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A Whacka in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Whack-oo!!!!! I'm Whacka! Ah, just another picture-perfect day on top of Mt. Rugged! Woo!!!


Whackas are a critically endangered, blue mole-like species in the Mario franchise. Delicate and defenseless, they pop up from the ground and drop Whacka Bumps when hit, which are considered a delicacy. According to Russ T., Whackas are hunted for their Bumps.

Despite being friendly characters, Mario and his partners can damage Whackas. If they hit (or "whack") a Whacka too many times, it disappears permanently and drops coins.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Wonky claims that only one Whacka remains in the world. In Super Paper Mario, a Whacka appears in the Land of the Cragnons, suggesting that they may live in multiple dimensions. Regardless, they are still considered rare.

The name "Whacka" may be derived from the arcade game Whac-A-Mole.

On Fantendo, March 16 has been declared Interdimensional Whacka Awareness Day.


Whackas are generally cheerful and optimistic, enjoying the day.

As Mario's party damages a Whacka, it begins to suffer headaches and memory loss. Shortly before disappearing, it becomes frustrated when hit, saying it "can't take this".


Canon appearances

One Whacka appears in each of the first three Paper Mario games, living on Mt. Rugged, Keelhaul Key, and near the Downtown of Crag, respectively.

In Mario Party 6, Whackas appear on the Snowflake Lake board.

The Whacka Wild-life Reserve (WWLR)

Whackas in the Whacka Wild-life Reserve.

After the events of Paper Henry the Moose, Henry opened up a large reserve for the Whacka population in turn for a Whacka's help during the Nature Stone crisis. Whackas were found and were told of the reserve. 100 percent of them happily agreed to go, mate, and breed with the others. The population of the species has increased steadily to over 50. The Whackas' leader stated that the "reserve is the perfect safe-haven for all of the Whackas that have been abused". He also claims that the Whacka species will never leave the reserve, thus keeping the Whackas from harm.

Notable Whackas


Paper Mario Tattle (Goombario)
He's a Whacka. When you hit Whackas, they get Bumps that fall off. I heard that they're yummy. You know, I'm not normally into hitting Whackas, but once I heard of their tasty Bumps... I got the urge to whack' em!
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Tattle (Goombella)
That's a rare Whacka. I don't think you see many of his kind anymore, nope. If you whack a Whacka, they drop a Whacka Bump. Those are supposed to be delicious. They fetch a high price in gourmet auctions, too. Yup, super-precious delicacies. Still, whacking a defenseless creature to get one... You'd never do that, right, Mario?
Super Paper Mario Tattle (Tippi)
That’s Whacka... It’s very rare to see one... It’s delicate and easily harmed... Don’t hit it or stomp on it...
Catch Card
This odd guy sprouts pastries when whacked on the head. Sadly, his kind is on the verge of extinction. Please headwhack in moderation.


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