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It makes me so mad! We build your houses, your castles, we pave your roads, and still you walk all over us. Do you ever say thank you? No! Well, you're not going to wipe your feet on me. I think I'll crush you just for fun! Do you have a problem with that? Just try to pound me, wimp! Ha!

Whomp King, in Super Mario 64
Whomp King
バッタンキング Battan Kingu
WhompKing SM64S.png
Whomp King, as he appears in Super Mario 64 Switch
OCCUPATION(S) Ally of Bowser, king of Whomps
Slamming face on the ground
Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
Super Mario Galaxy 2

Whomp King, also known as the Giant Whomp, is a recurring villain in the Mario series, first appearing in Super Mario 64 as the boss of Whomp's Fortress. He is the king of all Whomps, and an ally of Bowser and the Koopa Troop. He states he is angry about how people treat rocks, and seems to want retribution.

In all his appearances, his main method of attack is falling over and smashing his face on the ground, trying to flatten Mario. However, like all Whomps, he has a weak point in the form of a bandaged backside. After he falls over, he can be damaged by using a Ground Pound on his back before he gets up.


Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS

Whomp King first appears in Super Mario 64 as a boss. He is found in Whomp's Fortress, the game's second course, and is battled in the first mission "Chip Off Whomp's Block". Mario must climb to the top of the fortress where he finds King Whomp, and battle him. His attack method, as mentioned, is to try and flatten Mario by falling face-first on the ground. To damage him, Mario must use a Ground Pound on his back after he attacks. After three Ground Pounds, Whomp King is destroyed, and Mario receives the Power Star.

Whomp King reappears in the Nintendo DS remake Super Mario 64 DS, where he serves the same role as he did in the first game. He has gone through a slight redesign change, being that a yellow, circular crown was added on his head when he didn't have one in the original.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Mario battling Whomp King in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Whomp King reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as the boss of Throwback Galaxy, which is a remake of Whomp's Fortress from Super Mario 64. He is battled in the mission "Return of the Whomp King". Like before, Mario must climb to the top of the fortress to reach him, though he finds a regular Whomp instead. After defeating it, a passageway opens which leads Mario to the bottom of the fortress. Whomp King then appears, rehearsing his speech from Super Mario 64, and humorously interrupting himself ("Arrrgh! I'm tired of this speech! Let's see you try and ground-pound the Whomp King again!").

Whomp King's battle in this game is largely the same as in Super Mario 64; Mario must use a Ground Pound on his back to damage him after he tries to attack. However, his falling attack will instantly defeat Mario and cost a life. It also creates a shockwave that temporarily paralyzes Mario if he doesn't jump at the right time. He can also stomp on the ground and create Whimps that will chase after Mario. After three Ground Pounds, he is destroyed, and Mario gets the Power Star.


Super Mario 64 Switch

Whomp King returns in Super Mario 64 Switch, once again as the boss of Whomp's Fortress. His battle is identical to his encounter in Super Mario 64. However, he is encountered a second time in the mission "Whomp King's Secret Hideout", where Mario must defeat three Whomps on top of the fortress. This unlocks a passageway to the underside of the fortress, exactly like his encounter in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is quicker and more aggressive in this battle, and is able to summon Whimps to his assistance.

Mario Kart: Infinity Remix

Whomp King appears in Mario Kart: Infinity Remix as an starting racer. He is a heavyweight racer, and has the highest speed and weight stats in the game, but with the worst acceleration and handling stats. He also has decent a mini-turbo stat, but a mediocre traction stat.