'Welcome to the Fantendoverse 'is a game by Bomb Productions Games and Twenty-Second Choice, along with many other companies, including EEA Inc.. It greatly expands Cobweb (tbc)'s Fantendoverse idea to new levels, all credit for the Fantendoverse going to Cobweb, by the way. It is one of Bomb Productions Game's most colossal games yet and is being made on either Game Maker, RPG Maker, or a DS ROM creation program by JesseRoo (tbc) and YoshiEgg (tbc)

Games Involved:

These are some of the games/series that tie into the game:

YoshiEgg (series) - 8 months before.

3.14 (series) - 1 year before except for the newer games, which happen 5 months after.

McBoo Series - During.

Nintendo Heroes: Saga of Darkness - 3 years before.

Henry the Moose (series) - 3 years before.


  In the middle of nowhere, there was a small town. In that town lived three children. Their names were Lowek, Najey, and Kimko. They, along with all of the citizens of the little village, were living peacefully. Until one day... On a cold, winter day, a black fog set in and blanketed the village. The three kids were out playing, and they couldn't see anything as they were walking back home. Suddenly, something came up behind Lowek. It was an undead! The kids looked in horror at the undead and ran away as an army of undead swarmed in, chasing the kids and going into houses, infecting everyone in sight. Soon, the kids were the only ones not infected. They ran as fast as they could, but were then stopped by a cliff. If they fell off, it would surely kill them. As the undead surrounded them, they knew what they had to do... The children held hands and fell backwards off the cliff as a ball of blinding light absorbed them and the undead ran away in fear...

  The kids then found themselves in the middle of two giant walls of energy, sitting in a gap that could only fit them. They didn't know what had happened and they were very afraid. They talked amongst themselves until Lowek started getting headaches. After an hour of horrible, seering head pain, Lowek's head pain stopped, only to be replaced by memories. However, the memories were not his. Najey and Kimko started gaining other memories, too. And together, they remembered the greatest story of them all, and they weren't even a part of it...

For more, see Welcome to the Fantendoverse/Story.


Fantendo Characters:


Role: Is confronted by The Mysterious Mr. ? in the beginning, fights him, and wins, but then runs away. He later joins McBoo.


Role: Was living peacefully in his mansion until Johnathon Hades stormed into his mansion and assassinated King Boo. He wants to get revenge on Hades, so he joins 3.14.

YoshiEgg Nook

Role: Was taking a break from the hero business after the events of YoshiEgg DSi but is later called into action by McBoo and 3.14 to defeat Mr. ? and Hades before they destroyed the Fantendoverse.


Role: Is brainwashed by Mr. ? but was later restored by 3.14 after recieving the Brain-Un Washer from the Inter-Universe Anti Universe Merge Federation and joins the team.


Role: Was busy in the heart of the Fantendoverse, protecting it with Nightwolf when Nightwolf is captured by Bowser. Later joins the team.

Sandslash P

Role: Is trying to find Litle P and Jiggy P when it is revealed that Mr. ? and Hades has him, so he joins the team.


Role: Is searching for his identity when he is attacked by Kirby X. The team finds Xero battling Kirby X, so they fight with him. Later joins the team on his search for his identity.

Nintendo Characters:


Role: Was looking for Luigi when Mr. ? says that 3.14 had him. Acts as an antagonist for a while but joins the team later after he learns that Mr. ? was decieving him.


Role: Inhaled Hades and became Kirby X, a powerful, evil version of Kirby when Hade's pure evil enters Kirby's heart. He later joins the team after the team finds a De-Evilizer button on the Brain-Un Washer.


Role: Was trying to find YoshiEgg to tell him that Bowser and Mr. ? had destroyed Yoshi's Island and had kidnapped Birdo but then offers to give the team rides in exchange for the promised revivial of Yoshi's Island.

Meta Knight

Role: Was fighting Galaxia Knight in the middle of the Fantendoverse when Oshtyo mistakes Meta Knight as a villain and works with Galaxia Knight. He later learns of his mistake, fights Galaxia Knight, and takes Meta Knight with him to find the team.


Role: Was looking for Mario when Hades says that 4.13 had him. Acts as an antagonist for a while but joins the team later after he learns that Hades was decieving him.


The Mysterious Mr. ?

Role: Acts as one of the main antagonists and wants to destroy the Fantendoverse with the help of Hades.

Johnathon Hades

Role: Acts as one of the main antagonists and wants to destroy the Fantendoverse with the help of Mr. ?.

Galaxia Knight

Role: Was trying to fight off Meta Knight but fails. He was breaking up the Fantendoverse little by little with slashes of his sword.


Role: Was trying to kill Mario and Luigi when he and the Koopa Troop learn of the villain's plans and joins the villains in an attempt to really make a name for himself.


Role: See Kirby's role above.

Haunty Mole

Role: Was trying to assassinate McBoo when Hades assassinates King Boo instead. Ever since, he has joined the villains and looks up to Hades as his hero.


Purple Guy

Role: Owner of a shop on some of the last levels. However, on the last 3 levels, if McBoo, YoshiEgg, or Oshtyo dies with a special item, Purple Guy steps in and battles for one of them until he is revived.


Role: Owner of a special shop in World 5. He sells you technological items.

O' Lanturn

Role: In World 2, he helps you by giving you free items by the number of special enemies you kill. The maximum number of enemies is 100, where he gives you an Invincible Star, which makes your party invincible for a certain amount of time and levels them up about 3 levels.


Role: Lives on RedYoshi's Island and occasionally gives rides to the party, while also owning a shop.

Litle P

Role: Lives in Castle Street and was saved by Sandslash and the gang, along with Princess Cleffa and Randy and Lotey.


Role: In World 5, there is a "wacky shack" (a house for the mentally unstable) where you can see some criminals. Fawful is tied in a straightjacket in one of the rooms. After he gives a long, confusing speech, he hops over to a pile of items. He then opens a special shop where he sells unusual items, most of which boost your speed and/or accuracy.


Role: Lives in Fantendoverse ?. Was trying to find Xero, but opens a shop in the meantime.


Fantendo (Place)

The world where all the Fantendo characters have met up to try and think of a plan to stop Hades and Mr. ?, but they all got separated over the course of a couple days.

McBoo's Mansion

McBoo's towering, spooky mansion. The gang goes there when YoshiEgg decides that they need to get some items and save his shack and when McBoo hears a cry for help from O' Lanturn.

RedYoshi's Island

The island where all the ColoredYoshis live peacefully. But, just recently, Mr. ? attacked their peaceful island and took all of their eggs and all of RedYoshi's blueberries. The gang goes here to help out the residents of the island and RedYoshi.

Castle Street

The street that is home to all the Litle P and Sandslash Series characters. The gang finds Sandslash here in his desperate quest to find his little brother and take him with them to find him.

Iron City

The mechanical city the gang gets sent to after being thrown there by Kirby's catapult. It is a city made entirley out of metal and is very high-tech. It is now home to JetStreak and friends for shelter.

Fantendoverse Core

The inner core of the Fantendoverse and the world the gang gets sent to when they go through the universal portal. It is a huge, maze-like area that is home to Purple Guy for shelter.

Fantendoverse ?

Mr. ? and Hade's world within the Fantendoverse and where the gang gets sent after penetrating the inner core. It is the last world and where the final boss battle takes place.

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Special Thanks:

Indi555 (tbc)

Cobweb (tbc)

JesseRoo (tbc)

McQueenMario (tbc)

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