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What is an animated TV show being produced by Ninkancho Co., Ltd. for the TV. It is such called due to its strange stylistic choices and plotlines relative to those of other cartoons. New episodes have been released weekly since January 1, 2016.


The show revolves around two kids, Bill and Ada, who go to the same elementary school and hang out together. Bill is usually level-headed but overreacts from time to time, while Ada is more clearly fun-loving but snarky as well. The two have an inexplicable tendency to get into all kinds of trouble together. What is built around their interactions and the situations they find themselves in, in addition to being "Well, that escalated quickly!" in a TV show format.


A gray background denotes a special episode.

Episode Air date Synopsis
Season 1
Pilot1-1-16Bill decides he wants to be a pilot when he grows up, so he and Ada sneak into an airport to fly a plane.
Club1-8-16Bill, Ada, and their friends make their own private club, but soon everyone in town wants to be a member.
Secret1-15-16Bill and Ada find a secret passageway in the school, and they try to work up the courage to explore it.
Trampoline1-22-16Ada gets a new trampoline, and she and Bill try to see who can bounce higher until they make too big a jump and end up in space.
Math1-29-16Bill and Ada's math class seems to be taking forever to finish, possibly literally.
Sleepover2-5-16Ada invites Bill over for a sleepover, but Bill is too scared to sleep, having played a scary videogame.
Invention2-12-16Bill tries to invent something, but the results keep going awry.
Grade2-19-16Bill tries to cope with getting a bad grade on a test.
Mall2-26-16Bill and Ada go to the mall, but they get lost and can't find their way out.
Spoiler3-4-16Ada tries to avoid spoilers for a movie she hasn't seen yet.
Problem3-11-16Bill and Ada get stuck on a homework problem, and the universe seems bent on preventing them from figuring it out.
Bully3-18-16Bill keeps being teased by a classmate and is afraid to tell the teacher.
Wall3-25-16Bill and Ada break the fourth wall, and their attempts to fix it only make things worse.
Prank4-1-16Bill and Ada keep getting pranked and hoaxed, so they devise the ultimate prank, only for it to work a bit too well.
Video4-8-16Ada wants to show Bill a funny video, but the Internet keeps going out.
Assignment4-15-16Bill and Ada have trouble bringing themselves to do a homework assignment, and procrastinate until they realize it's bedtime.
Exercise4-22-16Ada tries to help Bill exercise, but he becomes too strong in the process.
Game4-29-16Bill and Ada get so immersed in a videogame that they are transported inside, and must beat the game to return to reality.
Season 2
Sandwich5-6-16Bill and Ada see who can make the biggest sandwich, and things get out of hand.
Sleep5-13-16Ada has trouble going to sleep, so she decides to start staying up to do other things instead of getting her six hours of shut-eye.
Sandbox5-20-16Bill and Ada have fun playing in Ada's sandbox until they fall into an underground labyrinth.
Friend5-27-16Bill and Ada start hanging out with their other friends more, but soon tire of constantly interacting with everyone in their clique.
Spanish6-3-16Ada struggles to relearn months worth of Spanish before her final exam.
Hike6-10-16Bill takes Ada on what he thinks will be a fun hike through the woods, but things keep going wrong once they're on the trail.
Pudding6-17-16Bill and Ada go to the store to buy some packs of pudding, get distracted, and start to buy everything else.
Pool6-24-16Bill goes to the swimming pool to get over his fear of the deep end, but shenanigans ensue as Ada is there too.
Money7-1-16Bill borrows some money from Ada, but can't pay it back.
President7-8-16Ada makes herself a class president campaign, but the rest of the town takes notice and tries to make her the new mayor.
Search7-15-16When Bill can't find Ada in a game of hide-and-seek, he gets paranoid, thinking that something must have happened to her.
Fight7-22-15Bill and Ada have a heated argument, and stay mad at each other for so long that they can't admit they were wrong to fight.
Gravity7-29-15Physics start to act strangely when Bill botches a science paper.
Treasure8-5-16Bill and Ada look for buried treasure at the beach, but they dig up something much more important.
Room8-12-16Bill and Ada are locked in a music practice room after class.
Toy8-19-16Bill's toy is accidentally thrown away, so he and Ada chase after the dump truck to get it back.


Reception for What has been TBA.


  • The show's title is dropped at least once every episode, usually in an over-the-top fashion.
  • The other students that appear in the backgrounds of school scenes are not randomly generated by any means. All of them have names, appearances, a few outfits, and even basic personalities based on the Hartman Personality Profile. These same characters also appear in other scenes, sometimes as bit characters, and occasionally with more than a minor role.

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