The heroes of the universe are ready to rush into battle.

Warriors of the Universe
Developer(s) The Behemoth

Cartoon Network Games


Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)

Multiplayer Battle

Genre(s) Umbrella fighting game
Series Warriors of the Universe
Successor Warriors of the Universe: Bluefire

Warriors of the Universe is a 2016 fighting game to be released on the Wii U and will feature gameplay that takes in elements from many fighting games including Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter as examples. The game features a large amount of characters spreading all kinds of media and many generations from the humble days of comics to the imaginative worlds of today's gaming.


Gameplay in Warriors of the Universe is a culmination of many fighting games from over the years. Every character can unleash a powerful finishing move known as the Rift Breaker, which is taken from many fighting games, and there aren't any specific special moves, which is taken from Street Fighter. The game's menu is actually a hub world, similar to Splatoon.

Story Mode

Main article: Warriors of the Universe/Story Mode: Destiny's Call 


Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is located west of the Story Mode building, and offers many items up for purchase with in-game money. Money is earned by completing levels in the Story Mode or by winning battles in the Arena. You can also find the Challenges section here, and Golden Breaky Things can be purchased to skip challenges (some of them can't be skipped).



There are 30 characters available from the start. 18 out of those 30 have been confirmed.

Image Name Universe Description
Mario original color 4 by banjo2015-d8tz7xw Mario Super Mario Bros. Mario is the heroic plumber that almost everyone knows and loves. He uses power-ups from his games to fight, along with some abilities he had, including the Ground Pound and the Star Spin.
Sonic snowboard pose by banjo2015-d8rr4yd Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
The Walking Definition of Handsome Gentlemen Hatty Hattington BattleBlock Theater Hatty Hattington is the walking definition of handsome gentleman and the fighting definition of classy warrior. He uses the weapons used by the player in BattleBlock Theater, along with the power of his hat.
Knd numbuh1 174x252 Numbuh 1 Codename: Kids Next Door
Numbuh Two 300 Numbuh 2 Codename: Kids Next Door
Scott pilgrim render Scott Pilgrim Scott Pilgrim
Disney-pixar-s-inside-out-sadness-lifesize-standup Sadness Inside Out

Sadness is the gloomy emotion inside of Riley Anderson's brain who left briefly to help Joy fight her way through the legions of fighters. While Sadness may seem pretty weak, she is actually a powerful fighter, using many sad related attacks including rainclouds and sad Memory Orbs.

JOY Fullbody Render Joy Inside Out
Gaijin Goombah Gaijin Goombah Game Exchange
Heavy-1- Heavy Team Fortress 2 HE'S COMING FOR YOU!! The Heavy Weapons Guy (majorly known as the Heavy) is a towering hulk of weaponry who hails from Russia. Heavy uses his classic Minigun and his own fists to attack, along with having a Sandvich to heal himself.
TF2Engineer Engineer Team Fortress 2
Murkipliur Markiplier YouTube
The Completionist The Completionist YouTube Jirard Dragonrider Khalil, also known as the Completionist, is an internet gamer who reviews games and completes them 100%. He can use items from games he's reviewed, including a Mega Buster and Bombs.
640px-Fluttershed Fluttershy.MOV PONY.MOV Fluttershy.MOV used to be a kind, caring pony until she built her shed which has contents that no one should know of. She uses chainsaws and miscellaneous things from inside her shed. Stay out of it!
Calvin Calvin Calvin and Hobbes
Mainchar hobbes Hobbes Calvin and Hobbes
AlphaTOME Alpha Terrain of Magical Expertise
Gamecrazed Gamecrazed Terrain of Magical Expertise


There are 45 unlockable characters. 9 out of 45 characters have been revealed.

Image Name Universe Description How to Unlock
Luigiart Luigi Super Mario Bros.
500px-Porky-Minch-Smash-Bros zps6a48bd37 Porky Minch EarthBound
John Egbert Vriska Outfit John Egbert Homestuck
Staff of Sameness Holder Starlight Glimmer My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Why is there a pony in this game? None the less, Starlight is a powerful character. She can use teleportation, magic, and the Staff of Sameness to fight. Complete Story Mode.
Fatherrender Father Codename: Kids Next Door Play 50 matches total as Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2.
He's A Rock Star Todd Ingram Scott Pilgrim Todd Ingram, also known as Ramona Flowers' third evil-ex, is both a rock star and a vegan. He did get his powers removed, but Todd got his powers back after defeating the Vegan Police in a fist fight. Todd uses his vegan powers to fight, along with a rifle made from homemade items and the power of music (dubbed a Bass Battle by Scott). Complete Arcade Mode as Scott Pilgrim.
Tf2 medic.preview Medic Team Fortress 2 Medic is the de facto healing class in Team Fortress 2, and he brings his medical know-how to fight against other heroes and villains. He uses the Syringe Gun and the Bonesaw as his main weapons, and can even finish off players with a dose of his own patented ÜberCharge. Complete Arcade Mode as any other Team Fortress 2 character.
250px-Pyro Pyro Team Fortress 2
Nylocke Nylocke Terrain of Magical Expertise This Dragon Warrior is the perfect hero to fight in this universe-spreading battle because he is...NYLOCKE! DRAGON OF BEING THAT ONE CHARACTER WHO USES ICE STUFF ALL THE TIME ALONG WITH HIS SWORD AND LOUD AND PROUD EXCLAMATIONS!

Rift Breakers

Character Move's Name Move Description
Mario Freezeflame Finale Mario grabs both a Fire Flower and an Ice Flower simultaneously and then unleashes a stream crossing attack, which can push opponents off the stage.
Sonic Power of the Chaos Emeralds
Hatty Hattington Furbottom's Fury Hatty floats to the bottom of the stage before his hat glows green and then a large laser bursts from it. It blasts right through the stage, destroying almost everything in it's path.
Numbuh 1 Mass Decommission A small pedestal appears before Numbuh 1. He then puts his finger up his nose and then puts the snot into the hole in the pedestal. It sends out a large beam that decreases whatever attribute maks that character who they are (e.g. Nylocke would lose his loud exclamations), but it returns to them after a minute has passed (30 seconds in stock battles).
Numbuh 2 Ride Along
Scott Pilgrim Critical X-Strike
Sadness S.S. Tearship
Joy Core Memory Joy gathers up the most important things to the characters on-stage and then puts them into Core Memory Orbs, which then boost her abilities. The effects last for half a minute before disappearing.
Gaijin Goombah TANK TANK TANK!
Heavy Huo-Long Heater
Engineer More Gun Engineer pulls out three toolkits, all of which contain Sentry Guns, and then pulls out a toolkit with a Dispenser in it. He upgrades all of the Sentries and then they fire away at the players opposing him. The Sentries can be destroyed if someone does enough damage to them, which can prove effective in intense situations.
Markiplier Scared Out of My Wits
The Completionist The Struggle
Fluttershy.MOV Stay Outta My Shed!
Calvin Crimson Bolt
Hobbes Call of the Wild
Alpha Forbidden Power
Gamecrazed Black Hand Gamecrazed transforms into an inky black hand. He can then move left and right to grab opponents and then slamming them into the ground. Gamecrazed transforms back to standard form after 45 seconds.
Luigi Poltergust 5000
Porky Minch Revival Spirit
John Egbert Windy Thing John goes into Hero Mode, becoming the Heir of Breath, and then charges up a wind based projectile before shooting it out. This may not do much damage, but it has amazing knockback.
Starlight Glimmer Sameness Starlight pulls out the Staff of Sameness and removes everyone's Rift Fluid amount, along with their attacks other than standard attacks. The players are stuck this way until the end of the match, so act quickly! Also, everyone has a creepy smile now.
Father Dragon's Breath
Todd Ingram Honest Ed's Implosion
Medic Overdose Medic takes a syringe and then injects himself with ÜberCharge fluid. He then becomes enhanced, with his attacks doing more damage and his syringe gun on the fritz makes for an amazing finisher!
Pyro Pyroland
Nylocke Dragon Bug


  • The Gift Shop is run by a Cat Guard from BattleBlock Theater on the weekends and Julie from Scott PIlgrim during the week.
    • The Cat Guard has lower prices, while Julie refuses to give you anything for Scott or less than $60.
  • Here's what the buildings look like in-game;
    • Gift Shop: A two-story brick building with two windows on the exterior of the first floor, and gray plaster covers the first floor's exterior. On the second floor, there is white plaster covering the exterior and a lone window located in the center shows that it's a storage area filled with gems, yarn, rings, pizza, golden coins, coffee cups, and an empty throne. The inside resembles Ammo Knights from Splatoon.

Credit where credit is due

  • Hatty Hattington artwork made by KaraszKun on deviantART.
  • Fictional characters belong to The Behemoth, Oni Press, Christopher Niosi, Valve, Nintendo, SEGA, Cartoon Network, Pixar,  Disney, and YouTube.
  • I don't have anything against the actual people represented here, honestly.
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