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Simone, a vagrant in World of Animals who ends up turning into one of the most important people in the world..
(as in World of Animals)
GENDER Can be chosen, uses nonbinary pronouns
AGE 28
CLASS Super Mortal
WEAPONS Longsword (Base), Chainblade (Chainsaw Sword) (Berserker), Runeblade (Magical Sword) (Runeblade), Lightning magic, Fire magic (Berserker), Summon magic (Runeblade)

The main character of World of Animals, mink, and former Royal Guard. Players are able to select their gender and name at the start of the game.


Simone is the son/daughter to Beraxis, Noble of Education among the Shepherds. Thanks to her, Simone's been able to have an easier time getting into an academy, where they learned how to wield the longsword, which'd eventually lead them to becoming a Royal Guard. Unfortunately, it was around this time that Julin, Noble of Technology, had introduced the invention of guns into the Royal Guard. They were billed as the superior weapon, so it was either learn the gun or get kicked out. And unfortunately, Beraxis' influence wouldn't let them into gun training this time, them requiring exhuberent money (though Julin's confidants seemed to have an easy time getting into training). So, Simone's guard position would be overtaken by the new guard, and for reasons they hadn't disclosed at the beginning of the game, they were later out on the street, though it's implied their training exclusivity in sword practice might've had a hand in that.

At the beginning of the game, they've been spotted stealing silverware from wealthy couple Mr. and Mrs. Buhemon. And when they were spotted, it was either go to prison, or work for them personally. And so, Simone was forced to degrade themselves so that they accept their work. And there, they would meet Camiko. After working with him to try and reclaim some ill-gotten jewelry from thieves, he decided to work with the rats in order to rise up against the Buhemons and finally escape.

From there, the duo set out into the city of Rusal, and Camiko promised to lead him to his hometown, Shuruo, in order to find them a job. However, the city near said town, Seimester, was attacked by a monster of legend, forcing those around the city to be evacuated while the Shepherds attempted to stave off the monster. The refugees were evacuated to Rusal, where they'd be seated at the church in the middle of the city. Camiko decided to station himself at this church to find his family, Simone deciding to follow, as Camiko stands as his only lead out of poverty after his dealings with the Buhemons.

There in church, they'd meet the clergy, the church's High Priest Sesuna, and the one that'd help staff them, clergywoman Mullo. She let them work at the place, and Simone would be prompted to head out into the city to learn about the general layout and the people in it. During his time at church, Mullo would come to learn about the appearance of cult members, cult members of a dragon that was cast out from the Draconic Gardens when they separated from the mortal plane. When this became Mullo's issue, it subsequently became the duo's issue, them serving under her.

With Mullo, Simone and Camiko would battle the cult, recruiting Eredo (reluctantly) and Unaris (not so reluctantly) to their party. In the process, their fighting led them to the long dead kingdom of Eden, regarded as a holy kingdom once upon a time, it supposedly being built upon where the Dragon Eggs would be delivered. There, they would encounter Muerdio, the late, last king before Crusaders ransacked the place. Apparently, cultists would break in, pushing past his defense to steal the eggs that'd be left.

Realizing there was another egg, Mullo declared that they had to go in to protect it. So, they entered on the king's permission, and would try to defend the egg deep in the depths of the castle, only for the figurehead of the cult, Polaris, to appear and overwhelm them. He'd managed to make off with the egg, though Muerdio was able to keep his wits together long enough to rescue them. With the team assembled, they were able to rush Polaris' base, where they'd make off with the egg, only to be intercepted by the figurehead.

Mid-fight, the egg hatched, unveiling a golden dragon. With them hatched, they were able to single-handedly overwhelm Polaris, killing him off and rendering almost all of the cult repentant and subservient. And, like that, Simone and friends would suddenly be responsible for the dragon, them having "imprinted" on them. And so, the group would cycle from day to day, using the various days to teach the dragon something new.

Character Description

Simone has slight alterations between their male and female counterparts, though the differences are only really apparent when they're in more revealing clothing. They are a mink that stands at about 5', bearing white, short fur and claws, and some whiskers. For their default outfit, they wear a ratty, brown vest with a violet undershirt and dirty beige dress pants, as well as a belt. They're tail is poking out between their pants and their shirt. They also bear a sheathe across their back that their longsword slides into, which they draw out by gripping the handle over their shoulder and pulling the blade out.

  • As a Vagrant - In turn-based battles, they adopt a low stance, positioning a leg in front of them while holding their longsword with both hands, the blame aimed behind them as they orient their front foot towards the opponent. They lean forwards and put a lot of weight on their front leg. When they perform a normal attack, they rush up to an enemy to slash, going diagonally from their lower right to their upper left. A critical hit has them stab the enemy, before performing a grand slash upwards, the force lifting them up. Casting damaging magic has them stand upright while holding their sword perpendicular to their body, them holding the handle with their right hand while resting their palm near the end of the blade.
  • As a Berserker - Simone now goes from their usual gear to a purple vest, a sheet of armor visible beneath it while showing off the upper portion of their chest, some red highlights throughout the vest. They also wear some red shorts and red boots (both with purple highlights), as well as a set of gauntlets. In turn-based battles, they hold the flat edge on their shoulder, standing upright and leaning on the tip of their right toes while they size up their enemies. When they perform a normal attack, they hold the handle with both hands in a reverse grip, before lunging edge-first into the enemy, keeping it on the enemy as the chain tears into them, before they swing the sword up to put an end to the assault. A critical hit has them hold the handle with both hands and approach the enemy, before delivering a three swing combo, each swing extended for long enough to let the blade tear into them. Magic attacks has them point the tip of the Chainblade towards the enemy, before channeling the magic through it and hurling it at the foe like a missile.
  • As a Runeblade - Simone goes from his usual gear to a white robe boasting purple highlights, it buckled up around the chest though spread to unveil everything below the belt, wrapped up in black pants. They positions their right foot forwards while keeping their Runeblade straight upwards. Normal attacks has him hold the blade towards his side as he dashes forwards, before delivering an upwards swing through the enemy. A crit has him dash forwards, though his blade gleams with the many magics throughout the land, before each blade packed into weapon flick behind Simone, and, with a swing, he strikes with the Runeblade itself before the many swords swing around to follow up. A magical attack has a magic-infused sword float out of the Runeblade, before lunging towards the enemy. When using a summon skill, a magic-infused sword floats out from the Runeblade, before flying behind an ally.

Gameplay Stats

Vagrant Class

Simone wields Longswords, their normal attacks dealing slashing damage. Simone starts out learning lightning and slashing spells, as well as learning defensive buffs. They're geared around lasting long and delivering some painful blows, eventually obtaining physical skills that hit multiple enemies, which other physical focused party members don't learn unless they go down specific routes. Simone, unfortunately, tends to have low speed, magic, and magical points, meaning they'll typically have limited options against foes with higher physical resistances.

Late into the game, Simone is prompted to test out certain weapons for certain missions. One of them a Chainblade, and one of them a Runeblade. After these missions, Simone gets prompted to Rank Up into either one of the respective classes, granting them a more special role in the party.


The below assumes that Simone is at about Level 1. Each stat is accompanied by their growth rate, representing approximately by how much either stat goes up each level up.

  • Healthpoints (HP) - 20 (55%)
  • Spell Points (SP) - 8 (10%)
  • Strength (St) - 5 (45%)
  • Magic (Ma) - 3 (10%)
  • Endurance (En) - 5 (40%)
  • Mentality (Me) - 2 (15%)
  • Agility (Ag) - 4 (20%)
  • Luck (Lu) - 5 (20%)
Cross Slash - 4 SP Delivers a single powerful hit to a single target, dealing low slashing damage. Start
Trid - 3 SP Conjures electrical sparks onto a target, dealing low lightning damage. Start
Amd - 5 SP Boosts the caster's Endurance for 3 turns. Level 3
Mel - 7 SP Conjures electrical sparks onto all enemies present on the field, dealing low lightning damage. Level 5
Divider - 8 SP Take weapon in hands, and deliver a large slash that strikes all enemies present on the field, dealing low slashing damage. Level 8
Tryda - 6 SP Conjures a piercing electrical bolt that strikes a single target, dealing medium lightning damage. Level 10
Diar - 8 SP Lower a single target's Strength for 3 turns Level 11
Rainbow Slash - 8 SP Delivers a single powerful hit on a single target, dealing medium slashing damage. Level 12
Sparking Blade - 9 SP Slash a foe with electricity, dealing low electrical damage while utilizing Strength instead of Magic. Level 15
Melt - 10 SP Conjures electrical sparks onto all enemies present on the field, dealing medium lightning damage. Level 19

Runeblade Class

Simone wields Runeblades, a special blade developed under ancient manuscripts of Crusaders, which was, at the time, an entirely hypothetical design intended to mimic the magical might of the Dragons. With Runeblades, Simone continues to deals slash damage with normal attacks. He gains a boost to SP, Magic, Mentality. Meanwhile, Strength and Endurance take a dip in growth, while Agility and Luck remains behind. Simone becomes a more Magic oriented fighter, while also obtaining more support power for his allies, allowing them to deal an additional elemental strike upon foes when they act.

Lightning Sword - 10 SP The caster places a sword on an ally, which casts Tryda upon a target when said ally acts. Start
Wind Sword - 10 SP The caster places a sword on an ally, which casts Gwyn upon a target when said ally acts. Start
Water Sword - 10 SP The caster places a sword on an ally, which casts Ddyfr on a target when said ally acts. (+3 Class Up Level)

Berserker Class

Simone wields Chainblades, a special sword designed buy the Noble of Development's team as a powerful tool for tearing down a target with reckless abandon. With Chainblades, Simone continues to deal slash damage with normal attacks. He gains a slight boost to SP, garners more Strength and a slight bit more Endurance, while obtaining a boost to Agility and Luck, though Magic, SP, and Mentality continue to lower in growth. With the Chainblade, Simone becomes more adept at hitting hard, as he garners one of the most powerful boosts to Strengths of other Rank Ups. He also becomes the only Party Member that's able to cast "arwystl", which provides yet another massive boost to Strength in battles, making them terrifying against foes with low Endurance. However, he continues to falter in Magic, in terms of both attack and defense.

Cleave - Passive If the wielder deals more damage than the target's remaining HP, the remaining damage will be dealt to another foe Start
Tear Strike - 15 SP Delivers a single powerful hit to a single target, dealing heavy slashing damage. Start



  • Trid and subsequent lightning skills is a reference to how the welsh word for "electricity" is "trydan"
  • Amd and subsequent defending skills is a reference to how the welsh word for "defend" is "amddiffyn"
  • Mel and subsequent Multi-target lightning skills is a reference to how the welsh word for "lightning" is "mellt" or "mellten"
  • Diar and subsequent attack-lowering skills is a reference to how the welsh word for "disarm" is "diarfogi"
  • Arw and subsequent attack-raising skills is a reference to how the welsh word for "charge" is "arwystl"