This is the tenth chapter of Wake of the Undead.

Victor walked inside the large building of the town they secured a few months back. It was late autumn now, and they had their first snowfall. He walked up a few flights of stairs, and opened a door. There was Stephen, working in a lab. A science lab. The building they had cleared out months ago was turned into a science lab, albeit a small one. Stephen was leaning over a dead zombie, studying it.

"Any luck?" Victor asked.

"Not yet," Stephen replied as they heard the cars drive into town. They both looked out the window as three vehicles pulled into the gates. Victor rushed outside to see who these mysterious people were.

They group all piled out of the cars, and Victor approached Morgan. He asked what was going on, and she explained.

"They need somewhere to stay," she told Victor. "Here is the best spot. And I saw how they took out those freaks, they would do us good... at least for now." Victor took a deep breath, and walked away, but not before he saw Theo step out of the truck. He immediately recognized him from the picture he found when they took the city.

"It's....him," Victor muttered to himself. He rushed back into the science lab and reported it to Stephen.

"Whatever you are going to say is going to have to wait a second," Stephen announced. "I think I may have found something. Bites and scratches aren't the only things that make people turn. This zombie has no bite marks, no scratches. How is that possible?" Victor thought to himself for a moment.

"Tell Reuben and Drake to meet me at the gate after dark. I need them, uh, for a "project"." Victor then left.

Meanwhile, Morgan reunited with Drake's sister, and her friend, Marsha.

"Are you okay?" Marsha asked. "You didn't come back last night, and we were all worried. We thought you guys had died."

"No, I'm alright." Morgan replied. Marsha looked around the group.

"Uh, where's my brother?"

"He, bit. I am so sorry, we tried everything." Marsha bent over in disbelief, she then started walking in circles, quietly crying.

"It's okay, it's...okay. I knew this was going to happen, I was just, hoping it wouldn't happen for a long time." Marsha silently walked off, leaving Morgan feeling like shit.

Victor, Reuben, and Leroy, a young african american man with a shaved head, grouped up by the gate after dark. They spent 15 minutes devising a plan. Victor lied to them, saying one of the group is a traitor, and that they were going to be heading out to lead zombies into the town at that moment. They decided to split up and cover each section of town by themselves.

Victor was going to cover the area around the science lab, Leroy covered the west side, and Reuben covered the East side. Victor said to shoot anyone on sight. They spent several minutes walking around, until Reuben saw someone. He aimed his pistol, and shot. Victor and Leroy heard, and came rushing over.

The next day, Morgan got up and found Marsha missing. She looked all over town, and found nothing. She saw B, and rushed over to her.

"Have you seen Marsha?" Morgan asked B. She shook her head, and Morgan continued searching.

Meanwhile, in the lab, Stephen was studying a different body. This one was strapped to the bed with rope. The person was Marsha, and had a bullet wound to the chest. After several minutes, she opened her eyes, and started to growl. She was a zombie.

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