Working Hard is the eleventh episode in season two of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It was written by RTA fan (tbc) and first aired in August 2016


Blaze sets out on her first job as an FBI agent. Hitomi finds herself going all over to find something to do.


A pre-intro clip is shown, with Hitomi on the phone to Kenji.

Hitomi: Hey, Ken, have I ever told you what I use my powers for?
Kenji: I don't think so.
Hitomi: Do you wanna know?
Kenji: Okay, I guess.

Only Kenji's end is shown as Hitomi tells him how she uses her powers. Kenji slowly slouches down in his chair as she tells him, his jaw dropped and his eyes wide.

Early morning is shown as Nikolai is seen with his hair all over the place as Blaze walks through, already completely dressed.

Nikolai: What're you doing up so early?
Blaze: Got my first mission today.
Nikolai: Oh. Cool.
Blaze: So, are you just running the store again today?
Nikolai: Yeah.
Blaze: Cool. Has anything particularly weird happened in that store?
Nikolai: I got it on with a girl in the supply room.
Blaze: Lovely. Thanks for that image.

Nikolai smirks as he waddles over to a chair with a cup of coffee in hand as Blaze goes to make coffee herself.

Nikolai: What inspired you to become a secret agent? I'm just curious.
Blaze: My dad's a secret agent. Well, was. He retired a few years ago. He gave me all this training on what to do and he game me my shurikens.
Nikolai: Oh.
Blaze: What inspired you to hike?
Nikolai: I watched tons of movies about climbing the Himalayas and just thought to myself, "Hey, what if I could do that", then I took up hiking.
Blaze: ...Makes sense.

Blaze sits down with Nikolai as she sips her coffee and Nina walks through in her work gear.

Blaze: You look a lot different when you aren't in your regular clothes.
Nina: I know. But I don't want to walk into a freezer wearing high-end boots and a leather jacket, because they have no lining and I'd freeze.
Blaze: Fair enough.

Blaze sips her coffee again as the three chat.

Amy is seen sleeping as her brain is shown deciding on whether or not to wake up. She decides against it and continues sleeping. Hitomi walks in.

Hitomi: Hey, Amy.

Amy doesn't hear, which mildly annoys Hitomi. Hitomi then goes to extreme measures to wake Amy up, by going right up to Amy's ear.

Hitomi: HEY!!!!

Amy's eyes are seen opening wide as she leaps up in the air, surprised. She sees Hitomi and appears annoyed.

Amy: What was that for?!
Hitomi: I dunno. I just want something to do. Summer's not as fun as they say it is.

Amy gives Hitomi a piercing look, which scares Hitomi.

Hitomi: I'm... gonna go elsewhere.

Hitomi walks down the hallway as she sees the door to Krystal's room, and opens the door to see Krystal and Laura giggling. They notice Hitomi, and Krystal squeaks and covers herself up.

Hitomi: Hey, do you guys wanna-
Krystal: Not right now, Hitomi!

Hitomi slams the door shut as she walks even further. She eventually goes downstairs to see Link and Skye.

Hitomi: Hey.
Link: Yo.
Skye: (sing-songy voice) Hi.
Hitomi: Skye, you alright?
Skye: Yeah, just woke up.

Skye bats her eyelashes rapidly.

Hitomi: Have you guys got anything to do?
Link: Not really.
Hitomi: Huh.

Skye walks through to the kitchen as Hitomi looks at Link, who seems to be looking at Skye while walking through.

Link: Honestly, I really like her.
Hitomi: I guessed from the way you were looking at her.
Link: She's just really cute.
Hitomi: Huh.
Link: I mean, her cryokinesis constantly gets in the way, but she's my dream girl, really.
Hitomi: Cool. Good luck trying to get with her.
Link: Thanks.

Skye walks through with a bottle of lemonade as the three chat.

Blaze is seen sat in the front room of the house, holding her phone as she makes a call. The receiver of the call turns around, revealed to be Helen Rizzo as she picks up.

Rizzo: Director Rizzo speaking, who is it?
Blaze: Petra Zednik. You might remember me from when we were looking for D'Angelo & Sons.
Rizzo: Oh yeah, you're one of them. What do you need?
Blaze: Well, I got a job in the FBI and my first mission is today...
Rizzo: Oh! Congratulations.
Blaze: Thanks. You worked in the FBI, correct?
Rizzo: Yeah. FBI and CIA for a few years before I got this gig.
Blaze: Cool. Do you have any tips for a rookie agent like myself?
Rizzo: Don't trust many people, follow the rules when you need to, don't do anything stupid, and try not to get killed.
Blaze: Alright. So... how's F.A.N.T been recently? I heard the Special Ops shut down D'Angelo & Sons, at least over there...
Rizzo: I'm not dead yet, so we're doing okay.

Blaze smirks.

Blaze: Over here we've just been doing our regular deal. Working hard then just chilling out.
Rizzo: Enjoy it, you won't have much free time when you're a federal agent.
Blaze: I know. I might be able to use the job as a chance to close D'Angelo down too. Did you know he came from the future?
Rizzo: No, but I'm not particularly surprised.
Blaze: Hmm. You might be surprised at how the business started. It's just a small goodwill store right now, ran by a really nice guy.
Rizzo: Now that's actually pretty interesting.
Blaze: Yeah. It's got a name around here because a couple of us have mistaken it for the big guns D'Angelo. Amy, Jess, Alex...
Rizzo: I imagine that couldn't have gone well.
Blaze: Amy and Jess almost killed the guy and Alex was told before she stormed in that it wasn't a big guns place.
Rizzo: It's always best to be careful in our line of work.
Blaze: Yeah. Anyway, I should get off, I have to go to the scene I'm looking at in about ten minutes.
Rizzo: Alright. Good luck.

Blaze hangs up as she walks to her car and prepares to head out.

Hitomi is seen on a couch, bored as Jerry walks through.

Hitomi: Hi, Jerry.
Jerry: Hi. Have you seen Amy?
Hitomi: She's sleeping and she's pissed at me.
Jerry: Did you create a portal directly in front of her eye to wake her up again?
Hitomi: Nah, I didn't go that far this time. I just yelled in her ear.

Jerry raises his eyebrows at Hitomi.

Hitomi: What? It worked! (under her breath) Momentarily...
Jerry: She'll get really pissed if you wake her up. She doesn't mind it when an alarm clock wakes her up but she flips when people try to wake her up. She can get even worse than Jess if she's especially pissed.
Hitomi: Oh. Wish I knew that beforehand.
Jerry: Pros of being a boyfriend. I know Amy inside out.
Hitomi: Huh.
Jerry: So, you got anything to do today?
Hitomi: Not really.

Jess walks downstairs, with a can of beer already in hand.

Hitomi: How do you have beer already?
Jess: I've got a fucking mini-fridge in my room. Can't fucking trust people with my fucking drinks now.
Hitomi: Why?
Jess: Some chick fucking took one of them last week.
Hitomi: Huh.
Jerry: Do you guys just wanna fuck around for now?
Hitomi: Alright.
Jess: I'm getting a fucking tattoo in half an hour.
Hitomi: Do you even have anywhere to put tattoos now? You've got them all over the place now.

Jess rolls up her pants to show her legs clean of tattoos.

Hitomi: Oh.
Jerry: So, just me and you then, Hitomi.
Hitomi: Yup. I was gonna go see Ken, but I kinda told him how I use my powers and I think I traumatised him.
Jerry: I'm pretty sure I'd be traumatised if my sister used her powers in the way you do too.
Hitomi: You have a sister?
Jerry: Yeah. Granted, she's 6 years older than me, but you see my point.
Hitomi: Huh.
Jerry: So, do you wanna go out and find something to do?
Hitomi: Alright.

Jerry and Hitomi head out as Jess sits and sips her beer.

Blaze walks into an office, where some agents are seen.

Blaze: What's my mission?
Agent #1: We've got something going on at that portal that opened up in December.
Blaze: To be fair, a lot of odd things have happened there. What's going on now?
Agent #2: We saw an alien come out of it. You've had experience in what happens beyond that portal, correct?
Blaze: Yes. How come?
Agent #1: We need your help understanding what's beyond it.
Blaze: It's just another universe, similar to this one.
Agent #2: Hmm. The alien is in the back if you want to examine it.

Blaze walks through as the alien whimpers in a corner.

Blaze: Hey, hey. It's alright. They just aren't aware of what you are.

Blaze strokes the alien's head, of which purrs a little bit.

Blaze: You don't seem that hostile.

Blaze walks through to the agents again.

Blaze: Was that it?
Agent #2: No, we have another mission for you.
Blaze: And that is?
Agent #2: We need you to go through a gun training course.
Blaze: Okay. Where do I go for it?
Agent #1: Down near the McDonald's near the portal.
Blaze: Alright.

Blaze sets out as she attempts to calm herself down.

Hitomi and Jerry are seen walking down a street in Anaheim.

Jerry: So, what's having powers like.
Hitomi: It's fun. I don't have to get up off my lazy ass to do stuff.
Jerry: Uh huh.
Hitomi: What's having a girlfriend that can control machines like?
Jerry: It's nice. Amy can't build stuff to save her life, though. Did I ever tell you about the time she was building a computer?
Hitomi: I think I heard about it from Alex. And from Amy yelling expletives all the way through the night she was building it.
Jerry: Yeah, she can be really foulmouthed at times.
Hitomi: Hmm. Hey, do you wanna do something?
Jerry: Like what?

Hitomi creates a portal as she and Jerry walk through. The camera initially shows them next to a road, but pans to show the Golden Gate Bridge.

Jerry: Why are we here?
Hitomi: I used to run across the bridge every morning.
Jerry: Huh. I'm guessing you wanna run with me?

Hitomi nods.

Hitomi: I used it as a way to make sure I wasn't getting greedy with my powers. Now I run from the house to the Honda Center every morning.
Jerry: Huh.
Hitomi: Anyway, let's go!

Hitomi and Jerry start running as the camera shows a shot of the bridge.

Blaze is seen outside the training center, calling Donnie. Donnie is seen in an apartment, sleeping as his phone goes off. He wakes up and answers.

Donnie: Hello?
Blaze: Hey, Donnie.
Donnie: Oh, hey, Blaze. How's the other universe?
Blaze: It's good. How's life without D'Angelo & Sons jumping at your throat?
Donnie: It's... a lot nicer. I've been using that Rosetta Stone you gave me. I think I might have accidentally insulted Kenji with a phrase though.

Blaze smirks.

Blaze: You have to be careful with learning new languages at times. Anyway, things are looking up for me. I got a job in the FBI.
Donnie: Oh, wow, congratulations!
Blaze: Thanks. I got my first mission today, but it was actually just looking at an alien that came from the universe you're in.
Donnie: Huh.
Blaze: I'm about to do a training thing now.
Donnie: Cool.
Blaze: So, what have you been doing since you and the guys disbanded?
Donnie: Me and Dani became vigilantes, Tommy and Ash bought a house together and Ken's gone back into the martial arts stuff.
Blaze: Neat. I'm presuming you've heard what Matt's done.
Donnie: Yeah.
Blaze: Heh. It's amazing how close our teams have become since that day we fought D'Angelo & Sons together, isn't it? Matt and Alex are together, Dani, Krystal and Laura had a triangle of lust...
Donnie: Yup.
Blaze: Anyway, I have to go now. Gotta do the training.
Donnie: Alright. Good luck and don't shoot yourself.

Blaze chuckles.

Blaze: I have some of the best reaction times on the planet, I doubt I'll do that. Anyway, see ya.
Donnie: Bye.

Blaze hangs up as she goes into the training center.

Krystal and Laura are seen sat in the kitchen, Krystal with a burrito and Laura at the fridge.

Laura: You're having a burrito for lunch?
Krystal: Yeah, why not?

Laura shrugs as she walks over to Krystal, with a ham sandwich in hand.

Laura: So, you know how you went through all that witness relocation stuff?
Krystal: Yeah?
Laura: Was your name Krystal in Mexico?
Krystal: Nope. My real name is Sofia Rodriguez. Had to change it to Krystal Pérez so the gangsters didn't track me or my family down.
Laura: Huh. How's your brother the fourth Quentin Pérez then?
Krystal: He was the fourth Rodrigo Rodriguez in Mexico.
Laura: Oh.
Krystal: I kinda prefer Krystal, to be honest.

Amy walks through, groggy and looking annoyed.

Krystal: Are you okay?

Amy turns around, before her hibiscus drops off. Amy then catches the hibiscus and puts it back on her head.

Amy: Do I look okay?
Krystal: ...Yes?

Amy sighs.

Amy: Hitomi fucking woke me up at 8 and I couldn't sleep after that.
Krystal: She walked in on me and Laura.
Amy: This is the third time this week she's woke me up.
Krystal: Huh.

Amy goes and sits with Laura and Krystal and notices the burrito in Krystal's hand.

Amy: Why are you eating a burrito in the middle of the day?
Krystal: Because I'm hungry.
Amy: Fair enough.

Amy stretches and sighs as the three chat.

Jess is seen in a tattoo parlour, about to get a tattoo.

Tattooer: You sure you want this?
Jess: Fuck yes, fucking get on with it already!
Tattooer: Okay...

The tattooer starts on the tattoo as Jess lets out moans of pleasure. The outside of the parlour is shown.

Jess: I'm so fucking sorry for what's happening next!

The camera then cuts to Blaze walking through to a shooting range.

Blaze: Here we go.

Blaze walks over to an agent.

Agent: Oh, hello. You must be Zednik.
Blaze: Yes, I am.
Agent: I understand you've just started with the FBI.
Blaze: That is correct.
Agent: Alright. Follow me.

The two walk through to a large free space, with a robot in front of them.

Blaze: What's the robot for?
Agent: We use it for training rookies. We found it in a near-wrecked state.

Blaze analyses the robot.

Blaze: Who built it?
Agent: We don't know, but it had "DAS-001" imprinted on it when we found it.

"DAS" echos around in Blaze's head as she deciphers what it stands for, before finding out.

Blaze: Oh.
Agent: Just tell me when you're ready.

Blaze nods as she looks at the robot.

Nick is seen walking downstairs, with Beth following.

Nick: That was fun.
Beth: Shut up...

Beth rubs her head.

Beth: (in her head) What have I done wrong to be given that, God?

Beth walks through to the kitchen as Nick goes through to the living room and sits next to Anna.

Nick: Hi.
Anna: Hi.

Nick looks around as Anna writes some things down in her book.

Anna: I'm just curious, why do you try and sleep with women all the time?
Nick: My dad was always trying to hook up with women. He was kinda a bad influence on me. He's in his 50s now and he still tries hooking up with people.
Anna: Huh. Were you a result of one of his hook-ups?
Nick: No, actually. He was in a stable relationship when I was born. The relationship went off the rails though, and that's when he started sleeping with women.
Anna: Hmm.
Nick: A couple of my brothers were results of my dad's one-night stands though.
Anna: You have siblings?
Nick: Yeah. About 14 of them. They're scattered all over the country.
Anna: Wow.
Nick: I've only actually met one of them. He lives up in San Jose.
Anna: Wow. Guess it's hard not getting to know your relatives.

Nick nods as the two chat.

Hitomi is seen walking through San Francisco, with Jerry following behind.

Jerry: Are you sure we shouldn't go back to Anaheim?
Hitomi: Well, I was gonna visit my mom before I went back... but okay.

Hitomi opens a portal as the two end up back in front of the team house. They walk in, as Hitomi is met by Amy, who is staring her down.

Hitomi: Oh, h-hi Amy...

Hitomi chuckles nervously, as Amy narrows her eyes. Hitomi starts sweating as Amy corners her.

Jerry: Amy, no!

Jerry tries holding Amy back before she attacks Hitomi, and succeeds.

Amy: Oh. Hi, Jerry.
Jerry: Calm down. She wasn't aware you don't like being woken up.
Amy: Fine...

Amy goes through to the kitchen as Hitomi gets up off the floor.

Hitomi: I owe you one, Jerry.

Jerry nods as Hitomi sits down and turns the TV on. Jerry goes through to the kitchen and sits with Amy.

Jess and Skye are seen sat in a Greenbacks cafe.

Skye: So let me get this straight. You were kicked out of a tattoo parlour?

Jess nods.

Skye: Why?
Jess: I may have gotten too much fucking pleasure from getting a tattoo.
Skye: What do you mea-

Skye then thinks about what Jess said.

Skye: ...Oh. Y-you didn't-

Jess nods again, looking embarrassed.

Jess: I get too much fucking pleasure from fucking pain, don't fucking judge me.
Skye: Oh my god. Uh... I... don't know what to say to that. Uh...

Skye walks over to the counter to get drinks, when she hears sirens. She turns around to see police officers coming in and heading towards the barista, who is revealed to be Aloha Vaega.

Aloha: Ugh, not again...
Skye: What do you mean "again"?
Aloha: These cops believe I'm a criminal, and they always try and arrest me for no reason.

Skye thinks about this and turns to the cops. She looks toward Jess, worried about what could happen to her.

Officer: We're here for Aloha Vaega.

Skye looks to Aloha.

Skye: Run.

Aloha looks and dashes into the back room of the store. Jess gets her phone out as the main officer pulls a gun out and aims it at Skye. Jess sees this and her eyes flare up in anger.

Jess: Get the fuck away from my fucking friend!

Jess disarms the officer and smashes his head on the counter. A young man picks up Jess' phone and continues recording the video.

Skye: What evidence do you have of that woman being a criminal, exactly?

The other officer stutters.

Officer #2: W-well-
Skye: You don't have any evidence, do you?

The officer continues stuttering as he pulls out his gun.

Skye: What was that rule again? Don't use lethal force unless necessary?
Officer #2: I will shoot.
Skye: You'll shoot a 16-year-old? How harsh are you?!

The officer's hand shakes heavily, looking down at his unconscious colleague, and Jess cracking her knuckles, seemingly prepared to add another victim to her count. The officer notices people looking at him as he puts his gun back in his holster and walks out, carrying his colleague with him. Skye breathes a sigh of relief. Aloha walks back through, notices the officers are gone and hugs Skye.

Aloha: Thank you so much!
Skye: I'm just protecting the innocent.

Jess smiles as the man holding Jess' phone passes it back to her.

Jess: Oh, thanks.
Man: No problem. I'm up for helping you and your friend in... whatever you're doing.
Jess: We're vigilantes. We save the world and the people we do it with are fuckin' awesome.
Man: ...I'm up for that.

Jess smirks as the two shake hands.

Jess: Jess Pierce.
Man: Henry Cardinal.

Skye walks over to the two as they head back to the house. As they get into Jess' car, they hear Aloha's voice.

Aloha: Wait!

Skye gets out as Aloha walks over.

Aloha: I wanna help you guys too.
Skye: Alright.

The two shake hands as they get in the car and go back to the house.

Blaze is seen exhaling and opening her eyes, as she looks at the DAS robot, then turns to the other agent.

Blaze: I'm ready.
Agent: Alright.

The agent starts up the DAS robot, which has its eyes flash red. Blaze gets into a fighting stance as the robot closes in on her. Blaze drops a smoke bomb, and by the time it's cleared up, she has disappeared from sight. The robot looks around before being kicked in the back of the head by Blaze.

Agent: Nice, Zednik!

Blaze and the robot trade blows, before their arms clash. Blaze takes advantage of her feet being free, and kicks the robot in the chest, making it stagger. Blaze drops another smoke bomb, and disappears again. Blaze is then shown hanging from the ceiling, with her feet clinging on. She drops down, aiming for the robot.

Blaze: Here we go...

Blaze lands on top of the robot, which causes a hatch to fly off, showing cogs. Blaze pins the robot down, but it breaks free of her grip. Blaze takes advantage of the exposed cogs and slides between the robot's legs, and throws a shuriken in between the cogs. The shuriken jams and pops a cog out, which causes the robot to shut down and the battle to end. The agent goes out to Blaze.

Agent: That's the best fighting I've ever seen from a rookie!
Blaze: Thanks.

The agent tries to retrieve the shuriken Blaze used, but cuts himself on the edge of the shuriken.

Agent: Agh!
Blaze: You're not the first to make that mistake.

Blaze picks up the shuriken and puts it in her pocket.

Blaze: The shurikens are the main reason I wear gloves. Stops me from cutting myself with them.
Agent: Oh.

The two talk about the fight as the camera zooms out of the training center.





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