Wasteland Warriors is a game for The V² and helmed by Exotoro. The game follows the Wasteland Warriors, who were introduced in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered and features many of the forgotten characters and locales in the Fantendoverse, although there is also several new characters and locales that weren't seen before. In addition to Iron Mask, Scarlet, and PAIN-T 2.0, two new members join, one being a little girl with a bo staff and sunglasses, and the other being a detective with tons of knowledge. This game was announced during a Witching Hour that revealed this game, Kid Icarus: Mythis, and Kingdom Hearts: Denial in Oasis.


Wasteland Warriors is a third person character action game and each character has their own style of play. Iron Mask has a variety of methods for taking out opponents from afar or close up, and is generally the most balanced. Scarlet is fast and makes use of flashy moves that are good for attacking big crowds of enemies. PAIN-T 2.0 is a ranged character that makes use of paint to take care of enemies, such as making paint puddles for them to slip into or blinding them.

Each character also has a different number of orbs they can use, which boost their abilities in a variety of ways. For example, Iron Mask can only use up to 3, but Sydney can use 5. Whitney can only use 2, PAIN-T 2.0 can only use 1, and Scarlet can use up to 4. Each character has different ways of using the orbs.

In Wasteland Warriors, you will be put into a open world and can go wherever you like. Buy orbs and find collectibles in the vast world of the Wasteland. However, you have missions you also must complete and you can either find them on the map or head to your manager Hooves.

There are also dumpsters spread throughout the entire map that usually has nothing good in it but sometimes you can find rare items or ammo.


Episode 1: Chasing Cars

The episode begins with a shot of a desert landscape that pans to a train track. A train speeds past with robots crawling all over it. We then pan to Iron Mask.

Iron Mask: Stop the train, we're already here. You may as well give up now.

Orithell pokes her head from the engine room and stick her tongue out as a bunch of robots fly towards him. He slashes them away but one manages to hit him, causing him to fly back to the back of the train. Iron Mask looks at Scarlet who is eating french fries while holding onto the train.

Iron Mask: Hey, get going!

Scarlet drops the fries quickly.

Scarlet: Yep, got it.

Scarlet jumps up to Iron Mask and begins to skate on the surface of the train cars. PAIN-T flies to the back of the train, being caught by Iron Mask.

Iron Mask: We're all just off our game huh?


After defeating a swarm of robots on top of a bunch of train cars, Orithell exits from the engine room.

Orithell: Hope you ready to deal with the Swarm you've pissed off!
Iron Mask: ...yeah? That's why we're here really...
Orithell: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Orithell summons a bunch of robots.


Orithell is a pretty easy boss with easily telegraphed hits from her "fist attacks" which consist of a bunch of robots charging in one direction and then scattering everywhere. You can hit directly after these hits and she doesn't have a huge amount of health.

After defeating Orithell, she looks weary and looks towards the engine room. Suddenly, she ducks as the train passes by a low rock bridge that slams into the Wasteland Warriors. The bridge collapses as the train escapes. A portal opens up nearby.

Iron Mask: She got away...
Scarlet: Portal opened. You know what that means.

Iron Mask sighs as he enters the portal.

Hooves talks to the Wasteland Warriors in his office.

Hooves: I mean... I would just get you guys to go after the train but I mean come on, that was so telegraphed.
Iron Mask: Can you blame us? It's just the three of us endlessly taking on these chores...
Hooves: Oh I'm aware of that. As your manager... that's not a good look to get her out like that.
Iron Mask: She's probably long gone now that you've sat us down to talk.
Scarlet: Yeah, what's the big idea?

Scarlet eats some french fries.

Hooves: Point is that you guys need more than just the three of you.
Iron Mask: Why? Look, this is a tight-knit team we're not just gonna...
Hooves: Listen, listen. I don't wanna hear it. I just think you need some extra help and over a week of searching, I think I've found some good candidates.

The door opens to reveal a little girl with sunglasses and a red coat.

Iron Mask: You're kidding right?
Hooves: She's got a bo-staff and she's AMAZING with that.
Iron Mask: I don't wanna babysit!
Hooves: She's... 12 I think.
Iron Mask: Yeah, too young to be doing this.
Hooves: Look, I get what you're saying. But I think she'll really be a big help.

Iron Mask folds his arms.

Hooves: Aaaand I got someone else.

Door opens to reveal a blond woman with blue glasses.

Iron Mask: Who's she?
Hooves: Shirley Watson. She's a detective of sorts, knows forensics and what not.
Iron Mask: Why the hell do we need a detective?
Hooves: You need a detective.
Iron Mask: Why?
Hooves: For deeper investigations.

Iron Mask grumbles as Scarlet empties out her french fries.

Iron Mask: I'll give them a shot but I call the shots, alright?
Hooves: Hey, absolutely.

Iron Mask and the Wasteland Warriors look out from the desert landscape.

Iron Mask: Alright Shirley Temple, where's Orithell?
Shirley: Uh... um. Well she's over by the cave.


After going through the desert and heading to the cave, they find the train. Nobody's in there though...

Iron Mask: What?
Scarlet: Oh well... I guess we're done here until she shows up again...
Shirley: Erm... she left a calling card of sorts.
Iron Mask: A calling card?
Shirley: She left a card with a location... SEED Corp. Deliberately. Likely a trap... but we have to probably check it out.
Iron Mask: What was she even after anyway? If she left the train...

Shirley pounds on one of train cars, a hollow empty sound echoing.

Iron Mask: She was transporting resources... but where?
Scarlet: God, who fucking cares? She clearly wants us to fall for her fucking trap, let's just go already. Goddamn.

The Wasteland Warriors leave the cave and the episode ends as they head out into the sunset to SEED Corp.

Episode 2: Wind-Up Robot

Iron Mask and the Wasteland Warriors arrive at the SEED Corp building, heavily guarded.

Shirley: Alright, so this place seems to be pretty heavily guarded.
Scarlet: Yeah, I can tell. What else do you want to tell us? There's lights on?
Shirley: Well, I was explaining that we'd have to get in sneakily without being caught.
Scarlet: I think most of us figured that.
Iron Mask: Jeez, why are you ragging on her so hard?
Scarlet: I dunno. It's late and I haven't had anything to eat except fries.
Iron Mask: Yeah about that-
Scarlet: Don't worry, I vomited it out like a couple minutes ago.
Iron Mask: You really need to eat...
Scarlet: Haha, not if I wanna keep this figure.
PAIN-T: We can worry about this later. Let's just get inside the SEED Corp building.


The player must sneak past heavily armed guards that can kill their characters in relatively few hits; if the player decides to attack the guards, it will be near impossible to win the mission. As the Wasteland Warriors get inside the building, they'll find it's relatively empty.

Iron Mask: Yeah... okay. This... this is not a good feeling.
Scarlet: Why not?
Iron Mask: Place is deserted. Doesn't bode well, I would think.
Scarlet: Honestly I think it bodes very well. Ain't nobody here!
PAIN-T: I have to take Iron Mask's side on this...
Scarlet: You're always agreeing with Iron Mask. What, are you in love with him or something?
PAIN-T: N-no!
Whitney: Jeez, you guys really are a dysfunctional bunch, huh?
Iron Man: She's right, we need to focus.
Shirley: Well, getting back on track, I can see that a pair of heels went down stairs over to the left judging by the muddy trackings.
Iron Mask: Seems like a solid path.
Scarlet: Why does she go around in those stupid heels anyway? I imagine they're a huge limiting factor for her.
PAIN-T: Why do you go around in those skate boots?
Scarlet: They let me glide.

The group heads downstairs where they are suddenly met with a bulky robot standing in their way. It attempts to attack them.

Iron Mask: Woah there-


Classic XIII is a fairly easy boss. While he attacks with the staff, his attacks are telegraphed and you'll know he'll block or attack, allowing you to counter. There's no real gimmicks, though using projectiles won't really get you anywhere.

As the group takes down Classic XIII, alarms ring out.

Iron Mask: Crap.
PAIN-T: We should probably go...
Iron Mask: When we're this far?
Shirley: We need to get farther in. Find a clue or something-

Iron Mask nods as he heads deeper inside.

PAIN-T: This doesn't seem like a good idea...
Iron Mask: What other choice do we have?

The player hurries down the hallway, running from enemies. They need to shut off the doors behind them to prevent enemies from catching up to them, so one character has to lag behind to shut the doors off. When they get to a dead end, they find nothing.

Iron Mask: Great, we've locked ourselves in.
PAIN-T: We can get out, just let me find a weak point in the wall here...
Iron Mask: What do we even know about SEED Corp? What do they manufacture?

Shirley finds a clipboard.

Shirley: Robots, judging by this. They've been getting supplies from a couple of sources, including Orthell.
Iron Mask: Huh.
Shirley: Their main costumer is a complete mystery. For now. Give me a week at most to figure out a list of possible revenues.

PAIN-T breaks down the wall, revealing the outside. The Wasteland Warriors crawl out.

Episode 3: Called Out In the Dark

Episode 4: ???

Playable Characters

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Iron Mask


Leader of the Wasteland Warriors, he's the only male in the group oddly enough. He attacks with a gunblade, allowing him to do ranged and physical attacks with his various blades. Iron Mask has a variety of methods for taking out opponents from afar or close up, and is generally the most balanced. He can use three orbs to enhance his attacks.




A member of the Wasteland Warriors, Scarlet is one of the original three. She loves french fries and looking good, which seems like a conflict of interest. She can generate fire from anywhere on her body and now she has rollerskates to get to places fast. She is fast and makes use of flashy moves that are good for attacking big crowds of enemies. She can use four orbs to enhance her attacks.


PAIN-T 2.0


The last of the original three, PAIN-T 2.0 is a upgraded version of the original PAIN-T. She has a crush on Iron Mask but doesn't make this known to anyone. She can use paint to slide or as a weapon and is generally a slower character. She is a ranged character that makes use of paint to take care of enemies, such as making paint puddles for them to slip into or blinding them. She can only use one orb slot.


Shirley Watson


The adopted daughter of two detectives, Shirley is a new member of the Wasteland Warriors. She can track foot prints of sneaky enemies and find secret areas. She makes use of a small dagger to attack, requiring her to get incredibly close to enemies to take them out. She has the most amount of orb slots, the max of 5.




Whitney is a new member of the Wasteland Warriors and by far the youngest. She is a girl wearing a pair of sunglasses and wields a giant bo staff. She can this as a javelin, a pole vault, or even as a look out point/helicopter blades. She is rather versatile, even airborne with some of her moves. She can use two orb slots.



World Map




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Black Orb

Adds the "Storm" element to your attacks. When charging, you can send thunder clouds out to packs of foes or fly in the air with a shocking attack.

Blue Orb

Adds the "Ocean" element to your attacks. When charging, you can send out a wave to attack packs of foes or surf against the ground and walls.

Brown Orb

Adds the "Dirt" element to your attacks. When charging, you can send out giant moles to attack packs of foes or burrow yourself under ground.

Green Orb

Adds the "Leaf" element to your attacks. When charging, you can send the roots of a tree to attack packs of foes or turn your weapon into a gigantic oak tree perfect for knocking your foes out of the way.

Grey Orb

Adds the "Marble" element to your attacks. When charging, you can create giant marble boulders to attack packs of foes or turn yourself marble, protecting you against most attacks.

Orange Orb

Adds the "Sun" element to your attacks. When charging, you can send the sun crashing down to attack packs of foes or turn yourself into a flaming mess, setting fire to anything in your way.

Pink Orb

Adds the "Flamingo" element to your attacks. When charging, you can send out a giant pink flamingo to trample your enemies or set up plastic flamingo turrets that use lemons as projectiles.

Purple Orb

Adds the "Darkness" element to your attacks. When charging, you can send out a giant one eyed bat to eat packs of foes or turn yourself into a vampire and suck the blood of your enemies.

Red Orb

Adds the "Blood" element to your attacks. When charging, you can drain blood from packs of foes or create blood constructs that serve multiple purposes such as a higher platform or additional attacks.

White Orb

Adds the "Light" element to your attacks. When charging, you can blind packs of foes or attack with holy powers that heal your character when it strikes a character.

Yellow Orb

Adds the "Desert" element to your attacks. When charging, you can send out mummy armies upon packs of foes or attack with a prickly cactus that continues to harm enemies after they've been hit.


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Squid Bullets

Squid Bullets! These always come in pairs and can be packed in your gunblade. When fired, they expand as they reach their target, wrapping their tentacles around whatever they land on, whether that be some guy's face or a button.

Light Discs

These type of projectiles fly very far at extremely fast speeds, however they don't do as much damage. They come in groups of 8 and can also fry the mainframes of computer scanners.

Super Spiral Gem

This item puts up a gem shield around the character that rotates around the character. If projectiles hit the shield, the projectiles reflect out into a spiral pattern.


This worm-like robot allows you to see ahead of time without raising too much suspicion. It can also unleash a power laser beam from it's "eye".

Pixel Cluster

Coats enemies in a pixel cluster that electrifies them and anything that tries to free it. Do NOT attack enemies you've put in a pixel cluster or you'll get shocked yourself.

Fire Fangs

Put these in your mouth and it'll allow you to breathe a slowly expanding line of flame that can be rotated around. This has a charge of only 30 seconds so use it wisely.


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