What-Ifs? is a series of sorts created by Exotoro (tbc). It is primarily based off drawings of possible alternate outcomes proposed by Exotoro and others, however some characters and situations may be possibly expanded into something bigger.

Recurring Universes

The Bounty Universe

In this universe, Unten and many of the important characters in the Fantendoverse are bounty hunters under the lead of Alcyone. During a incident during a bounty hunting mission, Leah's eyes are damaged and has to wear glasses to see.

The Feudal Universe

In this universe, the sequence of events leading up to Zeon's demise happened much, much earlier and Unten lands on Earth, specifically in Japan's feudal era. Unten becomes a samurai warrior in an effort to stop the evil Demon Queen Vindozz.

The Steampunk Universe

Basically, a steampunk version of the current universe. Not too much known about this universe yet.


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