The Wii Mii is the newest Nintendo system and is the last in the line of Wii systems. It has much of the same features as the Wii U and much more.

Wii U Similarities and Improvements

A big similarity to the Wii U system is the controller. The controller does the exact same things and serves the same purpose, but looks much different. The GamePad now takes a more tablet looking approach. The controller looks like something among the lines of an iPad Air. Buttons are now rearranged, with the L and R buttons being placed on the back instead of the top, because, well, the top is way too thin. The Control Sticks are now at the dead top of the screen side and the headphone jack is placed off to the side. The controller weighs a light 1.2 lbs. and is easy to handle. It features gyro controls, a touch screen, twelve buttons and, now, a microphone that captures much more than just you, but every sound within fifteen feet of the controller, perfect for upcoming games like Photo Dojo Mii. The controller also has widely improved speakers with built in surround sound. Four controllers come with the system, but to tone down the price a bit the Wii Mii loses some of the Wii U's charm.

For example, the simple and sturdy design of the Wii U console is sacrificed for a simple design that is almost identical to the Wii Mii system, but borrows some elements from the original Wii. For example, the console is thin like the Wii Mini, but has a grey stand like the Wii. The Wii Mii also has a thick black cover slip that can fold over the back or front of the console to protect it in case of any accidents. It can also be used as a stand for the console. The system is built out of a rough, plastic material instead of the smooth coating of the Wii U, and it says, in big letters, WII MII on the front AND back of the system. It has no memory card slots or GameCube controller ports, unlike the Wii. It is simply too thin for that. Not only that, but while the Wii U only comes in black and white, the Wii Mii comes in black, white, red, sky blue, yellow, pink and purple, each costing the same amount of money. Every Wii Mii could have a different color, instead of being just white and black.

The channels are also much of the same. Mii Maker, Nintendo eShop and Miiverse return with absolutely no improvements at all, except for a couple of extra features in the Mii Maker, like being able to give your Mii a hat. But that's all. All other channels have been changed drastically, like the Settings. New channels include the Activity Log and Camera, as the GamePad now features a front and back facing camera. The system's main menu is the same as the Wii U menu. You can switch between normal menu and Wara Wara Plaza. However, the menu is now the color of your console, and the Wara Wara Plaza now shows twenty games instead of thirteen. You can change these settings in, of course, settings.

Launch Titles

Smash Bros. Games

Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 4DS and Wii Mii

Animal Crossing Games

Animal Crossing Mii

Mario Games

New Super Mario Bros Mii/New Super Luigi Mii

Super Mario 64 Anniversary Edition

Other Titles

Spider-Man Unleashed

Sonic Jam

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Hello Kitty Cruisers Mii

Hair Salon

Chick Chick Boom 2

Jelly Car

Jelly Car 2

Epic Mickey 4: The Power of Four

Photo Dojo Mii

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