This is the twentieth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

Theo, Ron, Morgan, Danny, William, Hannah, and Quin conversed near the gate of town.

"When I was a youngster," William started his story. "Me and my brother, Benjamin, used to go and play in the dirt. He was two years younger than me, and we didn't get along that well. It had rained the night before, so the dirt turned to mud. He started to run around in it, and grabbed my favorite outside toy and played with it. I was so mad I picked up a pile of mud and threw it on his face. Instead of getting mad, he got me back. We spent the next half an hour rolling around in a big pile of dirt right beside our mother's garden, trampling the flowers. She comes out, yelling and screaming, and got us to go in and take a bath. While I was getting undressed, he snuck away and started playing in the mud again. I was in the bath when she noticed he was gone, and went looking for him. 'Bout ten minutes later she finds him in the mud, then I come out, clean and nude, and jump in the mud too." Everyone laughed.

"When I was little," Ron said. "My parents adopted a little sister for me. I was 7, she was 4. We didn't get along either. Once I even locked her in a pantry so she would starve. My dad found out and gave me the spankin' of a lifetime. Never tried that again." He chuckled. "She died when she was 19. Her and her friend were at a party and they were drinking. Her friend had to leave and offered my sister a ride. When they left, they crashed into a truck and rolled into a ditch. My sister smashed her head on the windshield and...well, you get it. I wish she was still here. I loved her so much, once I warmed up to her."

Theo heard noise in the distance.

"What was that?" he asked. Theo, Ron, Danny, and Morgan approached the gate. They looked outside of it, and saw nothing.

"I'm going to go check," Danny told them.

"No, don't. It's too dangerous."

"But it could be more survivors." Danny pulled out his pistol and opened the gate. He looked around, but saw nothing but darkness.

"There's nothing he-" Danny was cut off as a zombie lunged at him from around the corner, biting his neck. "Ahhh! Fuck!"

"No!" Morgan yelled. "Danny!" She pulled out a gun and shot the zombie that bit him. The group saw a large group of zombies surrounding Danny and the gate. Morgan made a split section decision and shot Danny.

"I'm sorry Danny..." William ran up to try to close the gate, but the zombies had already started to spill in.

"Shit," William angrily said. "We got to get out of here."

"Maybe we can take them," Morgan suggested.

"No, there's too many. Looks like 150 or 200. We need to get the others and leave." Theo and Ron nodded, and ran to the rest of their group, who had come outside after hearing the gunshots.

"Everyone," Theo announced. "We have to leave. There's zombies in the town. Get whatever you need and we will go grab the vehicles. The gun bag is inside the house on the far left. Grab a gun to protect yourself. Zack, Morgan, let's go grab the cars and bring them around."

Meanwhile, at the lab, Michael dropped the bucket of food at the sight. He stared at the zombies, who advanced on him, in fear. One bit his arm, another bit his face. He dropped to the ground, screaming, as the zombies tore at his body.

Stephen, working in his lab, heard the screams, and decided to investigate. He hesitantly grabbed a shotgun, which was held under a desk in case of emergencies. He shook at the sight of the gun, but still went down to the basement. He turned the corner and saw the zombies ripping at the body, and freaked. They spotted him, and gave chase. He shot a few, but ran back upstairs.

Theo, Ron, Zach, and Morgan armed themselves with pistols and ran off to where all the vehicles had been parked. There were a dozen vehicles, and the group picked the four biggest to fit the most people in.

"Zach, you grab the gray van. Morgan, take the SUV. Ron, get the mustang. I'm going for that black car over there. We need to get as many people out as we can."

Zach ran up to the van and shot two zombies that were approaching him. He smashed the window and opened up the van. A zombie tried to grab him through the window, but he smashed it's head in. Morgan ran over to the SUV and was nearly bit, but Ron shot the zombie. She opened it, finding it conveniently unlocked, and drove to the rest of the group.

Ron shot a few zombies that were surrounding the mustang, and opened up the door. He tossed his gun on the seat beside him and slammed the door. He had trouble starting the car at first, and a zombie tried to get in through the windshield. He was able to get it running and drove over the zombie.

Stephen ran up the stairs, but fell down, and a zombie tried to get on top of him. He held his feet up, keeping the zombie from attacking, and pointed the shotgun at it's face. BOOM. He got up, dropping the shotgun on the ground, and continued deeper into the lab.

"Victor!" Stephen screamed. "Victor! Viiiiiictor!" Victor walked out of a room, with an annoyed look on his face.

"What do you want?" he barked.

" the lab. They got loose."

"No..." Victor stood, shocked. Leroy ran inside the lab and spotted the two.

"Guys, there are zombies in the town," he informed them. "They got through the gate. We gotta leave!" Victor stared at him, motionless.

"Go, we'll be right there." Victor demanded. Leroy hesitated, but left. The zombies that were inside started to go after Victor and Stephen, but a small group chased Leroy as he left.

"We got to get those studies on the zombies." Stephen nodded. They ran deeper and deeper into the lab, but the zombies were gaining on them at every corner.

"Don't have much ammo," Victor said.

"We aren't going to make it in time," Stephen told Victor.

"I know," Victor replied, and pulled out his gun. He aimed it at Stephen's head and fired. Stephen dropped to the ground, and Victor walked away, leaving the zombies to devour his body.

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