Winged Nexus: Conflict is a third-person class-based shooter developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya, and a spin-off of the Winged Nexus series.


The game features two teams, the Elementals and the Vampires, who must fight each other to complete the objective of the map they are currently playing. Players can make use of their classes individual abilities to combat the other team.

Each class is equipped with a weapon (usually intended for melee range), and can also make use of two different magical abilities, which can be changed in the load-out screen alongside visual changes.


As in other Winged Nexus games, the Identity system returns. As you complete objectives, defeat enemies, and generally perform any action within the game you earn experience points which are distributed amongst the five classes, with the class you are playing at the time of earning the points receiving the largest share.

Experience points can then be spent, per class, on unlocking new weapons and abilities in the Identity tree. Each item requires a certain amount of total experience to be earned for the class, as well as at least one adjacent item on the tree being owned.

Game Modes

There are two different game modes included in the game:

  • Versus: The default game mode, the Elemental and Vampire teams face off against each other to complete the map objective
  • Survival: A cooperative game mode where the players survive against waves of AI-controlled enemies


Characters are separated into five different classes:

  • Emissary: Fast but weak class, focuses on "hit and run" tactics and generally disrupting the enemy defence
  • Architect: Indirect combat class that creates helpful buildings to assist team members and halt enemy advances
  • Assailant: A powerhouse class, good for making a push or defending a location
  • Trapper: Long-range class that focuses on debuffing enemies and providing assistance to teammates without entering combat directly
  • Cohort: Highly manoeuvrable short-range class that supplies buffs to teammates

All characters of the same class are identical in gameplay, but have a different appearance and voice. Each character can only be used while playing on a specific team.





Each map has it's own objectives for the teams to complete; in some maps, teams race to complete the same objective first but in others, one team attempts to complete an objective while the other team attempts to stop them, or they both attempt to complete their own objectives at the same time.


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