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Waya Hime
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Waya Hime (わや姫?), also known as Waya Princess and Princess Waya, is a female cyborg ninja created by Dr. Bomb that appears as a boss in the game Bravoman. She attacks by throwing blades and using a fire jutsu. She is an unlockable playable character in Bravoman: Binja Bash!.

Other game appearances

Waya Hime also appears both as an enemy and a playable character in the game Namco × Capcom. At first she works for Dr. Bomb, but after the events from Chapter 27 she decides to join the heroes, teaming up with Taki.

She also has a cameo appearance in the game Marvel Land.


Waya Hime also appears in the Bravoman webcomic and animated series, where she tries to kill Bravoman, but when Bravoman commented on her swords, She becomes insanely in love with him, she loses association with her job and becomes very attached to her target, disassociated between of love and murder, shes madly in love with him and tries to kill him at the same time, giving her a really bad mental disorder.


  • In "Bravoman's Secret Game", Alpha Man says that Waya's three sizes are 88-54-87 in the Japanese PC Engine version.