The Nintendo Wii and Wiimote.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Product Family Wii
Console Type Home Console
Subtype(s) Nintendo Wii Family Edition
Release Date(s)
November 19 2006
Discontinued 2011-2013 (original model),
2013 (Family Edition)
Motion gaming
Backward Compatibility GameCube
Predecessor GameCube
Successor Wii U
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The Nintendo Wii or Wii is a game console featuring a unique style. The Wii Remote, the controller, has advanced motion detection, allowing you to play games realistically. The Nintendo Wii is a system featuring Miis, avatars that the player can make to look like themselves, a celebrity or a character from a television series or video game. Miis can also be entered in contests on the Check Mii Out Channel. It's successor was announced in E3 2011 and released a year later, the Wii U. The Nintendo Wii has revolutionized motion and casual gaming.

List of Games

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Boxart Gallery

Mario and Spinoffs

Donkey Kong and Spinoffs

Pokemon and Spinoffs

Kirby and Spinoffs

Pikmin and Spinoffs

Sonic and Spinoffs

Kid Icarus and Spinoffs

Smash Bros and Spinoffs

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Wii3D logo

The Wii3D logo.

The Wii3D is an upgraded version of the Nintendo Wii that it plays games in 3D made by EEA Inc.. It is no different than the Wii but is reads normal Wii disks which you can now flip over to make them in 3D (similar to new DVDs) and has infinite save blocks.