This is the first chapter of Wake of the Undead.

He woke up, suddenly....painfully. He couldn't remember anything, not his name, not where he lived, nothing. A strange sensation struck him, as if he were being watched. He looked around, nothing...nobody, at least, that he could see. There was an intense pain in his lower arm, and he noticed numerous scratches and bruises. He struggled to get up, but after many seconds of pain and agony, he managed to stand on his feet.

He seemed to be on the side of a road, an abandoned road. There were dozens of cars piled up, crashed, and flipped over all along the road and the fields beside it. A thought popped up in his head, maybe he got into an accident, or was hit by a car. Nothing felt broken, and he knew even his current injuries couldn't be as painful as a car crash.

Something poked him in his back pocket, and he pulled out a wallet. He looked inside, and saw mostly pieces of paper, a few paper bills, and... that was it! He pulled out a driver's license, but unfortunately, the name was scratched out - like someone didn't want him to know who he was.

He continued searching through the wallet, and found nothing. It was as if someone threw out everything with his name on it. He was considering giving up until he found a piece of paper with a name on it. Theodore Thomas. He wondered if that was him, but couldn't be sure. He decided that until he was able to discover who he was, he would keep the name "Theo".

Next, Theo wanted to figure out where he was. He looked at the license plates of some of the vehicles. Most of them said Ontario, some said Quebec, others were even from USA. He figured, since the majority were Ontario, he was somewhere in Ontario, Canada. That didn't really help much, there were many cities in Ontario, so there was no way of knowing exactly where.

Theo decided to put that thought aside, and figure out why the place was so abandoned. He looked in some of the cars. Most were empty, some had dead bodies in them. He figured there must have been some catastrophe; maybe a shootout, or a bombing. He looked inside a cop car. There was a dead officer inside. He noticed that there was still a gun in his belt, and slowly opened the door to grab it.

Theo saw someone far off, a couple hundred feet away. He started to run towards them. He then saw about 10 others, all walking slowly, as if they were marching together towards him, As he got closer, he could see their gray flesh. He could see their bloodshot eyes, their decaying flesh, and their intense hunger. He suddenly feared the worst: zombies. He gripped his hand tightly around the gun and aimed it at the people.

They inched closer and closer each second, not reacting to the gun. They started growling, and the one in the front darted at him. Theo only had a few seconds to react. BOOM. The bullet went clean through the zombie's head. It fell to the ground, dead, cold, motionless. He did the same to the others.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! He aimed at the last zombie, and pulled the trigger. Nothing. He backed up and pulled out the mag. Empty. He has no choice, as the zombie started to run, but fight. He inched back as the zombie sped closer. After about 10 seconds, the zombie was only feet away. Theo raised his fist, gun in hand.

As the zombie finally closed in on him, he hit the zombie, hard in the head. The zombie fell back, but rose up to it's feet, still darting at Theo. He hit the zombie again. This time it fell to the ground. He kneeled down and beat the zombie until he could see its brains all over the grass. He got up and wiped his face, spreading old, decaying blood on it. Suddenly, Theo heard a gunshot. He winced in pain, and felt his face. There was a hole on the side of his head. He then fell over, and blacked out.

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