This is the twelfth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

The next day, Theo, Ron, Tyreese, Zach, and Cole devised a plan to search for James. Theo and Ron would cover the end closest to the rest of them, and Tyreese, Zach, and Cole would search the farther end.

"He couldn't of gotten far," exclaimed Theo. "If he did, then there's no hope. We've lost others."

Theo and Ron got into the mustang and drove off, while Tyreese, Zach, and Cole prepared their things.

"I hope we find that boy," proclaimed Cole. "I bet he just wondered off and got lost, and now he's just hiding in one of those houses, waiting for us." Zach looked at Cole, and then continued preparing his gear. After several minutes, the three packed into the truck, and drove off into the depths of the town.

Ron and Theo got out of the car and started searching. They started at the coffee shop where they met Devon, and started moving out. They moved more towards where the other three would be, and noticed footprints. The footprints were too big to be James', and they were too far from the café. They followed them for several minutes, and they eventually led them around a house, where they saw a whole hoard of zombies. They turn and run back to the coffee shop, hoping to be able to lose them.

Meanwhile, Tyreese, Zach, and Cole park in front of a supermarket, several minutes away from where Theo and Ron are. They get out, and arm themselves with pistols, along with Tyreese's crowbar. They started scouting around the supermarket, but found no signs. They continued on throughout a street, and eventually came across a small group of about 5 zombies. Tyreese easily put them down with his crowbar, and they continued on.

"No sign of him," Zach claimed. "This is stupid, why did that freaking kid have to run off and get himself lost?" Tyreese heard something far off, like someone was running.

"I heard something," Tyreese said while pointing across a street. "Over there."

"It was probably nothing," Cole suggested. "Maybe a zombie."

"I'm checking it out, if you don't want to come, suit yourselves." Tyreese grabbed his pistol and ran off towards the sound, leaving Cole and Zach to continue searching their street.

Tyreese approached the spot he heard the noise, but found nothing. Suddenly, he heard more noise coming from behind a house. He ran to it, but still found nothing. He heard noise behind him, and turned around, seeing footprints. He immediately assumed they were James', and followed them. He followed them around many streets, far away from Zach and Cole, until they stopped. He looked around, but found no more footprints, and nobody was there.

Theo and Ron sat behind the corner of the coffee shop, desperately hoping the zombies didn't see them. They looked back, and saw abot 10 coming at them.

"We got this," Ron said, as he stood up and confronted the zombies. Theo did the same, and they easily took them out. Suddenly, the rest of the group started coming after them too. They guessed there were about 30. Ron started shooting, taking out one after the other. He ran out of ammo, and realized they didn't bring extra magazines. Theo continued shooting as well, but quickly ran out too. There were still about 20 left, and the two decided to flee.

Tyreese was about to turn back, until a zombie approached him from behind and bit his wrist. He pushed it off, and grabbed his crowbar and violently bashed the zombie's head in. He looked at his hand. There was a big chunk of skin missing right below his wrist, pouring blood and muscle everywhere. He started screaming for Zach and Cole, but nobody came. He looked down the street he came from, and saw about a dozen zombies coming at him.

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