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What is the Boundless Fantendoverse is a collaborative creative writing project that exists to allow for many users to collaborate and work together on writing a shared universe under common goals. It is the fourth iteration of the concept following from the original Fantendoverse, New Fantendoverse and Fantendoverse τ. The project allows users to work together to create a more comprehensive shared universe of content and ideas.

The project began approximately five months after the cancellation of Fantendoverse τ, the project is intended to be much more free form that previous iterations with more emphasis put on creator freedom and removing the pressure towards only larger projects encouraging users to make smaller and easier projects.

This page serves as a general overview of the agreed upon elements of the Boundless Fantendoverse, while most elements stated here are set in stone as a result of existing projects in the Boundless Fantendoverse there is intended to be a degree of flexibility to allow for change to accommodate users.

Content Makers

Content Makers are those that contribute content towards the Boundless Fantendoverse, anyone is free to join as a content maker as long as they present the content they would like included in the Boundless Fantendoverse.

How to participate

Participation is intended to be as simple as possible, users are free to contribute any content and ideas that they've come up with, for most content this is all that's required and content can be submitted, there are a few exceptions which are considered "Congested Content".

It is highly recommended to suggest content to be included before creating an article as it reduces any issues on the content maker's side if adjustments need to be made.

What is Congested Content?

Congested Content is specific types of content that are considered to be either very popular and likely to want to be covered by multiple users, as such this content requires a general consensus of users to agree to the content, adjustments can be made to accommodate the content in line with other user's visions if the initial suggestion is rejected. The following is considered congested content;

  • Attributes of Earth such as Magic, Technology and large Regions of land
  • The Planet of Zeon
  • Any major character from previous Fantendoverses (e.g. Unten, Rachel, Zerita, Strafe, etc.)

What if my content is rejected?

As mentioned above, just because content is rejected does not mean it cannot work, generally it is a matter of minor kinks that need to be addressed and not an overhaul of the content itself. You are free to suggest content as many times as you like and once any issues are worked out your suggestion should be successful.

What if I want to remove content?

Content is free to be removed by their creators as they see fit, however any existing projects using your content that were already in the works before your content's removal is free to continue to include that content for that project. Once content is removed it will not be permitted for other users to include that content in future projects unless permission is given by the content's creator.

Does my content need to be connected to other people's content?

No, in general unless you and the other content creator particularly want to share content there is no need to make your content directly reference other people's content, it just needs to follow the same general principles. Obviously in cases such as crossover games multiple characters can crossover as long as the creators are alright with it.

What about Existing Content

Existing Content is being defined as three things;

  • Canon Characters (e.g. Mario, Mickey Mouse, James Bond, etc.)
  • Fan Characters of Canon Content (e.g. Fanon Koopalings, Fakemon, Sonic OCs, etc.)
  • Fanon Characters of Existing Fanon Content (e.g. any prior Fantendoverse characters or other original series on Fantendo)

In general Existing Content is permitted however the degree to which varies. The third category is the most open, it is perfectly fine to use Fantendo characters from the original Fantendoverse, New or Tau either in their previous incarnations or new incarnations as long as they're either free to use or you have permission from the character's creator. The only exceptions to this are major prior Fantendoverse characters such as Unten, these characters as mentioned in Congested Content need to be agreed with by other users first.

The second group is perfectly fine to include as well, similar to previous Fantendoverses. Just keep in mind that if a precedent is set for a certain type of character (e.g. in the New Fantendoverse, Pokemon had human intelligence) then that needs to remain consistent unless given an acceptable reason.

Canon Characters should be used sparingly, like Congested Content they need to be checked with other users, generally this shouldn't be an issue but generally canon characters should only be included if it is relevant to the project's plot.


This is a summary of the events and major concepts of the Boundless Fantendoverse, and serves as a general rundown for anyone who is interested in making content but is uncertain about the existing lore.

Basic Concepts

The Boundless Fantendoverse works on one core tenant, the laws of conservation do not apply, as such matter and energy can be created and destroyed in the Boundless Fantendoverse. This generally doesn't affect much however does permit perfect Backwards Time Travel, allowing characters to go back in time, change the timeline, persist even if the events they change should kill them and not create multiple universes.


This section goes over the history of the Boundless Fantendoverse, please note that as the project is still in relatively early stages the explanations are generally more broad and in regards to specifics they will need to be asked on the Discord Server. As the lore develops these sections will be filled in with new information that is relevant to the greater scope.

The Ångström

Prior to the creation of the Boundless Fantendoverse was the Ångström, a condensation of space-time across the multiverse. It is the theoretical endpoint of Fantendoverse τ and serves to link the Boundless Fantendoverse to previous Fantendoverses allowing for characters personalities and histories to carry over. The Ångström was eventually plunged into a new creation leading to the formation of the Boundless Fantendoverse.


Unlike previous iterations of the home planet of the Beorns, Zeon is not destroyed in the Boundless Fantendoverse, this is based on the wish of the character Origin from the Ångström, as such the planet's existence means that the Boundless Fantendoverse does not have an equivalent to the Unten Series, Prodigy or The Bluebird Augury.

Unten does exist in the Boundless Fantendoverse however does not follow any of his previous continuities, mainly because they wouldn't work. Currently the character is still being determined in their portrayal.


Earth is technologically more advanced than the Real Earth, this is a recent occurrence however and so the major history of the planet is the same, magic does exist on the planet however it is not well-known, in addition Governments of the world tend to keep magic a secret from the general public to prevent chaos and anarchy. While there is not much knowledge on the applications of magic by humans in large scale it is known that magic is partly responsible for the technological boon and allowed humans to colonize other planets of the galaxy, although no one on Earth (including the Governments) is aware at the present day that the extra-planetary missions were successful.

Historical Differences
  • During the period known as the Scramble for Africa the Austrian Empire colonized a region of West Africa which would later become known as Aereus, the setting for Strafe: State of Anarchy, the area would swap hands from Austria-Hungary to Yugoslavia following the first world war but would separate from Yugoslavia in the late 1920s

More information will be added as content is created, this existing information is liable to change if there is significant backing although this is currently the agreed upon continuity by the community.