The White Goddess

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The Elegant White Goddess.
FULL NAME The Elegant White Goddess
AGE Ageless
Black God - Brother
CLASS Goddess

The White Goddess (otherwise known as Micaliye) is one of four major deities of the Fantendoverse, alongside The Fan, The Enemy and the Black God. She is also the primary religion within Noah.



Before she was known as the White Goddess, Micaliye and her brother lived in Lhy where the Black God fabricated a plan to allow himself and Micaliye to reach ascension, by gaining themselves followers through tricking mortals into believing they were involved in the creation alongside The Fan and the Enemy. Micaliye was initially opposed to this, but eventually she allowed her brother to carry through with his plans out of her respect for him. His plan eventually succeeded, and the two had so many followers they reached ascension and joined The Fan and The Enemy as major deities.


Feeling as if she did not truly deserve all the followers her brother had earned her, Micaliye incarnated herself as a human on Aeo, where she assisted in the founding of Noah and ruled over it for a period of time. After hundreds of years, people realised her immortality and her first incarnation was murdered. When she returned in an identical incarnaton, the people realised she was a deity and formed a religion revolving around her. At this point, she convinced her brother to join her and they ruled over the city for many more years until eventually they decided that the humans living in Noah could support themselves.

Micaliye continued to return in new incarnations for many years, checking on the progress of the city she helped found and helping her followers.

Jeremy Coarson's Theft

Jeremy Coarson stumbled upon a portal to the White Goddess' Palace, likely a remnant the goddess mistakenly left behind while travelling to or from Noah. Following through, he came across a physical representation of her ability to incarnate herself in a human form. Mistaking it for immortality, Jeremy took it for himself and escaped back through the portal.


In her last incarnation, Micaliye met and married Lock and together they had a child, Strafe. Lock, however, went insane and resolved to make Strafe's life as bad as possible, beginning by murdering Micaliye's latest incarnation and leaving Strafe to fend for himself on the streets of Noah. At this point Micaliye discovered Jeremy Coarson's theft, and was unable to create another incarnation and return to care for Strafe. Instead, she bestowed her blessing upon Ida and began slightly manipulating her so she would find Strafe and begin to care for him.

Missing the opportunity to raise a son, Micaliye used her powers to create a son for herself who she named Silence.


White Goddess' true nature is revealed in Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture, where it is revealed that she has written out several characters out of the timeline with the help of a catalyst named Trip, with her lies made true with the power of rewriting history. When Palutena returned to the Fantendoverse and looked at the Enemy, her memory came back, revealing that Palutena is in fact, White Goddess' sister.





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