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What is the Fantendoverse? is a project led by JesseRoo (tbc) to attempt to define what the Fantendoverse is, and lay down a guideline of recognized canon facts which those who want their games to be canon to the project must follow.


These are the users who may write articles. If you wish to sign up as a writer, leave a comment or ask JesseRoo (tbc) via his talk page.


This is a list of all articles written for the project.

  • Dimensions, written by JesseRoo (tbc): The definition of "dimensions" and how infinite dimensions serves as a framework for multiple otherwise conflicting methods of involving parallel worlds.
  • Swapnote, written by ShadowElise (tbc): The laws and connections to the greater multiverse that the Swapnote realm has.
  • Dream Realm, written by ShadowElise (tbc): The gateway dimension at the center of the multiverse, and how it functions with and balances the universes connected to it, along with the manifestation of dreams.
  • Nightmare Realm, written by ShadowElise (tbc) and Sorastitch (tbc)(?): ???
  • Voids, written by ShadowElise (tbc) and PabloDePablo (tbc): The oddballs in all these realms, dimensions, and multiverses, and how they connect to the Fantendo Multiverse overall.


If there is a particular element of the Fantendo Multiverse you would like clarified, feel free to add it below.

  • Artifacts
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