The console & console controller

The Wii X (Also known as WiiX) is a 9th generation console, with a "tablet controller" that is almost identical to the one on Wii U, but this one is Widescreen and the console is inside the controller (making it a handheld console).

Main Menu

The Main Menu on the Wii X is quite like the 3DS; it comes with Mii, Mii Plaza, and Mii Plaza Connectify all already dowloaded into the console, it has the Lovefilm 'App', and many other film and video apps such as YouTube. The console has got the Weather 'App', and Satoru Iwata's Wii X Fit already installed. All of the apps do what they say, the weather app, tells you the weather for the next few days, and Wii X Fit, as all the other Wii Fit games do, keep's you fit.

At the top there is a panel of buttons, (From left to right), Game Notes, Music PlayerX, DatabaseX, Help & Settings, Club Nintendo and Internet.

Google/Nintendo Partnership

In 2016 Nintendo will join with Google in an effort to make Nintendo's browsing, quicker, easier, and can respond to customer demands, this resulted in all of the 6th to 9th generation browsers to have an update which changed the Internet Browser to Chrome Browser. The 3DS handheld was also given an update and the Browser was turned into Growser.


Some of the games the Wii X include are

  • All Nintendo GameCube Games
  • All Nintendo Wii Games
  • All Nintendo Wii U Games
  • MarioKart 11
  • 3DLand X
  • Super Mario Bros +
  • Super Mario Bros ++
  • Call of Duty: Deathskills
  • Battleships
  • Animal Crossing: Tropical Wonder
  • MySims Journeys
  • Mii Sports X
  • Mii Adventure X
  • Mii Animals

Additional Content

  • 4 Wii X Controllers
  • 4 Nunchuks
  • Wii X Board
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Google Play
  • Gmail



The Wii X will be released in Japan with celebratory fireworks and limited addition 3DLand Wii X Box on 29 January 2016.


Tokyo will open the first Wii X Shop in Aeon Laketown Mall in Saitama.


The Wii X will be released in Gamestop and Target only before going on to be able to buy it at BestBuy, Walmart and Toys 'R' Us on 3 March 2016.


The Wii X will be released in all good retailers on the 5th March 2017.


The UK will get a special edition Gold Box if they buy in Tesco's from 6 March to 18 March.

Wii X Designs


Gold, Blue, Red, White, Black, Pokemon Design, 3D World Design.


White, Black, Special Edition Aquamarine.


White, Black, Special Edition Gold, Blue, Red


Blue, Red, White, Black


White, Black, Red, Blue, Aussie Animal's Design.

Other Countries

White, Black, Gold

Special Packs

Wii X with Animal Crossing: Tropical Wonders Wii X with Mii Animals



4.7 Stars of 5

Official Nintendo Magazine

94% of 100%


9.8 Stars of 10

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