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The Winter Pact is a cult based out of Aereus, which worships Kai, an evil deity who is jealous of the White Goddess and Black God's ascension and seeks to destroy their creations (particularly Noah).


The Winter Pact was formed when Kai first visited Noah, only 50 years after it was formed. He tethered himself to the first man he saw, overpowering the man's mind and taking full control. By absorbing the man's consciousness, he managed to seamlessly replace him without raising suspicion. Realising the man was married, he saw an opportunity. The man's wife gave birth to a child who did not belong to the man, but to Kai. This child was the first of the Winterblood, the descendants of Kai who would be chosen to lead his cult and also inherit some of his abilities. Kai revealed himself afterwards, and the woman became known as the Winter Matriarch. The two formed the Winter Pact and raised the Winterblood to follow in their teachings.


A few Winterblood remained who continued to lead the cult in secret. One of these Winterblood, Kireth, saw an opportunity when Strafe, a fellow Winterblood who was not a member of the cult, returned to Noah after his guilt-based separation from Ella Metals. She seduced him and together they had a child, Syria.

Meanwhile, Kai had decided it was time to destroy Noah once and for all. He revealed to the Winter Pact the true purpose of the Winterblood: their blood could be used to create the Winter Mirror, a powerful portal that would allow him to enter the physical realm without tethering himself to a new body. The blood of all previously deceased Winterblood (including Strafe who died of the Rot sometime after Kireth returned to the cult) was added to the Mirror and allowed it to reach near-completion levels; the Winter Pact began hunting and eliminating the Winterblood until Kai revealed that a live Winterblood would increase the Mirror's construction significantly. The Pact then begin the search for Syria, intending to use her as the final sacrifice for the Mirror.


  • Kireth


The Winterblood are the leaders of the cult and, apart from the Winter Matriarch, all descendants of Kai. The Winterblood all have an instinctual urge to fight the White Goddess, which if repressed may cause insanity (as demonstrated by Lock, when he not only ignored the urge but fell in love with Micaliye, which caused him to kill her and resolve to cause as much pain as possible to his son when he snapped).

Strafe, who is directly descended from Micaliye but is also a Winterblood, manifests this in a much more dangerous way, where he occasionally switches to an alternate personality which is sadistic and apathetic.