The Whidiaklz (wid-aye-ah-culls) Dimension is a Pocket Dimension crammed between universes that houses the Fire Demons and Ice Demons.


Geographically the Whdiaklz dimension is basically a giant fucking mesa that gradients into an arctic. The area is littered with military outposts and fortresses of varying size and design. Around the very edge of the dimension are rifts leading to different universes.


made by an unknown god sometime before the Shattering, the Whdiaklz Dimension was basically an interdimensional warehouse to store the god's Fire and Ice Demons, strong elemental manipulators who would serve as the god's enforcers. Through unknown means the god was killed and the demons left abandoned. After some time of the god being gone the Fire Demons presumed the Ice Demons killed him and the Ice Demons thought the Fire Demons did, this led to the battle of Osira, a unique situation in which both sides somehow ambushed eachother. Since then the two races have been locked in a neverending war with no signs of it ending.


† = Deceased

* = Unknown status/Missing in Action

Fire Demons

Ice Demons

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