The Wii Aquamarine is a console that is the 3rd installment in the Wii series. It has backwards compatability with both the Wii and the Wii U. It is shaped like a Wii U console, but now it has 2 disc slots, where you can have 2 games to play from the home screen. It hooks up to the TV and you can play it on the tv, too. Its' wifi would be run by Nintendo network. It is a HD console.


Aquamarine Gamepad: Of course, like the Wii U, there is a gamepad. It has the same buttons, but is now colored light blue and runs on batteries. However, it has two new buttons: 3D Slider and Away from Console, on either sides of the home button. The 3d slider gives the gamepad and gamepad only functionality to be 3D, and the other one lets you take your gamepad wherever you want and it will still track the console. Of course, it has a touchscreen where you can do off-tv play.

Up to 8 Wii remotes: Wii Remotes are supported

Aquamarine Gamecube Controllers: A special version of a gamecube controller is available, which is wireless.

All Wii Remote accessories: All of the wii remote accessories (Nunchuck, ect.) are also available.


Amiibo would also be available. They would function like the wii u on the aquamarine gamepad, in the same place.

Buyable Features

From the Eshop

The nintendo eshop returns from the other consoles. This sells DLC for game like Mario Kart Aquamarine and SSB:LW. It works pretty much the same way as in the wii U. Like in the 3DS, themes are also buyable, however they are bought in the nintendo eshop. You can activate them by clicking "switch theme" on the top left corner on the home screen.

Confirmed Eshop Games

  • Mario and Luigi: The Elemental Shards
  • Pokemon Electric Pearl and Shimmering Diamond (Also availible for retail on the 3DS)

Confirmed Games

  • New Super Mario Bros. Aquastone
  • Untitled Sonic Game
  • Untitled Paper Mario
  • Untitled Zelda Game (Zeldaqua?)
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