This is the sixth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

Theo slept well this night, despite how much trouble he has had the past few nights. He didn't have a single thought about Amanda that night, and his sleep was rather peaceful..until he was awoken suddenly by Douglas.

"C'mon, c'mon, get up people!" he shouted. "It's time to move on! Pack your things, we leave in 20 minutes!" Everyone groaned and slowly climbed out from under their blankets and got up. Douglas appeared to have grabbed a few boxes of crackers and put them out for people to eat. The group piled at the table and took a few crackers each, and went to gather their things.

"Brr, it's freezing in here!" Breanne exclaimed while shivering.

"Well, uh," Douglas started. "That's because it's, uh...snowing." He pointed at the lone window in the cafeteria that showed a slope leading down into a playground. The ground was covered in a white blanket of snow. The window was foggy around the outside, but was able to give a decent picture. Everyone's mouth dropped at the sight of the cold, harsh snow.

"The snow...wouldn't it slow them down? Or freeze them, or something?" Theo asked.

"I hope so." Breanne remarked. The group spent another 15 minutes to gather their gear and get ready to make their way to the gymnasium. Douglas and Cole both kicked open the doors, and to their surprise, the halls were empty. They ran to the end and kicked the next set of doors down; nothing. Not even a lone zombie. They were all confused as to why it seemed no zombie made it down this way.

"Maybe there are others," Cleo quietly said. "Maybe there are other people here who killed the bad guys for us." She looked down at her cat, Whiskers, and pet him.

"I doubt it," John said. "There would be dead bodies on the ground. There doesn't even seem to be a speck of blood." Everyone decided to inspect the walls and floor for blood. Katie leaned up against a wall, and started quietly sobbing.

"It's going to be alright..." Breanne lied. The group found nothing, and gathered at the next door. Douglas ignorantly yanked the doors open, expecting an empty hall, only to find it jam packed with zombies. They all spilled out, and once again, the group was scattered among the hoard of zombies. They started firing their guns, and swinging their weapons, hoping not to end up like Jane.

During the slaughter, Douglas saw Tyreese run at a zombie, crowbar in hand, and shot the zombie, killing it instantly. Tyreese stopped in his tracks only inches away from the bullet, and had he not stopped, he would have been killed. He looked at Douglas, who gave him a look of disgust, and then turned his head. Tyreese knew Douglas was trying to kill him.

After several dreadful minutes, they were able to kill all of the zombies with no casualties. At the end of the hall was the gym, which was wide open and empty, and they entered. Cole, John, and Zach went back to the cafeteria to gather some food and bring it back. Meanwhile, Tyreese decided to approach Douglas about what happened several minutes earlier.

"What the hell man!?" he said. "Wh-what the hell was that back there? Huh? What the fuck man, you tryin' to kill me or something!?"

"Heh..." Douglas replied. "Nah, man, I was just...killing a zombie. You just happened to be in the way."

"Woah, bro, that's bullshit! You were trying to freaking kill me."

"Whatever makes you sleep at night." Tyreese and Douglas started shoving, and eventually started to turn into a small fight, until Tyreese was knocked against a wall and Douglas started to reach for his gun. Theo ran and grabbed Douglas, pulling him away from Tyreese.

"Hey, hey, don't you even think about it." Theo demanded. He and Douglas started arguing, and it once again elevated to a fight. Douglas punched Theo straight in the face, and Theo tackled Douglas and started wailing on his stomach. Douglas kicked him off, and they continued. Theo punched his jaw, and Douglas started to spit blood. Douglas kicked Theo in the crotch, pushed him on the ground, and stomped his face. Theo face was bloody and bruised. Douglas pulled out a gun, and pointed it at Theo, who scrambled for his.

"It's time you learned your place, boy," Douglas announced as everyone watched in horror. "I saved your life, and I can easily take it away." He shot as Ron yanked him away, hitting Theo's right shoulder. He winced in pain as he saw Ron and Douglas starting to fight. He saw his gun on the floor next to him, and painfully started to pull himself across the ground to grab it.

Douglas punched Ron's forehead, knocking him against the wall. He grabbed his gun and started yelling things about his speech the other night; how he was the leader and what he says goes. He aimed it at Ron, and it was obvious his felt no remorse in killing his friend, when he heard the shot. He dropped his gun, and looked down. He has a hole in his stomach, pouring blood all over the ground. He looked back and saw Theo with his gun, aimed at him, Douglas fell to the ground, and started to smile.

"You son of a bitch..." Douglas slowly said. "You're a real tough guy. Go ahead, shoot." Theo approached and placed his gun on Douglas' head. "Just shoot..." Douglas mumbled. Theo was hesitant, and after many long seconds, placed his gun back in his holster.

", you live." He started to say. "But next time you selfishly pull a gun on anyone, anyone, I won't give you anymore mercy." Theo walked away, as Jian and Megan ran and tended to Douglas' gunshot.

A while later, Breanne left to go to the washrooms near the cafeteria. After several minutes, there was a blood-curdling scream. Everyone looked to the hall and feared the worst.

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