This is the nineteenth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

The next morning was quiet. Very, very quiet. Theo had decided not to mention anything about his dreams the night before. There was not much interaction between the survivors, especially after Ron and Zach spread the news of the airborne virus to the rest of their group. Victor had told them to keep it a secret from his own group, as he didn't want them panicking. Theo and a few of his fellow survivors were eating breakfast, when they were confronted by William, Hannah, Quin, and two unknown men.

"Hey," William said, almost in a whisper. "Any idea what's going on?"

"No, why?" Theo asked. "What's wrong?"

"These two men came and got us and said we could come back."

"Huh." One of the two men walked up to Theo.

"I'm Alex," he informed him. "Victor told me and Michael to take you and William to collect Caleb's body for studying." William angrily eyed the two.

"I wasn't told this."

"Well now you have been."

"Why are we taking his body?"

"Stephen wants to study it to find out more about this disease."

"Why do we have to accompany you?"

"He wants us to get to know William to see if he and his people should be allowed here. He wants you there to be a witness." Theo felt very uneasy about it all.

"Alright," Theo agreed. He went into the house to grab his pistol, and one for William, and within a few minutes they were off. Alex tried to start a conversation with William.

"So, what happened to your group from before?" Alex questioned William. "Victor told me about that."

"We were attacked by bandits," he replied. "We were in a survivor camp, so we were out in the open. My wife and brother were with us. Both shot. The only thing I have left now that Caleb is dead is my daughter, Quin."

"That sucks. I hope things get better for ya."

"Thank you." They arrived at the poorly made wall several minutes later. They pulled up to it and got out of the vehicle.

"Let's hurry up," Michael said. "Being out here gives me the creeps."

"Oh stop being a fucking pussy," Alex rudely responded. "You're always fucking scared of shit."

"I'm not scared! I just don't feel like we are alone."

"Ha. That's bullshit. You're always scared of everything we do."

"That's a lie!"

"No, it isn't. You're such a fucking useless wimp. Victor only sends you out on missions in the hopes you'll die on the job."

"You're just trying to piss me off. You're always like this."

"I should just put a bullet in your brain right now. Not like anyone would care." Alex pulled out his gun, and aimed it at Michael as he said it.

"No, please."

"Hey, hey," Theo interrupted. "Put your gun away. This isn't some childish game where you can kill anyone you don't like."

"Actually, I think it kinda is. There's no government, no laws, I can do anything I want. And I don't like you." Alex directed his aim at Theo now, and grinned. "Yeah, I think I might just do that." He started to pull the trigger, but William quickly pulled out his gun and shot him in the head. Alex fell to the ground immediately, dropping his gun. Michael stared at his body, overcome with fear and sadness, despite being threatened by him.

"My...god," Michael mumbled. "Alex...he's dead."

"I had to do what I had to do," William asured himself.

"Thanks," Theo said.

"Don't mention it."

The three of them then proceeded over the wall and walked over to Caleb's body. It was still in the position it was left after Zach killed him.

"I'm sorry, Caleb," William muttered to himself. Theo and William lifted the body up and Michael climbed over the wall and helped lift it over, sickened by the sight of the body. They threw it in the back seat and drove back.

They returned and brought the body to Stephen.

"I'm really sorry this happened to you, William," he told William. "I don't know what got into Leroy, and why he thought he was a zombie. It's insane."

"Yeah..." William sadly said. He went outside and regrouped with Hannah and Quin. Theo and Michael stayed inside with Stephen as Victor walked out.

"What happened to Alex?" He asked.

"He, uh," Michael hesitated. "He got bit. I put him down..."

"Oh, well, that is horrible news. May he rest in peace," he took a moment to think. "So, Theo, I talked to Morgan, she thinks William and the girls are fine. So, you can go ahead and tell them they can stay."

"Alright," Theo said as he walked out. He approached William and told him the news.

"Really?" William questioned him.

"Yeah, really."

"Oh, that's great news!"

"Too bad Caleb isn't here," Quin added.

"He's free from this world of death," Hannah replied. "I almost feel bad for him."

"Why is she so negative?" Theo asked William.

"I watched my parents and sister and brother get eaten alive. All my friends are dead. All my family is dead. All I want to do is kill now."

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

"Don't be."

Meanwhile, Michael was carrying a bucket filled with meat in the lab. He walked down the stairs leading to the basement, and opened the doors. He saw that most of the zombies that were tied up by the hands and pinned to the wall had broken free. Their hands were ripped from their arms, and lay on the ground beside the ropes they were once bounded by.

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