This is the fourteenth chapter of Wake of the Undead. It is the final chapter in Part Two: Society.

Theo stormed off into the house. He ran up to his room and started grabbing guns. Tyreese, Ron, Zach, and Megan walked up.

"What are you doing?" asked Megan. "What do you mean you need to have a word with Victor. What's going on?"

"Last night, when we were helping Tyreese," Theo explained. "I heard something down by the lab. I went over to investigate, and I heard the growling and moaning. I think he's keeping zombies in his basement."

"That's absurd."

"Well let's find out, shall we?" Theo handed the other four weapons, and told them to come with him. Outside of the house, Cole and Cleo confronted the others.

"What's going on?" Cleo asked. "Why are you all holding guns? Are you going to search for James?"

"I don't think so," Cole responded. Cleo and Cole followed the others to the lab. Morgan, Drake, and B ran up to them.

"What the hell are you doing?" Morgan asked. None of them answered. "Hey, I said, what are you doing?"

"Victor's got zombies in there," Theo replied.

"What? That's a crazy accusation!"

"I know it, I heard them. You can help us deal with them, or just sit back and let them run around in your society, that's your choice." He held a gun out to Morgan. She hesitated at first, but took it. B and Drake followed her.

Theo and Ron pushed the doors open, and found nobody was around.

"Victor!" screamed Theo. "Victor, get over here! I know what you're doing!" Reuben, Stephen, Leroy, and Victor all walked out of a room. Reuben and Leroy were armed with guns.

"Excuse me?" Victor asked. "What do you mean, you 'know what I'm doing'?"

"Zombies. You're keeping them in your basement."

"Really? That's a very wild accusation, how are you so sure of this?"

"I heard 'em."

"Theo," Ron said. "I don't think he's hiding anything. He took us in, gave us food and shelter, I don't think it's your call to do anything rational like this."

"There's zombies in our 'community', and you feel safe?"

"Now, now," Victor interrupted. "There is no need to argue."

"Fine, fine. If you aren't going to admit to it, why don't we just see for ourselves?" Theo walked over to the door leading to the basement, and Reuben ran after him. He held a gun to his head.

"Reuben," Victor called. "Let our guests have a grand tour of our residence without being threatened." Reuben backed off as Theo opened the door. He ran down the stairs and opened the door down there, with everyone else closely behind. He ran into a room, and stopped in his tracks. There were about 20 zombies tied up at the back wall of the room.

"What is this?" Theo asked Victor as he ran up the stairs. "Why the hell are you keeping zombies here!?"

"Uh, Theo," Ron said. "I think we have a bigger problem." Theo ran back down and saw Ron pointing in the far corner of the room. There, tied up, was an undead James.

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