The Warverse is an alternate universe where people from the New Fantendoverse exist during World War II. This makes for a heavily altered timeline where heroes, villains, and history are all radically different from the primary universe.


While society was ignorant of the existence of supernatural elements in the world around them, most governments knew of these people, animals, and items. Both the Allies and the Axis powers saw the potential in using these to win, leading to both factions putting a significant amount of resources into the pursuit of them. This lead to the development of advanced technology and influenced the course of the war.

Researching, collecting, and utilizing paranormal assets was the primary goal of the Federal Agency of New Technology (F.A.N.T), a secret organization created by President Richard Independence. While F.A.N.T was run by the United States government, it frequently collaborated with similar agencies who worked for the Allies, and employed people from across the world. The organization was lead by Director Eric Sinn, and was split up between field agents, scientists, and engineers.

Opposing them was Nazi Germany's E.N.D.O, which drew on the combined might of the Axis powers. Although established by Hitler, E.N.D.O was mostly given free range in their operations. Run by Director Liam Sich, the organization was primarily split between operatives, who used their abilities and weapons to carry out covert missions, and the Cross. Named after the Iron Cross, it acted as E.N.D.O's technology and science division. The Cross was primarily known for its experimentation with giving normal people abilities, which ironically gave America their greatest hero, X-Ray.

The head Allies were the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and China. These were lead by President Richard Independence, Prime Minister Ashlee Murphy, General Secretary Anatoly Morozov, and Generalissimo Mingyu Li, respectively. Many other countries supported or were part of the Allies, most notably the rather isolated United Tribes of the Bermuda Triangle. Lead by Grand Chief Ash, they planned to stay neutral, but joined the Allies after Nazi Germany invaded in the hopes of stealing their sentelenium. Their contributions to the war gave the Allies an upper hand against the Axis powers, though due to their disinterest in global politics, they weren't considered to be part of the "Big Four".

The primary Axis powers were Nazi Germany, the Empire of Japan, the Kingdom of Italy, and the State of Noah. The former three united during the Berlin Pact, while Noah joined later after a revolution. Formerly a divided, lawless country where crime was rampant and the rich held the power, a political party known as the Guild rose to power and executed the corrupted leaders of the country. This won them the favor of the people, combined with them establishing strong law enforcement, but at the cost of most freedoms as Noah became a dictatorship lead by Governor Strafe Lockborn. Although Lockborn had a distaste for the other Axis powers, he saw the value in using their help to gain more power and turn Noah into an empire. Their knowledge of magic and ability to turn a local disease known as the Rot into a biological weapon made them a powerful ally. Other countries also supported the Axis powers.

Given its isolation from Earth, the Zaxinian Lifts stayed neutral. Still, it did have minor effects on the war. President Endal sympathized with the Allies and would secretly sell them weapons, though for the sake of keeping the Lifts out of the war, he only admitted this after it had concluded. Pin-up model Valerie Heartgold was popular with soldiers and would later go on to become a gay icon due to her pansexuality.


  • Monica Salvirr / X-Ray: Kidnapped by the Cross and used as a test subject, nurse Monica Salvirr gained incredible abilities which she uses to fight the Axis powers under the alias of X-Ray. An American icon, she was the inspiration for the famous "We Can Do It!" propaganda poster.
  • Leah Syrinx: A German scientist raised by Susan Syrinx who defected because of her love for Monica. She now works alongside F.A.N.T.
  • Rachel Harel: A waitress and single mother who accidentally came into contact with a Galvan Artifact, giving her the power to generate hard light constructs. She works with F.A.N.T in exchange for them getting her half-black daughter Robyn into a good college and paying for it.
  • Zinnia Meadows: F.A.N.T's top pilot, who tests aircraft built with alien and magical technology. Determined but cynical, Zinnia is a constant thorn in the side of the Axis powers.
  • Nycho Invalidez: The charismatic CEO of A22 Enterprises, a defense contractor that supplies the United States with weapons. In his free time, Nycho enjoys eating at the top restaurants, flying his private planes, and seducing men and women.
  • UN-10: An alien who was sent to Earth by his parents as an infant before their planet was destroyed. Captured, studied, and raised by the United States government, UN-10 is antisocial and quiet. Now used as a weapon in World War II, he resents his life and wishes for freedom, but is too afraid to rebel.
  • Pal'ma Chelovek: A boisterous and brave Soviet Union soldier who wears an experimental suit of power armor called the 4.5. Pal'ma is personally invested in the war, being a closeted gay man who's secretly dating fellow soldier Drako Maj.
  • Bangi Pupa: The leader of Noah's underground resistance movement, Bangi is energetic, friendly, and utterly despises Lockborn. Bangi is a martial artist who wields the Agbara, a pair of gauntlets imbued with fire magic.
  • Sakeena Kamel: Bangi's pupil, a young Muslim woman whose parents were immigrants to Noah before the Guild's coup. Sakeena was born with the ability to manipulate metal.
  • Arisa Pradhanpat: A Thai operative who has become infamous for her brutality, killing foes with her mastery of Muay Thai. The subject of many rumors among the Allies, Pradhanpat is said to never talk.
  • Liam Sich: The director of E.N.D.O, a vile, hedonistic man with electrokinetic powers.
  • Susan Syrinx: The insane head of the Cross and Leah's adoptive mother.
  • Governor Strafe Lockborn: The leader of Noah. Raised by his abusive father Lock, Strafe is a ruthless, cruel man who values power over all else. Although born with the ability to use light magic, physical and emotional abuse corrupted this power into a dark and unstable form.



  • This universe was heavily inspired by Neil Gaiman's Marvel 1602 miniseries as well as the film Captain America: The First Avenger.
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