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Watermelons - New Island.png
The three Watermelon types.
Item Type Status
Kind of Item fruit
Allows Yoshi and his species to spit seeds, breath fire, or breath ice depending on the color.

Watermelons are fruit items that appear throughout the Yoshi's Island series. They are normally found hanging off ceilings or in bushes, and can be grabbed by Yoshi and his species with their tongue, granting them abilities.

There are three watermelon types that grant different abilities depending on their color. Green Watermelons allow Yoshi to spit seeds that fly forward, defeating enemies in front of him as well as destroying soft ground. Red Watermelons allow Yoshi to breath a stream of fire forward, which can defeat enemies. Lastly, Blue Watermelons allow Yoshi to breath icy breath, which will freeze enemies on impact and leave them vulnerable. In this state, Yoshi can simply walk into them and destroy them. The Red and Blue Watermelons can only have their abilities used three times before their power runs out. Meanwhile, Green Watermelons can be used much longer.

Ukikis can sometimes hold Green Watermelons, which they can use to spit seeds at Yoshi. After defeating the Ukiki, Yoshi can use the Green Watermelon, albeit he can't spit as many seeds.


Stampede Breakfast 2

Watermelons make an appearance in Stampede Breakfast 2. Though Red Watermelons are not seen, Green and Blue Watermelons are used for one of Yoshi and Grim Leecher's omega attacks respectively. Yoshi uses a Green Watermelon, which allows him to spit several seeds forward and damage opponents, which temporarily replaces his neutral special until all of the seeds are fired. In the Grim Leecher's case, it commands its Purple Yoshi to use a Blue Watermelon. It is similar in that it replaces the neutral special until fully used, though it can only be fired three times. The ice breath deals significantly more damage than the seeds to compensate however.