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Worlds of Creation
Logo for worlds
Developer(s) Phoenix Circle
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sandbox
Media Included Wii disk

Worlds of Creation (also known as クリエーションの世界 in Japan) centers more on a sandbox type game, and marks Tritan's first appearance into the gaming world. It was shown at E3 2010, and many gameplay elements were seen there. The game is a 3D sandbox. It is for The Wii, the V, and there will be a version for the DS.


As most sandboxes are, there is much exploring and experimenting with the landscape and people. There is some platforming and puzzle solving, and to unlock more buildings and people, you must finish micro-missions. These missions are rather short and simple, but some of them are longer and harder than usual. There were also some tools that were being used during game play. There are only six tools know as of this time. Sometimes you'll have to face Disruptos, in which can be killed if you use the tools wisely.

Tool What it does Image
Notepad Summons anything you write into it. NotebookImage
Hammer Pounds an object into the ground. HammaImage

Spray Can

Paints a house or building. You can also free draw or write. SprayImage
Gravity Gloves Selecting an object with the gloves causes it to float into the air. TBA
Jetpack Makes you fly. (requires fuel.) TBA
Power-up Laptop Creates an power-up for you to use. TBA
Gun Shoots out a limited supply of bullets. TBA
Sword Slash at any plant or enemy. TBA
Wormhole Gun Creates a wormhole for you to go in. TBA


There are people in this game, some are NPCs and have missions to give you, others can have custom outfits and can be used with tools. There are two types of customizable people, Building Buds and Building Buddies. Building Buds are two blocks stacked onto each other, and they can wear hats and outfits. They are easy to move around. Building Buddies use two blocks stacked together to create the head and torso, while four black sticks pop out from the torso and are attached to one block per stick. They can wear hats and outfits, as well as weopons. However, they are harder to move.

Here's a list of Building Bud and Building Buddy hats seen at E3:

Hat Description Price
Viking Helm From Thor himself! 200 CashyCoins
Mexican Sombrero Cha-cha-cha! 100 CashyCoins
Pirate Hat Arr!

100 CashyCoins

Tangled Eyed Alien From sector 43241e! 600 CashyCoins
AcidTube Advertisement Sign Be the walking advertisement!



Buggy A mix between a car and a beetle, ugh! 3,000 CashyCoins
Mr.Rabbit He hopped to the fields and got toxic goo all over him, and some how lost his ears to a Building Bud/Buddy. 200 CashyCoins
Money! A money sack with fake money! 10,00 CashyCoins
Awesome Mask Aweeesssoooommmee! 13,371,337,1337 CashyCoins
Anti-Privacy Ghost He doesn't leave you alone.

10,000,000 CashyCoins

Building Bud Hat A mini bud has found this head for a living. 90,000,000 CashyCoins
Building Buddy Hat A mini buddy has found this head a great place to watch TV. 1,000,000,000,000 CashyCoins
Crown Made of 30 gallons of melted gold into a die-cast gold crown.

9,999,999,999,9999 CashyCoins

Egg It's got Green Dots!



Mmmmmm... Bacon! Sizzling on somebody's head...



Cannon It can't shoot, but sure looks deadly.



Firegale Ruler He owns the world of fire and torture. Don't mess with him.



Mascot He's ready for the home team to win! Go, go, go SCORE!



Sinking Ship It's sinking into your brain! Quick, call George Lucas!



Lil' Lil' Lil' Fro This fro is extremely small, it barely looks like one!



Ice Fighter You don't know when, or how, but your house will get frozen, and that's when you call the Ice Fighters.



Outlaw Spud He's gonna shoot ya into a mashed meal.



Cosmos Fighter He's got the jet pack and the clear glass head.



MineCrafter Digging in the dirt to find some diamonds to make a worthless pickaxe. That's the life.



Brown Hair Normal. Very normal. Free
Headphones To listen to your jams. Free
Computer Eye From the 25th century. Free
Ninja Mask Nobody can see your ugly face under here! Free
Blue Spiked Hair Not normal at all. Free
Black Hair Normal. Very normal. Free

Outfits are created using decals. (See Decals)

Playable Characters

Tritan Jump 2 Tritan is the first player in Party Mode, and the only character you can play as in story. He can throw Building Buds faster than anybody else.

He is unlocked from the start.

Parissmaller Paris is Tritan's violent brother. He is a selectable character in Party mode. He can fire his pistols.

He is unlocked from the start.

Rhino Rhino is an orange dinosaur that likes to run. He is a selectable charcater in Party Mode. Runs faster than anybody else. He is unlocked from the start.
Tritan Female Tristanna She can "echo" an enemy's moves if she gets hit by one. She is a selectable character in Party mode, and playable in Normal Mode if the player is female. She is unlocked from the start.
Rinuyal Candy

She loves to Party, and loves music.

She is a selectable character in Party Mode.

Can throw CDs at baddies, and jumps a little higher than Tritan. DLC
Tifa Tifa is a strong and adventurous girl. She is a selectable character in Party Mode. Can push things that other characters cannot. DLC


Missions range from very hard to extremely easy. Harder missions will reward you with a big prize while easier missions will reward you with some CashyCoins. There will be a total of 200 missions, possibly more.

See: Worlds of Creation/Missions


Decals can be applied to the face or the body of a Building Buds and Buddies. Using the photo channel you can create decals to put on, but there are some pre-built ones to use.


Name Image
Stripes Stripes
Doom Tee Shirt Doom
Scarf Scarf
Awesome Faic
Leather Jacket
I Spade Earth
Slow Mover Tee Shirt
Mother Nature
John's Produce Tee Shirt
Cool Story Tee Shirt

Meanwhile, outfits can be created by joining 12 or so decals together. Some packs come with outfits. Outfits can also be worn by playable characters.


Since it would be silly to have 5 or so Tritans running around, you will play as one of the Building Buddies in your town. You can set up a server, private or public, and join other servers. Any missions you complete will be counted as yours as long as you do them yourself. You can type chat or voice chat.

Downloadable Content

Downloadable content can be bought from the Wii Store. Each pack of contents cost 100 Wii Points each.

Yoshi Pack

Decals Hats Other
Yoshi Face Yoshi Wannabe Allows any Building Buddie(s) that is fully decked out with all three decals, to be able to ride on.
Yoshi Back None Kier will make a cameo in some parts of the game.
Yoshi Front None None

Mario Pack

Decals Hats Other
Mario Face Mario's Hat You will be able to jump higher with the Super Mario Sound Effect.
Luigi Face Luigi's Hat Mushrooms scattered everywhere can make you bigger.
Toad Face Mushroom Hat Fireflowers scattered everywhere can make you shoot fire out of your hands.

Mario Pack 2

Decals Hat Other
Overalls Blue Bowser Hat None
Overalls Green Bowser Jr. Hat None
Toad's Outfit Angry Sun Hat None

Sonic Pack 1

Decals Hat Other
Sonic's Belly Blue Spikes Run 50% faster



Yellow Fox Fly for about 10 seconds
Knuckle's Belly Red Spikes Destroy brick walls with your bare fists.

Tron Pack

Outfits Hat Other
Blue Grid Tron Viking Summon Lightcycles at will.
Tron Blue Tron Chicken Throw a light disc as a weopon.
Tron Red Tron Snow Cap Light up in the dark.

Toa Pack

Outfits Hat Other
Toa Earth Toa Earth Mask Create and move mountains.
Toa Water Toa Water Mask Create ponds at will.
Toa Fire Toa Fire Mask Burn wooden objects.


Normal Mode

This mode is only accessible in first player. There is no real difference between Party Mode and Normal Mode, other than a split screen.

Party Mode

This mode is only accessible in multi player. There is no real difference between Party Mode and Normal Mode, other than a split screen.

Online Mode

This mode is only accessible in multi player. There is now a chat box, an friend system, and a trade system. You can also visit other player's planets.


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