This is the fourth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

A few days had passed since the onslaught of the group of zombies, and learning about the plan to take over the school. He was supposed to accompany the group in the onslaught, and help take control of the school. Now it was time to start the assault.

The group attacking consisted of Douglas, Ron, Tyreese, Breanne, Zach, and Theo. They headed out at dawn, leaving the rest of the survivors to fend for themselves at the camp. Once they arrived at the school, they noticed a group of zombies had been separated from the group and were inside the fenced-off field.

The group decided to attack the larger group out front first, and worry about the ones inside the field after. Douglas got the first kill with his knife, lodging it right in one of their brains. The others joined in using various melee weapons, such as knives, axes, and crowbars. After several minutes of brain-spilling, they were all dead. The group inside the fence had seen them and now piled up against the fence.

Douglas told Theo and Zach to go gather the rest of group, and that they would take care of the rest of the zombies in the school exterior. As they were heading back, Zach said something odd.

"I know who you really are," Zach said. "And I know what happened, and why you were on that road."

Before Theo could say anything they arrived at camp, which seemed surprisingly closer than it had before. Zach told everyone to pack up, and that they were moving. Everyone grabbed their bags, rolled up their tents, and jumped in their vehicles. They took a narrow path through the forest that seemingly lead them to the school. Theo, Zach, Katie, Jane, and Breanne went on foot.

When they arrived, they saw the dead bodies in the school field, and realized they were ready to push on in. The group gathered at one of the side doors, and Douglas kicked the door open. They were immediately bombarded by a group of zombies. Douglas, Tyreese, Theo, Ron, Zach, and Katie easily took out the zombies, and they all moved on.

There were several more zombie-filled hallways, but the group easily took them out. They neared the cafeteria, and they all prepared to attack. The group, tired, gathered at the door as Ron and Tyreese pulled it open. It was filled with zombies, spilling out into the hall. The group scattered all over the hallway killing numerous amounts of zombies. Zach was toppled by two zombies, but Tyreese quickly shot at them, killing them, and helped Zach up.

There were a few zombies left when they heard the scream. The group all looked back at Jane, who's neck was being bitten by a zombie. Cole came up with a crowbar and swung at it, knocking it off Jane. The group all rushed her into the now empty cafeteria and placed her on the ground. Katie leaned over her sister and started crying and yelling at people to find medicine. John and Cole ran off to look around the cupboards and pantries but couldn't find anything.

Douglas tried to calm everyone down, but they kept fussing. He walked over to Tyreese, Ron, Zach, and Theo and said they should just kill her, as there is no way to save her life. Tyreese immediately rejected the idea, as Katie was already miserable as it is, and having someone kill her sister would make her worse. Douglas snickered, and looked back at Jane, laying there, bleeding, while people all crowded over.

"Jesus, man. That girl could turn any second and bite someone, then we're losing more people, more lives!" he exclaimed. "It would be easier to just put her down and let Katie mourn." Tyreese once again disagreed, but Douglas ignored him. He walked over to Katie and suggested that to her, saying it would be easier. "No!" Katie yelled. "There has to be a way to save her! Anything...I'll do anything..." Douglas initially walked away, but suddenly pulled out his pistol, aimed it at Jane, and shot, while apologizing to her.

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