This is the fifth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

Everyone stared at Douglas with an obvious anger. He had just murdered Jane in cold blood in front of her sister. It was very apparent that people's opinions of Douglas had drastically changed. Katie exploded, grabbing her gun and putting it to Douglas' face.

"You fucking asshole!" she half-cried, half-screamed at him. "I'm going to put a bullet in your brain!"

"Easy now," he responded. "I did what was best for the group."

"The best was killing my sister!?" Breanne and Zach pulled Katie away from Douglas, and tried to calm her down.

"The rest of those...things will hear you!" Breanne explained.

"That's why we should push on," Douglas interrupted. "Clear this building, secure the gym, grab all the food from here and store it in there. It would be safer." Jian walked up to Douglas.

"Look, Douglas, everyone here is tired," Jian objected. "Katie just lost her sister, we all lost a friend. We should just rest here for the night and continue in the morning, once we have all had a good night sleep." Douglas laughed.

"Hey, all y'all!" Douglas started smiling. "Jian here thinks that, uh, it would be best if we just waited it out in here, in this tiny room, while those...zombies are in the hall right beside us, instead of taking out any threat and holding up in the gym, which is much larger and safer. Any objections?" Nobody said anything. "Ok, ok, I see how it is. But let me just say something. I am the leader of this group, alright? I started this, I saved all of you from the world out there, the world we don't know anymore. I kept you warm, safe, and happy, and now you're all just going to oppose me? Well we need to get something straight, this ain't a democracy, we aren't going to go and have a big 'ole vote on what we do. What I say goes, alright!?"

The group exchanged looks among each other, but said not a word. Douglas was about to leave, when Tyreese stepped in.

"No." Tyreese said.

"What was that?" Douglas asked. "I thought I just heard you object yet again."

"That's right. This is stupid, everyone is tired and just wants to rest, you just killed someone, man, in cold blood. If we keep trotting around this dark, dangerous school without sleep more people are going to be killed." Douglas leaned in to Tyreese's face.

"Alright, if that's what you want, fine. But that's not whats going to happen, and you're just going to have to deal with-"

"No, this is bullcrap," Tyreese pushed Douglas away. "Why are you such an ass, man?" Douglas approached once more, and grabbed Tyreese's arm.

"Look, I don't want to kill you, but if you are going to defy me, I'm just going to have to assume you are going to be a threat." Douglas stared intensely into Tyreese's eyes. "That goes for all of you, if you pull any crazy bullshit that could get us killed, you can expect a bullet between your eyes. Just try not to, okay? I mean, we're all friends here, right?" Douglas said while smiling.

"Eh, screw you and your 'friends' bullshit. You pointing your gun at everyone isn't exactly friendly. I put up with you for 3 months, and I ain't taking more shit from you. You're a horrible leader, just go fuck off man." Douglas pulled out his gun and put it to Tyreese's head.

"What was that, boy?" he yelled at Tyreese. "I should just kill you now, and waste myself the trouble later." Breanne was screaming and trying to pull Douglas off of Tyreese. Suddenly Ron stepped in and yanked him away.

"Stop, man!" Ron yelled at Douglas. "Just stop. Tyreese and Jian are right, we all need sleep, even you. You may not realize it, but after slaughtering dozens more zombies you will realize it was a bad idea. Let's just stay here for the night, have people guarding, and head out in the morning alright?"

Douglas nodded, and looked back at Theo, who stared distrustingly back at Douglas. Douglas claimed first shift as guard, and walked away, leaving everyone else in the cafeteria to sleep.

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