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What is the New Fantendoverse? is a project led by Exotoro (tbc) that is a reboot of the original Fantendoverse following the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. The New Fantendoverse is simply a shared universe of original creations and stories created by Fantendoverse users under the same continuity. It is one of several alternate Fantendoverses that have fractured from the advent known as the Shattering, although it is by far the biggest.

This page is an attempt to define what the new Fantendoverse is, and lay down a guideline of recognized canon facts which those who want their games to be canon to the project must follow. With this in mind, the project is meant to be as flexible as possible, to the point where two reboots of the same franchise can run at the same time. Anyone is free to sign up their characters or series, and no connections are needed to make prior to entering a series into the New Fantendoverse.

As of July of 2020, the New Fantendoverse project was discontinued for an indefinite period of time. The project was planned to be succeeded by Fantendoverse τ, a revival of the Fantendoverse headed by a larger coalition of users.

Okay, What is the New Fantendoverse Anyway?

The New Fantendoverse is a reboot of the Fantendoverse, except far more streamlined, more cohesive, and actually having a somewhat solid canon. It ties a bunch of original characters and universes from other users together and puts them in the same timeline. The project is led by Exotoro (tbc) and is a hugely expansive wealth of material ranging from games, to television shows, to comics, to stories. All of the materials under the New Fantendoverse category are meant to be canon.

Where do I start?

The new Fantendoverse officially begins with Fantendo - Genesis, although that will not get you up to speed with every single event going on in the New Fantendoverse. We recommend reading what you want in the navigation template. You can ask Exotoro (tbc) about whether something contradicts something established in canon or not if you plan on writing something.

Does my stuff have to be part of it?

No, you have the choice of whether you want your stuff in or not, like everything else.

How do I sign up?

Just ask Exotoro (tbc) to add your stuff into the New Fantendoverse. One thing we will never accept is old memes that aren't funny. Otherwise we will try to format pretty much everything into the WITFU for navigational purposes.

Does my stuff need to be connected right away?

Absolutely not, although connecting stuff from other things in the Fantendoverse will help it become really integrated in there. Just mentioning stuff is a good way to start.

What about removing my stuff?

As of September 18, 2016, any material that needs to be removed will only be excluded from future material and not taken out of any in-progress or finished projects. This prevents it from being a giant headache, as you can probably imagine it being.

What is the Nintendo stuff?

So the New Fantendoverse includes some Nintendo and some non-Nintendo elements. The New Fantendoverse is a big conglomerate of previous Fantendoverse stuff, which did in fact include Nintendo stuff. This includes stuff like Palutena, Pokémon in the Fantendoverse, and the amiibo Phone. Additionally, Unikitty and Ike from Fire Emblem are canon due to their place in stories from New Fantendoverse contributors.

So, why are these included? What prevents everything from being canon to the New Fantendoverse? Well, these characters and concepts contain unique elements that are exclusive to their Fantendoverse interpretation. Pokémon for example, are not depicted as animals, but rather intelligent species that live among humans as just another intelligent race. This is a huge drastic, fundamental change that is very much exclusive to the New Fantendoverse. As such, including Nintendo/existing concepts and characters need to have a unique twist to them that is very much original to the Fantendoverse.


Prelude: The Shattering

Shortly after the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, The Fan and The Enemy looked for an empty universal space to construct the New Fantendoverse after their previous universe of reign was destroyed by Clockwarx, avatar of the Shattering. Finding a mostly empty universe they assumed was uninhabited, they set up the Fantendoverse. When confronted by The Threat, the true ruler of this universe, they carried on anyway and began a war that would stretch for billions of years.

Phase 1-2: The Threat Arc

The two gods would gain the help of Unten Bluzen, one of the few survivors from his home planet of Zeon, and his friends and allies he has accumulated on his time on Earth. The Fan and The Enemy trained him to help take on the Threat and her army, consisting of The Threat's Top 10 and generals like Mistress Nell and Feint. This would culminate in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, which saw The Fan and The Enemy attempt to finally finish the Threat by stealing her User Crystal, robbing her of the power to create in her own universe. The Threat turned the tables on them by having Sam take the wrong User Crystals and embed her User Crystal into the Fantendoverse's foundation. After managing to swap the crystals and narily avoiding death, Unten confronted The Threat himself- not to fight or Descend her, but to offer a compromise of peace. The Threat seemed like she could have been swayed, but The Fan and The Enemy arrived to create their own Beorn to do the task of Descending her down from godhood. Unten, angry at their actions, descended them both.

Phase 1: New Genesis

No. Title Year Chapters

Fantendo - Genesis

2015 30
Following the destruction of Zeon, Unten arrives on Earth and must stop an alien threat known as Quartz with god-like abilities. A22 tests ambient conversion on a human, creating Flicker, an out of control ambient that requires 3.14 to stop through any means he deems necessary. This story introduces many core characters, locations, organizations, and concepts that have become staples in the New Fantendoverse and is recommended as a starting point.
No. Title Year Episodes

Fantendo - Gaiden

2015 13
Following the organization known as F.A.N.T, the show follows Squad 410 as they deal with supernatural threats on Earth. The show introduces the organization as well as introduces some of its most prominent characters in the organization. However, many episodes can no longer be considered fully canon in the case of episodes 3, 4, and 6.

Phase 2: Road to Victory


Phase 3: The Doomuli Arc

No. Title Year Episodes

Just Like Old Friends

2018 5
Emerging from the events of Victory, Unten meets an old friend from Zeon- his ex Kiva Glaive, who is fighting against the Doomuli. Joining her resistance against a battle with Fenrir, Unten and his old friend catch up. Serves as the introduction of Kiva Glaive and the Doomuli resistance, as well as Fenrir of the Flame, who funds some of the Doomuli's operations.

Stand Out Stories

2019 10
Stand Out Stories focuses on several different protagonists who all host the power of Standing Ripples. It follows:
  • Sabrine Lee, a criminal on the run from the law...
  • Juliani Crimoze, a mobster on the hunt for an elusive target...
  • Penny Loafer, a celebrity that has an excited personality and is hunted by the mob...
  • Wayne Goldrein, a mailman at F.A.N.T who's looking for his big break...
  • Circe Lotte, a mobster that has to balance her life between mob work and being a sister...
  • Mary Azkban, the hyper competent cop who's on the hunt...
  • Trent Corona, the uber driver who gets roped into all of this...
  • Eddie Warmann, the mobster who's defected to avoid being in the crossfire...
  • Angela Kravitz, the single mother who is willing to open her arms to anyone in need.

Happy Birthday, Unten!

2019 1
Unten is celebrating his birthday, but a troublesome Herald by the name of Nebuel Tzunn Chadnezzar decides to crash Unten's party simply because their birthdays align on the same day. Nebuel's 4D trickery can only be stopped if he's tagged by a clown. Meanwhile, Nycho goes to buy some gluten-free ingredients for his friend, Obena.


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