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Who Cares
Who Cares.png
Who Cares' appearance
GENDER Male/Female/Carrier
SPECIES Galactapus
AGE 625,000,000,000~
ALIGNMENT Instinctive

Who Cares (Full Name Who The Fuck Actually Cares) is a secret boss in Luxmors Bastion. They are a Galactapus, a rival species to the Space Squid, and unlike the common Space Squid, Galactapus are extremely rare in any dimension and estimated to have the longest timespan between childhood and adulthood. Who Cares is the only recorded specimen having been documented ever since its birth, it is possibly still a child as Galactapusors are known to grow much larger than Who Cares is when encountered by Unten and Vitae although this may be attributed to Who Cares being kept in captivity.


Who Cares is an octopus-like creature with a large dome-shaped head with three slits in its skin where its inner tissue breathes more freely. Its eyes are black and red with white pupils and each eye appears to have a mask like skin growth covering it, this may be to ward of predators or Space Squids. Who Cares, as with other recorded Galactapusors, has one upper tooth that is serrated and appears to be able to move independently from the rest of its upper jaw, on its bottom jaw it has 12 smaller teeth. It appears to wear an outfit that suppresses its psychic powers. It has eight limbs capable of independent movement although it uses its limbs primarily to form its psychic attacks.


Who Cares possesses some form of psychic potential, this is evident through its ability to float independently of gravity, telekinetic abilities and psychic apparitions. It is assumed that Who Cares may possess stronger Psychic powers if the outfit is destroyed or removed. In addition its tentacles have been recorded to have enough force to break a meter thick piece of Titanium in half.

It shows no indication of pain although whether this is due to its psychic powers or lack of nerves in its limbs is unknown. Oddly, Who Cares seems to have a fear of light despite other Galactapusors having been reported circling around suns to gain heat.


At an unspecified date, Who Cares was captured by the Luxmors Prison Force as an egg and held in captivity when it hatched. In addition records show the LPF had take DNA samples and tissue from Who Cares in the past as well as testing its fighting capabilities. It is assumed that Who Cares was going to be weaponized to capture prisoners who could dimension jump.

Unten and Vitae would encounter Who Cares after fighting Occultum and The Virus respectively, this could only be done so through having found the 10 Key Cards (8 of which are held by the Commanding Officers). The two find Who Cares to be extremely aggressive towards anyone possibly due to neglect over the years or torture done to it. The creature guards a weapon known as the Ion Disruptor, a powerful cannon that breaks down molecules tearing the bonds apart at the atomic level.

The two fight the creature and soon realize they can remove the outfit by destroying the locks on the back of its outfit, in doing so they free Who Cares who instantly teleports away.

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Who Cares
Luxmors Bastion (2015)

Who Cares is a Galactapus being held in captivity through the Luxmors Prison Force. It shows quite a lot of psychic and telekinetic potential, which are possibly restrained by it's uniform, which seems to be keeping his powers weak enough to control. When fought as a secret boss in Luxmors Bastion, it guards a powerful weapon called the Ion Disruptor. When it is defeated, it teleports away... it's still out there... somewhere.