This is the twenty-first chapter of Wake of the Undead. It is the final chapter in Part Three: Secrets.

Theo witnessed many of the townspeople being devoured in the distance, and started to tear up. Women, children, men, all of them being eaten alive. He yanked open the car door and plopped down. Unlike the other vehicles, he couldn't find the keys to the car. He searched and searched, and eventually found them in the glove box. He turned on the engine, relieved, and drove back to rejoin the group.

Ron pulled up to the houses, and saw Morgan and Zach already getting out. He stepped out, and ran off to get to the others.

"Come on!" he yelled at them. "Get in the vehicles. We need to leave." Theo pulled up shortly after, and ran inside one of the houses. He grabbed the duffel bag with that they held their guns and other equipment. There were still a shotgun and two handguns inside, and he grabbed the shotgun. He ran outside and saw Hannah and Quin. He tossed his pistol to Hannah.

"All you want to do is kill?" he quoted her. "Here's your chance. Come on, we gotta go!" Hannah and Quin followed Theo, and Hannah shot numerous zombies on the way.

Meanwhile, Victor walked through one of the empty, white corridors of the lab. He walked over to a lone filing cabinet and opened it up. He shuffled through until a found a few papers, and grabbed them. He walked back, and saw the zombies still munching on Stephen. He turned a corner and went down another hall. He opened an exit and walked out, letting the door shut, and sighed.

Back in town, Drake and B spotted the group piling into the cars.

"We need to go with them," Drake said. Morgan spotted the two.

"Drake, B," she called. "Come on, we're leaving."

"Leaving?" B asked herself as they started running towards the others.

Reuben walked out of one of the houses and shot a zombie in the head with his pistol. He looked at the chaos, and shook his head.

"Oh, hell no," he said to himself. He walked into the midst of the chaos and shot more zombies. He looked over at the lab and saw a small group of zombies exit it. He ran over to the gate, and saw the others.

"Hey," he said. "I'm coming too."

"No, you're not," Theo told him. "You're one of Victor's bitches. How do I know you won't turn on us?"

"Let him come," Morgan objected. "I know him. He's not as cold hearted as people like Alex."

"Fine." Theo walked over to Ron and handed him a sniper rifle. "Let's go now. Doesn't look like there are anymore survivors."

"Alright," he agreed. As Ron walked off, he glanced at a zombie walking in the distance. He stopped in his tracks, and stared at it. He started to walk towards it, and realized who it was.

"James..." he pointed the sniper at James' head, but hesitated. He was having trouble shooting one of his own, even as a zombie, but finally came to his senses. He aimed the cross hairs right between James' eyes, and shot. He was amazed at his accuracy, but remembered what he was supposed to do; evacuate.

Theo ran to Megan and Cleo, and got them to pile into the black car with him. Whiskers jumped out of Cleo's arms as they were running, and ran off towards the zombies.

"Whiskers!" Cleo yelled, and started to run, but Megan grabbed her.

"He's gone," she sadly said. Whiskers stopped and looked up at two zombies who were approaching her, and meowed. They pounced on her, and started to eat her.

"No!" Cleo screamed, tears streaming down her face. Megan picked her up and brought her inside the car. Theo ran over to Zach and Morgan.

"We regroup at the school," He informed them. "That's the only place we all know where to go."

"What about the others," Morgan questioned. "The people who haven't been to the school?"

"It doesn't look like anyone else made it. If they survive, they will surely fine somewhere else to go." Morgan nodded, and the three went over to their vehicles. Zach got inside the van with Reuben and Cole, and drove out of the gate before the others. Morgan got Drake, B, and Tyreese into the SUV, and followed Zach. Theo got in and drove off with Cleo and Megan.

Ron ran up to Hannah and Quin and asked where William was.

"He's killing zombies by the gate," Quin told him. Ron told the two to follow him, and they ran over to William.

"William, let's go," Ron said. He nodded, and they ran to the mustang. William and Hannah continued killing zombies as they got to the car. They all got in, and drove off."

A while later, Zach pulled up beside the shack they stayed in a month prior. He, Cole, and Reuben got out and stretched.

"What happened to Victor?" Zach asked Reuben. "And Stephen, and Leroy? Did they get out?"

"Last I saw, they were in the lab," he informed them. "But I saw zombies coming out of it. One looked like Leroy. They were probably overrun." They heard cars in the distance, and saw as the SUV and black car pulled in beside them. Theo, Megan, Cleo, B, Danny, and Tyreese all got out.

"Where's Ron?" Theo asked the group. "Did he make it? William, Hannah, Quin...did they?"

"I don't know," Morgan responded, leaving Theo saddened.

"I didn't tell him to come here. Never got the chance." He looked down, but spun around at the sound of a car speeding down the road. It swerved down a grassy hill and onto the field. It pulled up beside the rest of the cars, and Ron, William, Hannah, and Quin got out.

"I knew you'd all be here," Ron said, smiling. They were happy to see that the four had got out, but then realized how many we had lost. There were about 30 survivors in Puslinch, and only four of them, Morgan, Danny, Reuben, and B, had escaped.

"We need to find somewhere to go," Theo announced. "Somewhere where we won't keep getting overrun."

"What about Devon?" Ron asked. "He said we were free to stop by."

"But we don't know where he is."

"He said go north, I say we go north." Theo nodded, but spotted someone in the distance. He pulled out his pistol and approached it, and the others followed. Once they were close enough, they realized it was Jian, an undead Jian.

"Grandpa!" Megan tearfully yelled. She ran up, but Morgan held her back. Jian started to approach them, but nobody wanted to do anything, even the survivors from Puslinch and William's group, who didn't know him. Megan continued to cry, but wiped the tears out of her eyes. She got up, grabbed the gun out of Theo's hand, and aimed it at Jian. She started to cry again, but knew she had to be the one to put him down. She reluctantly shot, and Jian fell to the ground, finally dead.

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