Wizpig is a giant magical pig and was the main villain of the Nintendo 64 racing game Diddy Kong Racing where it was revealed that he was the tyranical ruler of his home planet which he had converted to an amusement park all for himself. He then decided to look for another planet to destroy and cause havoc on and race those who were brave enough to face him, racing was Wizpig's second favourite thing to do with his favourite being causing havoc. He was thwarted in his plans by Diddy and his friends.

Wizpig then appeared as a playable character on the Nintendo DS remake and in two Wii racing games Donkey Kong Racing along with the other Diddy Kong Racing alumni and Mario Rugby League where he was on a team with his former enemies.


Donkey Kong Racing

Wizpig appeared in the wii racing game Donkey Kong Racing as a playable character. Wizpig is part of the others category. In Land battles Wizpig can punch and use magical blasts.

NRL Player

Wizpig is a player on the Diddy Kong Racers team on the multiplayer wii sports game Mario Rugby League. He is a strong character with good skill but terrible speed. His special skill is to pull out a green magnet and pull the ball to him wherever it is on the field.

Cricket Player

Wizpig appears on the Rocking Racers team in Donkey Kong Test Cricket. He is again sided with his former enemies, this could mean that he has been rehabilitated. However as this is a non-canon game it is unlikely.

Mario and Pingu Racing

Wizpig appears as a boss alongside, Marth, Banjo, Conker, Big Bob-omb, Hammer Bro, Big Bully, Wiggler, Petey Piranha, Koopalings and Giga Bowser in Mario and Pingu Kart.

Invader From The Dark

He Appears In Donkey Kong 3D Country As The Final Boss. He Battles The Kongs In Space Station.

Wizpig's Revenge

Also Appears In DK 3D Country As The Final Boss. A Place Known As Wizpig's Castle Appears In The Game.

Rivalry in Time

Wizpig appears in Donkey Kong Generations as the rival boss of the N64/Gamecube Era and the second rival boss faced in the game. He tries to blast Modern Donkey Kong and Modern Diddy Kong with bombs, rockets and lightning bolts while they try to pop a giant balloon to gain the power needed to defeat him. When he's beaten, the Kongs get the Boss Key for Ghastly King's Boss Gate.

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