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Wolfgang A. Koopa is a self-proclaimed member of the Koopalings who appears as a recurring antagonist in Mario & Luigi: Graveyard Shift. Wolfgang is dedicated to his work as a military commander and is possibly the most competent of the Koopalings in leading an army. However, unlike the other Koopalings, Wolfgang notably does not appear to be an actual Koopa, instead appearing to be a member of a walrus-like species, and, despite Wolfgang's adamant claims that he works for his father Bowser, Bowser does not seem to recognize him at all as either a military commander or son.


Wolfgang's appearance differs heavily from those of the other Koopalings; he is much larger than most of them, and his design seems to resemble a common walrus more closely than a turtle. He has a muzzle with two long tusks sticking out and a large body with brown skin, though he has clearly-defined arms and legs rather than flippers and a tail. He wears a military uniform stylized after Bowser's yellow, red, and green color palette complete with a black-and-red helmet with Bowser's logo. He also wears a pair of gloves, a pair of boots, and a cape with a design of a dark purple spiked shell on its back.


Wolfgang is a competent military officer, but he mostly plays the role of a comic-relief villain, often appearing as awestruck when thinking of Bowser and acting somewhat childish most of the time. He persistently claims that he is a member of the Koopalings to the disbelief of most other characters, and he is motivated by a desire to make Bowser proud and become the second-highest ranking officer in the Koopa Troop. He fights the Mario Bros. in an effort to protect or otherwise serve for Bowser, but he does not showcase any outright evil personality traits.



Wolfgang seemingly regards Bowser as his father and wants to make him proud, hoping that he can one day be declared as his father's successor. However, Bowser doesn't recognize Wolfgang despite his high rank in the Koopa Troop and supposed familial relation.


  • Wolfgang is named after famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Wolfgang is the first fan-made member of the Koopalings to not have a physical shell or otherwise resemble a turtle in any capacity.
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