inside was Morgan, along with several other people.

"Hey, Morgan," Victor said. "You guys all got here safe and sound?"

"Yeah..." she replied, and walked off, leaving Victor alone in a room. He noticed an open box in the corner of the room, and looked inside. In it was a framed photo. He looked at it, and saw a man, a woman, and two children.

The man was Theo.

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