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What is Fantendoverse τ?, also known as "What is Fantendoverse Tau?" is a multimedia online project focused on a team of writers and artists on Fantendo collaborating to develop an original fictional universe, known as Fantendoverse τ or Fantendoverse Tau. The project serves as a reimagining of both the original Fantendoverse and New Fantendoverses. Like its previous incarnations, Tau is intended to be a shared universe of original characters, stories, games, and concepts created by Fantendo users all in the same continuity and universe. This iteration of the story is intended to be a far more collaborative effort than the New Fantendoverse, as major entries will likely have multiple users pitching in on writing at a time, rather than having most stories carried by one or two users.

After the New Fantendoverse’s ongoing story was cut short, the Fantendoverse project was picked up by a team of dedicated users, who decided to start the project from scratch, with a new generation of writers at the helm. Because of its branding as a full-on creative reboot, τ is not a continuation of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered or any pre-existing Fantendo lore, the New Fantendoverse. While the universe does contain pre-existing characters, locations, and plot-points, τ is meant to be a “rebirth”, a fresh start, for the community’s original content, and is planned to simultaneously explore more ideas and streamline existing ideas from both the original and New Fantendoverse continuity, while making it more accessible for users who aren't already familiar with the lore.

The purpose of this page is to define what makes up the Fantendoverse and the content within the canon, to summarize the major events in the canon, and to lay down a series of concrete rules and guidelines surrounding adding content to the canon. With all of that in mind, the project is meant to be as flexible as possible, to the point where two reboots of the same franchise can run at the same time. Anyone is free to sign up their characters or series, as long as their creators' follow the guidelines established by this page, and no connections are needed to make prior to entering a series into Fantendoverse τ.

The Fantendoverse τ was formally cancelled on December 19th 2020 by unanimous community decision.

Well, what is Fantendoverse τ, anyways?

Fantendoverse τ is a reboot of the New Fantendoverse, which, in and of itself, was a reboot of the original Fantendoverse. The purpose of Fantendoverse τ to take the Fantendoverse and recreate it from scratch, while making it more cohesive, detailed, and generally more accessible to more recent users of Fantendo.

The base concept of Fantendoverse τ is to tie a wide array of original characters, stories, and concepts together into a larger "canon", putting them all on the same timeline of events. While it isn't meant to be a "definitive canon" of the characters and stories put together on Fantendo, it is an attempt to streamline it into an engaging, multi-layered "series". Material under the τ's canon can include, but isn't limited to, video games, cartoons, movies, OVAs, comics, and other forms of storytelling media.

What makes this project different from the New Fantendoverse?

In-universe, a defining difference between the New Fantendoverse and Fantendoverse τ is, where the New Fantendoverse saw the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered preceding the universe's canon, none of this happened prior to Fantendoverse τ; the Shattering didn't happen, there is no previous universe that was destroyed before this one. As such, the major events involving elements of the Shattering, such as the first arc revolving around The Threat, are completely absent.

In general, Fantendoverse τ is retelling a story reminiscent of that of the New Fantendoverse, but told by new people, in a completely different way. The world of τ is very different from that of the New Fantendoverse's, as are the characters and stories spoken up within τ. Essentially, a new story is being woven from its predecessor's threads, with a new team at its helm.

How do I become a part of τ? What are the rules of having my content involved?

Just ask .peachfuz if your content can be a part of the extended universe! We try to limit the type of content that will be rejected, although unfunny and/or outdated "meme" characters will never be accepted. There is also a chance your content will be rejected if it's meant to be a Nintendo "fan character", although exceptions do exist (see below). Otherwise, we will try to fit your content in as best as we can.

Do I have to add my content to the canon?

Absolutely not! You have complete free will over whether or not you can add your original content to τ. You can use existing properties of yours in the Fantendoverse τ, or create characters specifically for the canon!

Do I have to add my content immediately if I want to be involved?

The answer is no, although connecting stuff from other things in the Fantendoverse will help it become really integrated in there. Just mentioning stuff is a good way to start.

What if I wanna remove my stuff from the canon?

If, at any point, you want to remove your content from the Fantendoverse, you definitely can do that, but there is a very low chance that your content will be removed from existing major crossover properties. We can basically only move forward without your stuff, we probably can't remove your characters entirely.

What are the rules surrounding Nintendo "fan" characters?

Previous incarnations of the Fantendoverse have had both fanon and canon characters based off of Nintendo properties linked to the universe, such as Palutena and the existence of Pokémon on Earth. These were included because Nintendo-based characters have always been a big part of classic Fantendoverse history.

If you want to add a character based on an existing Nintendo property, you are definitely allowed to! In Fantendoverse τ, however, if you want to include a fan character intended to originate from other media, we encourage you to flesh out and expand their history and character to make them fit more in the setting. For example, Pokémon have always been in the Fantendoverse because, in this universe, they're treated as an overarching species with human intelligence, living on Earth alongside humans long before the presence of superheroes and aliens and whatnot. If you want to include a fan character of that level, it's best if they make sense within that context.

Basically, you can create fan characters or use fan characters within Fantendoverse τ, but you cannot canonize the settings of their franchise of origin directly, except through means outside of the Fantendoverse τ itself. However, for now, no canon Nintendo characters, such as Palutena, will be accepted.

I wanna start from the beginning. Where do I start?

The Fantendoverse τ canon begins with The Bluebird Augury, a modern reimagining of the TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR and Prodigy series of games. A timeline of events and major titles will be provided as more is developed within the universe.

Who is actively contributing to Fantendoverse τ right now?

Below is a list of users who are currently actively developing Fantendoverse τ. This list will likely change often as more people join or leave the project. If you want a hand in developing, simply message .peachfuz! Names in bold indicate users writing and/or directing major installments in the universe.


Phase Zeon

Order Title Setting Genre


The Bluebird Augury
Collaborative writing; directed by .peachfuz.

approx. 2016-2020

Doomuli underling Doomulus Grime begins to invade the tropical, diversity-rich planet of Zeon, home of the alien Beorn species. A prophecy telling of a blue Beorn vanquishing a great mechanical evil from Zeon begins to ring true upon the discovery of Unten, an unsure, withdrawn Beorn nomad. With the weight of the prophecy on his shoulders, Unten, alongside a wide array of allies, makes it his mission to save Zeon from the clutches of Grime's machinery, over the span of five years.

In 2020, Doomulus Grime, enraged and humiliated by his constant defeats at the hands of Unten, ignores direct orders and breaks the Doomuli code by rigging a massive blade-like machine to cut into and destroy the planet of Zeon in a rage, thus killing all of the specimens and wildlife on it. Unten strays away from the decision to sacrifice himself to stop the world-ending machine, and instead escapes Zeon just as the planet is completely destroyed. The survivors are told to be in the low double digits, and a massive fraction of the Beorn species is subsequently wiped out completely.

The story of the Bluebird Augury is split into three games.

Fissure | Underground | Tragedy
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