This is the twenty-fourth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

Theo stood still, shocked to see Clifford's cold, dead body laying there. William, Ron, and Megan ran upstairs.

"What the hell was that?" Megan asked. " he...?"

"Dead," Theo's voice cracked as he said it. He was still trying to take in what happened.

"What, how?" Ron asked.

"He - uh - suicide."


"Uh, guys?!" Tyreese yelled from downstairs. "What happened?!"

"Clifford killed himself." William called back.

"Oh...god, that's horrible. But, well, he drew a crowd." Theo, Ron, William, and Megan ran downstairs to see everyone frantically packing their things. He took one look outside and saw the horde of zombies marching down the streets.

"He had guns somewhere," Theo announced. "We need to get them. Quin, Hannah, you grab some food. Everyone else, pack your shit. We're leaving."

"But we just got here!" Morgan yelled back.

"I'm not taking any chances. Ron, William, come with me." Theo and Ron ran upstairs to search while William searched the bottom floor. William searched the pantry Tyreese was in and found a small bag. It had two shotguns and a pistol in it.

"Found them!" William cried. Theo grabbed the shotgun Clifford committed suicide with and ran downstairs as Ron followed.

"What do we have?" Theo asked.

"Two shotguns and a pistol."

"That's good, any ammo?"

"I'll check." William ran back into the pantry and searched, He eventually found a small container filled with dozens of bullets. He tossed it to Theo.

"Okay, you two take a shotgun each," Theo told them. They ran into the living room and Theo tossed Tyreese a pistol. "Good thing you're left handed."

Theo opened the door and they started firing. Within seconds they emptied their mags and had to reload.

"Shit, there must be hundreds!" Drake pointed out. They ran outside and reloaded. They were denting deeply into their ammo supply.

"The cars are too far away to just run to them," B said. "We need to keep firing."

"We don't have enough ammo," Theo objected. Suddenly, they heard shots in the distance. They looked over and saw two other survivors easily gunning down zombies. It was as if they had their own technique. One of them would shoot, and then reload as another shot, then they would reload as the first shot again. They quickly made a dent in the zombie amount, and then ran over to the others.

"Who the hell are you?" Ron asked.

"My name is Vana," One of the girls told them. "This is my friend Elira. We heard your shots and decided to check out what was going on. You want to get out of here?"


"Then, follow us!." The two girls ran towards the vehicles. They easily took down the zombies around the vehicles and gestured for the others to come over. They threw all their gear into the vehicles and packed in. Vana jumped into the driver's seat of one of the cars.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?" questioned Zach.

"I'm taking you somewhere safe," Vana replied.

"How old are you?"

"Fifteen. Yeah, yeah, I know, not old enough to drive, just shut up and go with it." Vana drove off, and the others followed her. About twenty minutes later, they pulled in to a small campsite in the middle of an open field. They all got out, and an African-American boy and two little kids ran up to Vana. The little boys hugged her.

"We missed you, big sister," said the littlest one.

"Yeah, please don't leave us again!" said the older one.

"Don't worry, I won't. Hey Wright, come over here, meet our guests." Theo and his group introduced themselves.

"I'm Wright," said the boy. "And these are Vana's little brothers, Jude and Paul." Wright glanced over at Hannah and smiled, but she just looked away.

"So, you guys here?" Theo asked them.

"Yeah," Vana said. "Ever since my parents died we have been staying here."

"You ever seen a cabin by a lake?"

"Yeah, that's about a mile south of here. Last I saw it was overrun, though. Why?"

"When did you see it?"

"I don't know, about two months ago? Why though?"

"We're going there. We can take it, even if it is overrun."

"Are you serious?!"

"Yes," They all packed into the cars, including Vana, Elira, Wright, Jude, and Paul, and headed south. After several minutes of driving, they found it. They all got out, and noticed the lack of zombies.

"Look's like someone's been here," Elira said. They went further into the field and noticed a large, wooden fence. Ron kicked part of it and it fell down.

"Shitty woodwork," he pointed out. They continued running through the field, until William spotted a lone zombie strolling along.

"I got this," he said, and blew the zombie's brains out. They heard the squeak of a noise, and looked over at the house sitting in the middle of the other cabins. There was a man standing there.

"What the - holy shit," the man exclaimed. "Theo...h-he's alive," it was Devon.

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