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The Wii X (logo is stylized as WiiX) is a 9th generation console, with a Wii inspired remote, that also comes with over 14 compatibles including a Wii U inspired game  control, a zapper, a microphone, SENSOR+, (Basically a Kinect sensor.), Connectron and the 3D Contloller, a nunchuk and many more. 

Concept and Design

Nintendo wanted a brand new console that had a faster reaction speed, could use a control or could not,and could play all 6th to 9th generation console games. Inspired by the Kinect and iPad it connects to your TV with a lead almost exactly like the Wii U. The name was given due to the newly released Pokemon X, that was a huge success worldwide. After the failing of the Wii U Fit Satoru Iwata made the idea that their should be a brand new console that could improve the amount of calories you could burn quite like Xbox 360 Kinect did. 

The Wii X console looks much like the GameCube, except larger. It has a special port on the front for 5 special silver pads that can be interchanged for different controllers, being: 2 NES, 2 SNES, 4 N64, 4 Gamecube, and 4 Wii classic controller ports. On the top, is a disk drive that opens like the gamecube disk drive. On the left side, is four USB Ports, 2 SD card slots, a port for cartridge connectors. and a port for the sensor bar cord. The right side dosen't have anything except a large X on it. The back side has a power cord port, an HDMI cord port and AV cord ports to hook it up to your television, and a fan to prevent the system from overheating.

Wii X has a Gamecube inspired wireless controller. However the controller has got blue outlines and a blue X (Stylised as X) at the top of the controller, the buttons include A, X, Y, and B, a + pad, and 2 control sticks. the back of the controller there is a button labelled B, very much like the Wii remote and on the nunchuk there is a C button and a Z button.

Main Menu

The MM on the Wii X is quite like the 3DS; it comes with Mii, Mii Plaza, and Mii Plaza Connectify all already dowloaded into the console, it has the Lovefilm 'App', and many other film and video apps such as YouTube. The console has got the Weather 'App', The Feelings App, and Satoru Iwata's Wii X Fit already installed. All of the apps do what they say, the weather app, tells you the and Wii X Fit, as all the other Wii Fit games do, keep's you fit.

At the top there is a panel of buttons, (From left to right), Game Notes, WiiMusic X, WiiDatabase X, Help & Settings, Club Nintendo and Chrome.

Chrome/Nintendo Partnership

In 2013 Nintendo joined with Chrome in an effort to make Nintendo's browsing, quicker, easier, and can respond to customer demands, this resulted in all of the 6th to 9th generation browsers to have an update which changed the Internet Browser to Chrome Browser. The 3DS handheld was also given an update and the Browser was turned into 3DChrome. 3DS can play videos on youtube now due to the update.


Some of the games the Wii X include are

  • All Nintendo GameCube Games
  • All Nintendo Wii Games
  • All N64 Games
  • All NES, Famicom, Super Famicom, and SNES Games
  • All GBA, GBC, and GB Games
  • All Nintendo Wii U Games
  • All Nintendo 3DS and DS games
  • MarioKart 11
  • 3DLand X
  • 4DLand
  • Super Mario Bros +
  • Super Mario Bros ++
  • Call of Duty: Deathskills
  • Battleships
  • Animal Crossing: Tropical Wonder
  • MySims Journeys
  • Mii Sports X
  • Mii Adventure X
  • Mii Animals

Additional Content and Compatibles

The Wii X has 14 compatibles and counting these include a Wii U controller, a zapper, a microphone, Sensor, SENSOR+, Connectrion, Nunchuk, 4D Controller, Virtual Controller, Wii X board, Xopoly**, Cartridge Connector, Attitude lighting and the Wii X Board Plus.


Very much like the Wii Zapper or NES Zapper but faster reaction speed and mainly used as a gun in most Gun/ Rifle games.


So you can use WiiMusic and sing online.


Can sense were the remote is.


Can detect where the person is just like the Kinect.


Can connect to other Wii X users by the internet.


An ordinary Wii Nunchuk.

Virtual Controller

A controller just like the Wii X just not a button that you can press down but instead on a screen.

Wii X Board

The Wii Fit board that comes with the Wii X.

Wii X Board Plus

The Wii Fit board that is Extra Large.

Cartridge Connectors

A collection of add-on Wii X Boxes that can put in Cartridge games and can play 3DS, DS, NES, SNES, Famicom, Super Famicom, N64, GBA, GBC, and GB games. Depending on which one you get, different games can be played on it: NES edition (Famicom editon in japan) plays NES and Famicom Games Super Editon plays SNES and Super Famicom games Gameboy X plays GBC and GB Games Gameboy X Advance Plays GBA, GBC, and GB games DSX plays DS Games and allows you to download DSIware Games to special cartridges that you can buy separately DSX 3D Does the same as the DSX, but plays 3DS games too. Cartridge plus lets you do everything the other ones do, with one connector

Additional Controllers

Wii X Remote Nunchuks Wii X Board Zapper Gamecube Controller N64 controller SNES controller NES controller Wii remote Wii U gamepad Wii classic controller Wii U pro controller Wii X Gamepad Wii X pro controller

Additional Software

  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Google Play
  • Gmail



The Wii X will be released in Japan with celebratory fireworks and limited addition 3DLand Wii X Box on February 29th 2016.


Tokyo will open the first Wii X Shop in Aeon Laketown Mall in Saitama.


The Wii X will be released on March 3rd 2016 in all major retailers.


The Wii X will be released in all good retailers on the 6th March 2016. 


Will be released in Kmart on the March 9th 2016.

Other Countries

Will be released in selected stores in the following countries depending on which continent that country is in.

  • Brazil
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • The Carribean
  • South Korea
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

Wii X Designs


Turquoise, Red, White, Black, Green, Pink, Gold (Special Edition),


White, Black, Turquoise, Red, Pink, Gold (Special Edition),


Turquoise, Red, White, Black, Purple, Pink, Gold (Special Edition),


White, Black, Red, Turquoise

Other Countries

White, Black,

Special Packs

Wii X with Animal Crossing: Tropical Wonders Wii X with Mariokart 11 Wii X with Legend of Zelda: Battle to save Hyrule Wii X with Cartridge Colletctor Plus



4.7 Stars of 5

Official Nintendo Magazine

94% of 100%


9.8 Stars of 10

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