Welcome! to Heck is a comedic short story written by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc), submitted to the Fantendo Spooky Scary Writing Contest 2017.

The story, based off of the now abandoned Wonder Wisp, follows Finian Felicis, an amnesiac former-human who, after dying and being reincarnated as a ghost-like creature, finds himself stuck in a hellish realm dubbed "Heck". Unable to remember who he is, how he died, or why he's stuck in Heck, Finn goes on an adventure to reveal his own secrets.

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Chapter 1 - You, Finian Felicis, Are Dead.

Emptiness. The moment after it happened, the moment when everything faded away...the black enveloped everything else, and nothing else existed.
So this is how it ends. Or is it? Is this what death really is? Nothing but the black maw of darkness for the rest of eternity?
For something that happened so abruptly, death is pretty anticlimactic.
What do you do in a void where not a single sense is usable? Nothing is seen, heard, or felt. What does darkness sound like? Forget that, actually, what about taste? How bitter is darkness? It probably doesn't taste very good, darkness.
...something is changing. Something is wrong.
What is it about this darkness that makes me if I'm fading away? I've already accepted death, how could I possibly fade anymore than I have already?
It's...not physically, not emotionally, but...mentally. I' I forgetting things?!
No. That's crazy. The memories, they're there, but they're...blurry. Unclear. I...I...
I have to remember the details. I can't let myself forget anything, yet the memories are slowly becoming less and less sharp. The details. My name is...remember the details. I died because...well, I'm dead because...details, only stress the details, nothing else, only details. Who I am. How I died. My family. My friends.
...what's my name? I don't remember my name. I don't know where I am or how I got here or why I'm here or even where I am. What's going on. I don't like this. I want out. I want out. I...
...I want... anyone out there?...


  • Finian Felicis - An optimistic, youthful Wisp with a severe case of amnesia, he wakes up in Heck with no memory of who is he, how he died, or why he's in Heck. He's the main protagonist, and not nihilistic, so that's a relief...maybe?
  • Synderson
  • Espi
  • Violetta
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