This is the second chapter of Wake of the Undead.

Theo opened his eyes, only to see he was inside a house. He sat up, and looked around. It was actually more like a cabin. He was in a small living room, with old, antique furniture. The walls were all wooden, and had numerous shelves on them. There were guns, knives, and medicine all along the shelves.

"Are you awake?" someone asked. Theo looked to his right to see a man, looking to be in his mid 30's. He was tall with medium-long, black hair. He wore an old, brown t-shirt, dirty, black jeans, and had brown biker-gloves on. He had a slight bit of facial hair around his mouth, and looked very tough. "Hey there. Easy, easy....Sorry about... you know, shooting you...I thought you were one of the zombies."

"You're just lucky Ron's a bad shot!" another voice said. A man walked in, and smiled. He was very burly, and looked similar to Ron, except he had shorter, brown hair, and wore a cowboy outfit. He was very intimidating. He explained the bullet just missed his brain, and went through part of his skull. The man said that after a few weeks his skull would heal no problem. He also said that Theo was out for a few days, and should get something to eat and drink.

"I'm Douglas, the... leader of a group of survivors out here. That's Ron, our, er, "sharp"shooter. We are the best of the best, and we only take people who can contribute to our well-being," he explained. "I'll give you a day or two to rest up, then you need to show me what you've got. Oh, by the way, you were out for a few days, so you might want to get something to eat or drink." He then left, leaving Ron with Theo.

Suddenly, a name popped in to Theo's head. It was not a name that he had ever heard before, as far as he knew, but it kept drilling it's way through all his thoughts. The name was Amanda, and it felt...odd for Theo to think about, as if this was a person very dear to him. It was strange, the name meant nothing, yet it seemed as if it meant a lot. Suddenly, Ron noticed his strange look, and said something.

"You alright?" Theo said yes, and Ron continued. "How the hell did you even end up out there?" Theo explained what happened, and Ron sounded very doubtful about it all, but didn't admit it, and left, leaving Theo alone in a strange little cabin.

After several long, dreadful minutes, Theo decided to get up and leave the house. He went where Ron and Douglas went and found a door. He walked out it, and found himself in a large, grassy field atop a hill, and alongside a forest. There was a road at the bottom of the hill, about 200 feet down. To the right of the house, closer to the forest, was a small camp set up. There were three tents, a red mustang, and a gray pick-up truck. There were several people conversing around the camp.

Douglas spotted Theo, and invited him to the camp. Once Theo arrived, he introduced him to the camp members. First, was Tyrese, a skinny african american man with a shaved head, said to be the lookout. Next, was his sister Breanne, who was slightly chubbier, with long, braided hair. Then were Jian, an old asian sensei who offers guidance to the group members, and his granddaughter, Megan, who was short, skinny, with medium length black hair. Then two little kids came up, and he said they were Cleo and James, the two little troublemakers, and laughed. Cleo was holding a cat, and introduced him as Whiskers. Finally, were Zach, a tall, muscular man with blonde, spiky hair, Katie and Jane, two twin sisters with long, brown hair, Cole, a short teenager with a bit of a belly, and John, Cole's taller, skinnier friend.

After a few hours of talking, Douglas asked Theo if he was ready two prove he has what it takes to join the group, and he said yes. Douglas warned him to be ready the next morning, and left for the night.

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