This is the seventeenth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

Theo and Ron walked into one of the houses their group was staying in. They found Zach and Cole sitting in the living room.

"Hey," Theo said. "We need to clear out a new area for the group. Zach, come with us."

"I want to come, too" Cole told Theo.

"We need you and Tyreese here to watch the new guys." Cole sadly nodded as Theo, Ron, and Zach left. They met up with Reuben and Leroy outside the lab.

"You guys ready?" Ron asked. Reuben and Leroy nodded, and they packed into the mustang. They headed for the gate, and Morgan opened it. They drove out onto the road, and around the walls to the other end. They parked at the coffee shop, once again, and spilled out into the street.

"This place is a mess," Reuben pointed out. "Good thing we ain't in this shit." The five walked around for a while, until Zach spotted the hoard.

"Over here!" Zach shouted. Everyone else surrounded him and got the zombies' attention. The group seemed to have gotten bigger; about 60 or 70 now, but they started shooting. They quickly finished their first mags, but the zombies were still coming. They were low on ammunition, so they new they had to be scarce.

After several dreadful minutes, only a few remained, and they decided to spare the bullets. They grabbed knives, Leroy with a baseball bat, and started to beat and stab the zombies to death. The five did the same as Victor's group did in the beginning, hot wiring cars and moving them around to build thick barriers, and throwing debris on top to make good walls.

Meanwhile, back at the main part, the new survivors were fitting in great. They shared stories with the other survivors, laughed, and overall had a great time. The other five showed up at the gate, and Morgan ran and opened it. They got out of the car, and Morgan immediately confronted them.

"I don't see why these people need to be separated from us," she protested. "They seem like regular people. Nice, humorous, they fit in great."

"Well," Theo started. "It's Victor's call, after all. He is the leader here, and what he says goes, right?" He stared at Reuben and Leroy, hinting his sarcasm. They rounded up the new survivors into the truck and car, and split themselves up. Theo, Zach, William, and Caleb went in the truck, and Ron, Reuben, Leroy, Quin, and Hannah went in the car.

They drove down to the newly-cleared section and pulled up to the wall, and everyone got out. The debris from buildings, garbage, etc. gave the wall an extra 10 feet, similar to the main wall, which it was not too far from. There was a spot to climb over, and they all did. The section was about a third the size of the main one, and covered quite a bit of room.

"Welcome to your new home," Reuben said. William and his group had a tour, and noticed all the dead bodies.

"You couldn't clean up?" William asked.

"Hey man," Leroy responded. "We cleaned this shit up, made it livable for you. We could have left you here on your own, be thankful." William nodded and backed off.

Leroy separated himself from the group, and looked back at Caleb. He was walking off, towards the wall they built. He took a deep breath, and pulled out his pistol. He discreetly aimed it at Caleb, and thought about what he was doing. He thought about humanity, and what he was about to do may cause. But then he thought about what Caleb had said, about him mercilessly killing that man, and decided on what he would do.

"Zombie!" Leroy yelled. "I got him!" He fixated his aim on Caleb, and shot, hitting Caleb in the neck.

"No!" William screamed as he ran to his friend's side. "God, this can't be happening. Jesus Christ!" He looked at Leroy, smoke still coming from his gun, and charged him. He pushed him up against a car and grabbed his neck with his large hand. "What the fuck! You asshole, I'll kill you!"

Reuben pointed his gun at William's head.

"Back off," he demanded. William let go, and ran back to Caleb's side.

"I...deserve this," Caleb mumbled, choking on his blood. "I killed that man, I shouldn't of. I watched as my family was eaten by those...things. I didn't do anything. I deserve to die. Leave me...please..." William, now in tears, stood up. Quin rushed to his side and hugged him, and Hannah sorrowfully stood over Caleb, watching as he drowned in his own blood.

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