This is the thirteenth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

Theo and Ron returned to the group after fleeing from the zombies, and Zach and Cole returned shortly after. They reported the news of Tyreese's supposed fate.

"He ran off," Zach started. "We heard screaming a few minutes later. Then we saw the hoard. We decided to leave, even if we could have made it to wherever he ran off to, he was most likely dead." Theo slowly and silently nodded, and walked off with Ron.

Meanwhile, Tyreese started panicking, and ran off down the street, spilling blood everywhere. He booked it around the corner, and looked at his swelling wrist. He made a drastic decision, and grabbed his crowbar. He laid his arm on the ground and started wailing on his upper arm with the crowbar. He screamed in agony, but wouldn't stop. He started to draw blood after his tenth hit, but still continued. He did it for a few minutes, until he heard growling. He painfully got up and continued running.

He hid behind another building and continued bashing at his arm. He started to break bone, and stopped. He clenched his arm and considered giving up, and then thought about his sister, Breanne.

"Don't give up," she said in his imagination. A tear streamed down his face, and he picked his crowbar up again. After a few more minutes, he broke through the bone and grabbed his lower arm, twisted, and ripped it off. He dropped it on the ground, and bent over, and screamed at the top of his lungs. He felt faint, and dizzy, but kept fighting. He tore a piece of his shirt off and tied it around his stump with his good arm and mouth. He got up, and ran towards a car on the street. He got inside, and found the keys in the ignition.

"Bingo..." he silently said. He turned the car on, and started driving back to where he presumed he came from, zig-zagging on the road and almost crashing into things.

About 15 minutes later, the group heard a car driving down the road. They all ran to the gate and looked out. It was currently dark, so all the group could see were the bright headlights approaching. Victor walked up behind the group, and cautiously looked at the car as it pulled up to, and crashed into the gate.

The group backed up as Leroy, one of Victor's right-hand men, opened the gate. Theo ran up and pulled the door of the car open. Tyreese stumbled out, looked at the group, still teary-eyed, and fainted.

Tyreese woke up the next morning, safe in his bed, and looked at his arm. It was bandaged, but still obviously bleeding. He winced when he touched it, but it wasn't as painful as the night before. He got out of the house the group was staying in, and saw the rest of the group. Theo, Ron, and Cole ran up to him, and comforted him.

"Hey, hey, easy now," Theo started to say. "You're lucky you didn't bleed out last night. B here saved your life."

"We're lucky to have someone here who knows what she's doing when it comes to first aid, eh?" Tyreese mumbled. "I didn't find any trace of him. I-I'm sorry."

"It's alright. But we need to have a word with Victor, I think he's hiding something from us."

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