Winky the Frog is an Animal Friend that appears in the Donkey Kong series. He is a large, green-and-red frog that is an ally to the Kongs.

Winky's only appearance as an Animal Friend is in Donkey Kong Country. Once freed from an Animal Crate, he can be ridden on. Winky will hop along the ground to move, going relatively fast. Being a frog, he possesses really good jump power, allowing him to leap great heights and reach new areas. His strong feet also allows him to jump on enemies that the Kongs wouldn't be able to damage, such as Zingers. However, because of his constant hopping, he can be difficult to control. In terms of abilities, he is very similar to Rattly the Rattlesnake in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.


Mario Kart: Infinity Remix

While Winky himself doesn't appear in Mario Kart: Infinity Remix, an ATV body based off of him called the Winky Wagon appears that can be customized with any tire and glider. It offers great boosts to traction and mini-turbo, with only a slight decrease in weight.


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